March 26, 2007

Getting started

Hello all !!

I have a passion I have used alot of time on the last couple of years, way to much time on... :) The passion is called "World of Warcraft". You may have heard of it in the public, or seen a poster or you may be playing it yourself. Its the most played online game atm, and have been for some time. It current player base is over 8 million worldwide. So its getting big.

Lets start at the beginning. Lets go a few years back, where ppl where beginning to talk about a new online game to be released. The name was "World Of Warcraft", from now on Wow. A great guy from my work, Mikkel asked me if I had heard of that the old Strategi game Warcraft, was soon to be release as a online Roleplaying game. I had to admit that I didnt was aware of that, but as soon as I hit a pc, I google'ed it and started to read about it. And I was hooked on the idea. I signed up for a beta key and got one soon after.
When the beta hit the street I was online playing, as I recall I played on a dwarf warrior as the first toon I made. And I must say I was amazed, it was the first role playing online game I had tryed. And damn, it was like playing a solo game installed on your pc, just with a huge world and alot of other ppl to play with. I ran smooth, graphic was good and the gameplay got me hooked from day one.
As you may already have figured I still play today, I have several high lvl toons and have made a tons of cool and fun stuff with ppl from around the world. All tnx to Wow and the great ppl who is the community.

There is nummerous blogs and sites on the web about Wow, so this is not a first of its kind and then again it is. This is my own story and knowledge that I will let you be a part of. I will write what I have and what I will experience in the World Of Warcraft game. I will tell tales, give hints, ask questions and give answers.

Hope you gonna enjoy the journey im taking part of in the online game World Of warcraft.