October 20, 2008

Retro fun with Ragnaros

What have I been up to lately ? Well, it seems like the patch have hit harder than expected. We have been trying in our guild to maintain a normal raid cyclus. But it has so far showed to be impossible. As we cant zone into the raid zones. Seems like the servers aint making an instance for us, it just sit on the loading screen for a good while, no bar moving. And then it returns to game, with a error message. So atm is pretty sucky for us... :)

Been looking abit more on the achivement system with my warrior. And I must say I like it, there are alot of fun things to get in there. Saturday we didnt have much to do, so we gathered around 10 ppl and went into AQ20 to get the achivement, we more or less ran through it. Was so easy. After that run, we decide to move on, so we headed to MC, mostly just for the fun of it. But as we more or less ran through the bosses in there as well. We decided to go all the way, so after a few switch in and out on alts, to the the runes out of the way. We headed to Ragnas hideout. I just love the way he comes out, kills the poor majodomo and starts smacking.. :) We took him down well before the first fire spawn. Death easy, but got a few unlocks and some retro fun. I frapsed the Ragna encounter, will try to make a little video for the fun of it.. :)

What about you, what are you using your time on ?

October 16, 2008

A new world of wonders

A few days since I have been writing something here. Well in all honesty it has been some very hectic days. Wednesday we had the great new patch 3.0.2, Echoes of doom. I say great as I really like alot of all the new changes we get. Its like getting a new game, get's you to start more or less all over again. Learning new rotations, learning new classes to fight, etc. We get some new additions to the game, barbershops, a new harbor in SW. And loads of other things.

There though is a backside of the medal, atm it seems like they are having a shit load of problems keeping the servers stable and online. There seems to be alot of problems atm, but im sure blizz is doing all they can to overcome this.
My view on it is, that blizz have been pushed to hard behind from activision to get it out. And i have a small suspicion that they havent been all rdy for the first time, ever I think. And that said, new things are good, but I still better like to see a more done project and then wait a bit more. Thats atleast how I see it.

Back to some of the new things.

I think this is a great new addition, I like the whole idea. I like to have things to seek, and this just gives a whole new and big area to explore. Nice job blizz. Thats something I really look forward to get to work with.

Nice new feature, it can give a little more spike into your char. If you are a bit bored about your look. You can change color as well, for RP reasons or just for looks.... :)

There has also come a new button at your minimap. A calender function, where you can follow with all the ingame stuff happening. BG weekends, holiday time, fishing contest, and so on. As far as I know you can also use it to plan things in guild and such, but havent tryed it yet. So will come back with more info as soon as I have more to tell.

Inscription and glyphs.
A new proffesion has also seen the light. Which is a very nice new thing as well. Its combined with glyphs, which is a whole new thing as well. You have gotten a new tab in your spell book, named glyph. Its a gem like thing, that you can place in a major or minor slot. What they do is they change your spells. Could be longer duration on fear, less mana for spells. And so on. Where you can now, lead your character towards more specific things.
I have taken it up on my priest, and have got it to around 190 now. Im out of herbs, you use those to get the mats for inscription. And atm a stack of herbs go for 80g or so on AH, so im waiting a bit. No, rush and loose to much money.
Will get back with more on this one as well, when I have used more time on it.

So as you can see alot of new things that are implemented, so only was predictable there would be some errors with it, but lets get the servers back up... :) (Trollbane is atm down.)

My priest.
My dear lady is now leveled to 62, and I enjoy her alot. After this patch, we have gotten some very nice new talents. Especially improved shadowform. It now lowers spell knockback, so your mindflay is uber now. I use it without any shield now, and it rarely loose time on it, its awesome. I can chain pull 2 mobs at a time now, and keep em coming and more or less dont run oom or health. Its really cool. Also my dmg is gone up, I now do 2K+ MindBlast crits.

What is my goals now, there is so many things I wanna do. But I must try to hold focus and not be mislead... :)

1. Get priest to 70
2. Get Inscription to max 350. (or is it 355?)
3. Get a few gear parts for easyer leveling.
4. Get a look at archivements.

And then all of the other stuff... hehe... What are you up for atm, looking at blogs, while your server is down ?? :)

October 13, 2008

The rumbus machine

Was reading some stuff on wowinsider, which lead me to a page, which is full of machinima action. www.machinima101.com. Its a page where all the ppl from the heavy league of wow machinima is hanging out. Baron and pinkhair, to name some of em.

A really cool forum, which I will use the next time reading through. That could very well be my next, forum to tjeck in on regulary.

While just skimming some threads, I falled upon this beauty. The Rumbus machine, a very funny movie.


October 8, 2008

What do you look forward too ?

Im over eager to get the new expansion between my hands, to say the least. I have had a peek inside the beta, and I must say that what I saw looked amazing. To go a bit back, the best places and instances in wow to me was in Vanilla Wow. I just love the old zones, they brought a great feel of middel age into it all. And so did the instances, one of my all time favorite instances is still today Blackrock Deepths. And amazing place, where you could with a good grp spend hours and hours of playtime, with cool bosses and different pack compositions and the like.
Then TBC came, and I must admit even though I have used countless hours in it. It just didnt have the feel of middelage to it. It was imo way to spacy, im alot more into middelage style. Though I must admit, that the instance Black Tempel, has an epic feel to it, just like the old ones. It reminds me alot about Blackwing Lair.

Now Northrend awaits, and what I have seen so far thye have taken the style of it all, back towards Vanilla wow. Which ofc brings even more joy to me. Just the start where you arrive with the ship from Stormwind harbour, is amazing. And it really feels like you are traveling out as a seasoned adventure, rdy to battle against foes in a new and unfriendly world. Amazing, good job blizz.
And then they have added some more lightning and shadow effect to it all, which really get the graphic up a notch. One thing I really noticed was your own shadow. Looks amazing. Small things I know, but things that makes wow the great game it is today.

Well, back to the topic. What do I look forward to ? Hmm, well I look forward to seeing and explorer all of the new zones. Im looking forward to the new instances, and ofc the endgame start in Naxxramas. Which im sure gonna be an epic ride. And ofc I look forward to see how its gonna shape up in my guild, how we gonna cope with all the new stuff. And how our start is gonna be in WOTLK. All in all, I look forward to get my hands dirty, my nights long, and my characters reach 80 in Northrend.... Let it come.....

What about you, what do you look forward to ?

October 6, 2008

Level 50

After spending some more time on my priest, I managed with alot of travel to get her to 50 just now... :)

Dinged on one of the last quest's in the hinterlands, tanaris and ferelas cirkel I use. Now its time to dig some easy levels up in Ungoro and then move on to Plaguelands. Got planned a quick run into Sunken and then some strat runs, to get some more xp. Should be in Outland in no time... hehe

Have fun.

Priest Progress

I promised to get back to you with how my priest would be doing. I had the pleasure of getting some hours onto it last night. A few ppl from my guild is redoing a load of old quest's, to prepare for the archivement system there is gonna be implanted in 3.0.X. So I have had my ears out, to snap any ppl going into old instances I could use to boost my xp. The instance runs it selfs aint the best xp, but a full clear to get all the quest's in an instance done, is a nice xp boost. So even though the mobs in it, is a bit low level in the start, there can be some good xp to get.
A druid from my guild, Kalaya, was going a trip into Uldaman. So I thought, what the heck, let me get the quest's done in there. As I know that the quest chain you get in there, from the neck that drops, gives a fair share of xp. And not to forget the one you get when you have defeated the last boss in there. The Disc of Morga????, that chain is to good to miss xp wise.
So after finishing a few pirate quest's in Tanaris, and there after go do "Skull rock clean up" and a visit to the altar in Hinterlands. I ventured to IF to grab a few uldaman quest's there, and there after a short trip via the excavation camp in Loch modan, to badlands. I now had all the quest's I could make outside the instance. As those are all non-elite now. I did this for 2 reasons, one for the small amount of xp, but mostly to get the neck to drop, so I could get the chain started. As getting it inside, and then have to go to IF is a pain.
Got it and got all the preparation done, so we could make a fast and quick swipe of the instance. And so we did, so after a little hour the place was done, and I had got a good load of xp more, after turning in the quest's. I dinged 47 last night. Just with 2 days and 17 hours of playtime, who says priest's are slow to level, so far it seems ok to me.

Today im planning on going to finish of Tanaris, and then go to ferelas and make the quest from the alliance city on the island. Im more or less now just waiting to get to 50. So I can make a few fast levels in Ungoro, then I will problaly move to Thorium Point and make all the quest there. And after that its time to get to the plaguelands I guess... And that should get me close to Outland. Where my plans is to instance grind 1-1,5 levels, and then start on the quest's.

See you out there.

October 4, 2008

39 days to go.

If the date blizzard have come out with then, there is today 39 days untill we will be heading into Northrend. As my guild is planning, and calculating on how the raid setup will look in Wrath, we could see that we would loose some healers to dps. Ending in our healing pool, being a bit to small.
As my start point for wrath was that I wanted to heal again, but changed my mind later on. Reason was that I wanted to heal on my paladin, as my big hope was that it wouldnt be a 1-2 button spam bot no more. You had to get a bit more thinking into it. But unfortnaly it didnt turn out the way I hoped. So I took my hopes down for healing and changed my mind to go Ret paladin.
But as said above our healing pool aint big enough, so to compensate for that I thought about what to do. Did I have any healing viable classes up there, besides my 2 paladins. Not quiet, I had a lvl 40 priest, or she was that 2 days ago. I got myself a new mission, get her to 70 before wrath hits the servers. And venture into Northrend with her.
So here I am on a race against 70, before the expansion hits the servers. Im not 45, so thats 25 more level's in 39 days. Should be manageable, or atleast I hope so.
Wish me luck, I will keep you updated on her travel the last 25 levels.

Time to hit the bed for me now, got a long day full of a big family party. And a big officer meeting in my guild tomorrow night. Sleep well....

October 1, 2008

More ideas for the recruitment video

Sitting here at work, with much to do, but not a great desire to do em. My mind has been thinking about the video im working on. It was a post Ruffe, a healer from my guild, made on the guild forum.

Quote : "I like the idea, add some story to it, and keep it coming mate, can't wait to see the end result ^^"

It was the bolded that got my mind into work. What about I do some shoots, different kind of dps, a tank or 2, and 1 healer, where they travel in different ways towards an instance. And end up in front of the summon stone or entrance. One of em steps forward and start to count the ppl and classes avaible. And when it comes to healers, the camera pans over and zoom in on 1 healer. And all go, WTF??!!!?? only 1 healer, we are never gonna get anything down. Thats why we need you !!!!
(We are mainly in need of more healers... :) )

Or atleast something like that, a short story line, with a outcome like that. I like the idea, I got to think it more through and get home and start up on it. I think it could work.

I actually made some stuff last night, this is the outcome of it. Push to view.

Already have some improvements cooking in my mind. First of im not to impressed with the font, think I need to find another. Then when the big letters roll by. I want some color on em, and then a background, which is a fly by over one of the TBC zones. To add some flavour to it all. Seems to dull now.

Well, I have a good feeling for it all, just need more time. Dont have enough hours in the day atm, and even raid the next couple of nights. Which I have promised to specc back to prot, to help on a tempeary tank shortage. (School, work and such for our normal tanks.)