July 8, 2009

Josh RIP

Who cares if MJ have passed away ? Today I have read that my alltime favourit blog writer have bitten the dust. IRL workload from a promotion, has made him pull the plug. Grtz with the promotion, m8.

You will be missed in the blogging community.

Josh RIP.

You have made me laugh nummerous times, I was always looking forward if I saw my blogroll was updated with a new post from you.

I will link to one of the post, that made me laugh like hell. Pure master piece. I realise how old the post actually is, but still all fresh in my memory. How to impress chicks.

I will rmb you with honor, and bring out my battle cry, when ever I dps on my paladin. "Long Life, Josh. The lightbringer of purple dresses." (Will miss you m8, take care.)