October 6, 2008

Priest Progress

I promised to get back to you with how my priest would be doing. I had the pleasure of getting some hours onto it last night. A few ppl from my guild is redoing a load of old quest's, to prepare for the archivement system there is gonna be implanted in 3.0.X. So I have had my ears out, to snap any ppl going into old instances I could use to boost my xp. The instance runs it selfs aint the best xp, but a full clear to get all the quest's in an instance done, is a nice xp boost. So even though the mobs in it, is a bit low level in the start, there can be some good xp to get.
A druid from my guild, Kalaya, was going a trip into Uldaman. So I thought, what the heck, let me get the quest's done in there. As I know that the quest chain you get in there, from the neck that drops, gives a fair share of xp. And not to forget the one you get when you have defeated the last boss in there. The Disc of Morga????, that chain is to good to miss xp wise.
So after finishing a few pirate quest's in Tanaris, and there after go do "Skull rock clean up" and a visit to the altar in Hinterlands. I ventured to IF to grab a few uldaman quest's there, and there after a short trip via the excavation camp in Loch modan, to badlands. I now had all the quest's I could make outside the instance. As those are all non-elite now. I did this for 2 reasons, one for the small amount of xp, but mostly to get the neck to drop, so I could get the chain started. As getting it inside, and then have to go to IF is a pain.
Got it and got all the preparation done, so we could make a fast and quick swipe of the instance. And so we did, so after a little hour the place was done, and I had got a good load of xp more, after turning in the quest's. I dinged 47 last night. Just with 2 days and 17 hours of playtime, who says priest's are slow to level, so far it seems ok to me.

Today im planning on going to finish of Tanaris, and then go to ferelas and make the quest from the alliance city on the island. Im more or less now just waiting to get to 50. So I can make a few fast levels in Ungoro, then I will problaly move to Thorium Point and make all the quest there. And after that its time to get to the plaguelands I guess... And that should get me close to Outland. Where my plans is to instance grind 1-1,5 levels, and then start on the quest's.

See you out there.

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