March 30, 2009

Poshspices sexchange

Yeah, you heard it right, the new tabloid headline. Poshspice have had an sex change. The newest within plastic surgery.


Yeah, ok back to reality. Or online reality. I'm a sucker for big shoulders, it has been referede to as the "big-ass" shoulder syndrom. I just like the males models better, because the shoulders and gear in general looks better on em. There for a few nights back, I took the creditcard out of my wallet and changed the sex on my priest, poshspice.

What else, ohh yeah. I turned 80 with it. Yes sir. Took 5,5 levels in 5 days. I was hooked on the leveling process and took it all out. Became 80 in a bit over 8 days, played time on it. Pretty good time if you ask me.
Fun part is, that my achivement sheet, dosent count my first "Badge of heroism". But have a full cleared naxx 25, with some achivements along the way inside as well. Game balance or ?
Also got my first naxx 25 loot last night, a pair of off set shoulders.

I have decided to go Disc with it, actually that has been the idea all along. How is it like ? Its actually pretty fun. And a bit different. I feel I have alot of tools and most important different spells to use. It dosent feel like a 1-2 button spam build. And I had windows of fun, in the well known content last night actually.

I will point one of em out, the best of em. 4 horsemen. A short trip back in time. My first encounter with em, was short after Wrath came out. My paladin was holy and rdy to rock. I was assigned to heal in the back. And damn I sucked. I caused nummerous wipes, because I stacked both debufs back there. I couldnt manage. Failure with a big F.
Back to last night. We entered the room, and it came on Vent. "another healer" and posh to the back, healing the tanks there. Ohh, shit. Here we go again. I was back as paladin healer, crying in the corner. SLAM!!!!, shape up. Just focus. You know the fight now, just do your thing. But im poorly geared and ..... Shut up, focus. You can do it.
Just think of spice, think of her beauty. Make her proud. And off we went. I keept my shields up, when it broke. Penence, flash heal. Move out of the voidzone, look at the stacks. Time to move, shield tank, Prayer of mending when moving. Flash, penence. Are the stacks fine. I keept the focus, used all I have learned in the short 2 days as Disc healer. And my tank survived. The raid succeeded and down they all went. Success and a great fight.

I really enjoyed myself in the new role, and through the night me and a paladin healer, Neamek. Keept the MT up in most fights, just the 2 of us. Which was fun. Im surely gonna play some more on this one, to gear it up. And have it come along on future raids, maybe even Ulduar at some point.

Sidenote, im thinking of letting impadin go holy, for a little while and do some pvp with him. Maybe even some Arena. So if you need a 2vs2 partner and you play on Trollbane EU. Maybe drop me a mail.

Ohh, well time for me to head back to the work. And maybe some more disc healing tonight.

March 27, 2009

Badass warrior trailer

I have been playing a warrior for a long time. Not atm, but back in the old days. So still have a soft side for em. Im not sure, thats even needed to start a new warrior up. This video just make em so smack ass sexy and cool. Do enjoy, and let us have the full version soon.

A warrior movie trailer, which is bad ass....

The movie author is this guy from this blog. Red Eyes Movies

March 24, 2009

PTR Build 9722

There is alot going on, on the nummerous builds we see on the PTR. Alot of em are test's which may or may not come into Live. Nevertheless lets have a look at the latest stuff.

I will look at the Retribution stuff in it, as we all know that is what is most important.

* Divine Storm now causes 110% of weapon damage to up to 4 enemies within 8 yards.
As I can get out of it, the heal mechanic off it is gone, and the damage have been upped with the ekstra 10%. The heal havent been ground breaking in PVE. So I welcome this change, as that is a straight up damage buff to us in PVE.

* Righteous Vengeance now also affects Crusader Strike.
Now see here is some eye candy. Crusader strike as it is now, a very low part of our damage. This will help on it. Very nice. This will problaly have us to rethink our rotation a bit. Even rethink libram as well. But as im aware of the only glyph for Crusader is the lower mana usage. So no glyph changing on this one.

* Judgements of the Wise now immediately grant you 25% of your base mana. (Up from 15%)
This is the first in 2 steps blizzard have made to up our mana regen, after they have taken away SA from us. Will seems to be a thing that will go into Live. As long as our mana is like it is today, then im happy. Needs to be run with in Live before I will make any judgement upon this one.

The next part, is a thing that not will come into Live in 3.1, maybe later. Its simply a test blizzard have thrown out, but not to go Live anytime soon. (Source)

* Crusader Strike is now An instant strike that causes 110% weapon damage. In addition, if you strike a player while they are casting, their magical damage and healing will be reduced by 50% for 6 sec.
Then lets move on to the glyph department. As here is a glyph, that problaly will be mandatory I think. Its a remake of the Glyph of Blood, as the old became worthless when they removed SA from us.

Glyph of Seal of Blood -- When your Seal of Blood, Seal of the Martyr, Judgement of Blood, or Judgement of the Martyr deals damage to you, you gain 11% of the damage done as mana.
Step 2 of blizzard way to give us our regen back. Im pretty sure blizzard have simply reworked our mana flow around these 2 changes. So this glyph will be mandatory. But lets see, when we get to run with the changes in Live.

Im not very sure how I will place my points atm. But been looking a bit on the talents. And could set em like this - Build
But im in no way sure how I will place em just yet.

March 23, 2009

Hybrid vs. Pure clarification

As we all know, the hybrid vs pure dps talk is steaming hot. And it surely have its right to be. As it means alot to people playing and living in there class, like most of us do. We want to feel wanted. To feel usefull. I dont think its all about being on top of the e-peen meter, even though it always is a nice bonus. But to feel wanted and needed in a raid, that whats count.

Therefor I was happy to read this part of a blue post -

....We want you to get a spot because you know what the blank you're doing, not because your class is programmed to always do top dps or inflate raid dps through a miraculous spell that you impart by clicking a button every 30 min.

Play your class to the best of your ability. If you do so, you will be very high on the damage meters, even if you are a druid, priest, warrior, DK, shaman or paladin. You won't top it on every fight. Some fights are better for some classes than others. Some players have better luck. Over time, the trends will emerge and most raiding players will figure them out. For our part, we will keep jimmying the numbers to get the results we want.


This is so important, atleast to me. Take your friends along and have a blast. Take the good players along when you need to push content. Dont take em because they have a "ohh, so imba button to push every 30 sec.".

Bring it on.

March 20, 2009

Good craice, we have old school dungeons

I dont know what brought it to my mind. But on my home trip in the train, I got a lust to go UBRS. Yeah, you read right. Upper Blackrock Spire. Why ? I dont know.
I have always been a big fan of the old instances. There is some good new ones, but the likes of Dire maul, UBRS, LBRS, Scholomance and my all time favorite Blackrock Deep (BRD). I think the design and the atmosphere in em, are far better than what the newer dungeons have brought. Maybe it has something to do with, that they was actually hard to master back then.
There are a few good new dungeons, I like Shadow Labyrinth alot as well. And Halls of Stone, as my favorite Wrath one. But the old ones, are the best in my book.

Well back to my crazy idea. UBRS, so I got my fly trip from If to Thorium Point settled, and went into Blackrock. I had teamed up with a DK from trade channel and a druid from my own guild, Ealan. As we need to be 3+ to get past the first boss. And off we went, I have on a casual plan, collected the D1 set pieces when I have come across em. So it quickly for me turned into getting the pieces I could from this place. We landed at the Beast, the good old big dog. Remember him back in the days, when you kill him the small gnome comes out of him. Brilliant. We ofc took him down easy mode. And BAM!, Lightforge shoulders. Nice, one more piece to the collection. Was missing two pieces now, Breastplate and Headpiece.
On we went to pay General Drakkisath a visit. Again and easy mode kill. And what the fcuk.... Do my eyes deceive me. Lightforge Breastplate. How lucky can you be ?!?
Not that I complain, but remember gathering this set on my old paladin, was a pain to say the least. We ended our trip to take the achivement, LEROYYY!!!!!!!!!. Hadent taken that one on Impadin yet, so one more to the book.

After my success in UBRS, I decided to swing by Scholomance and give my luck there a few times. Afterall, I had have good luck in drops so far.
I ran past most of the mobs, just kille the bosses and the mandatory thrash. Yes, you need some of the thrash to, The school have been set... :)
And there he spawned, the master himself, Darkmaster Gandling. Easy mode kill in my shiny, T7.5 gear, My betrayer really, betrayed him there. Loot time.
I dont know how this can happend, but I must have been buttered in lucky butter this night. Yes, you are right. Lightforge Helm. And not only that the epic staff dropped as well... lol.

So I proudly presents, Impadin the Lightforge.

So after some time in boredom and nothing to do. I actually had a fun night in the game. Maybe I should figure out small goals for each time I log on. And not just log on to log on. If that makes any sense.

March 18, 2009

New lands

A few days back, it came clear to me. For the first time it really settled down in my head. I may have to look for new lands to conquer. Im fed up with wow, and much of it around it. Im totally burned out on the content, like many others is atm. But after some time, I have been looking after new games to play. And I must admit that wow have made me blind for a long time. There is alot of very interesting projects going atm.
I will use this post as some of a turning point, in my playtime. Maybe even in my blogging as well.
I'm thinking deep into expanding my blog to reach other games, projects and whats not in the future.

I will use a bit of time to start talking about some of the interesting games and projects out there.

A very interesting title, which is released. But still very hard to get a copy off. The development team, have made the decision to make a certain amount avaible for pre-ordre. And after release, you have to tjeck there website to see if the shop is open for more customers. They should release a small amount of new copy'es each day. Though I havent been able to get my hands on one just yet.
They have done it like this, to not have there servers go down in the start phase. They though seems to have problems with long wait time to log on. (2-3 hours)
Despite the long wait hours, it seems like alot of people are really enjoying the game. Its based on a system with no levels, but a skill level up system instead. And when you die, you really die. You loose all your gear, also what you have in your bags on a tomb. And every one that come across your tomb can loot it. So in this game death have a high price. And that also seems to be one of the real heights in this game. You have to think before action.

Runes of Magic
A game to be release tomorrow. But you have been able to play it in a open beta for a while. And the people playing will not be reset at release. Meaning the game is already building it self up inside. Its a game which is very wow like. But still different. And it sure have some play hours in it. I have been using some time in it, with my kid. And we have had some great fun leveling up togheter.
Could be a fun game to use some time on, if you are not ready to leave wow. But is bored as hell, and just waiting for Ulduar. As its totally free of cost.

Mortal Online
Now this is something im so eager to get my hands on. There still havent been a beta out yet. But there is a big annoncment on there webpage later today. (in 3,5 hour when im writing this.) Which could be a beta signup or something.
The game is a fantasy RPG, set in a open world. But controlled in 1st person view. And though I got pretty scared with the idea at first, I must admit after reading alot more about it. It just seems to make so much sense and looks/seems so cool.
And the combat system they have put out, screams for skill over playtime/gear. I cant wait to try this one out. I will surely get some more info up on this one, when I can.

Whats there more to say than - Jizz In My Pants

Retribution damage still to low, according to Ghostcrawler

A promising blue post from Ghostcrawler : (source)

“I know Ret pallies have made many posts outlining their potential or realized problems. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to answer those. We can only answer a very few a day.

“But here is what I can tell you:

“There is a bug in Righteous Vengeance that caused its damage to be too low (even accounting for the reduction in ranks). That bug has now been fixed. Note that even though the dot is Holy damage (which is normally not-resistable) mobs that are higher level than you can still resist some of the damage. This was not the actual bug, though some players made that assumption since they noticed RV had dropped (again even accounting for the rank reduction).

“Spiritual Attunement could provide as much or more mana as Judgements of the Wise on fights with a lot of raid damage. To account for this, we are likely to buff the instant mana from Judgements of the Wise.

“The glyph of Seal of Blood is reasonably nonsensical now, so we will probably change it to something similar but actually useful (e.g. you get mana back as if you still had SA for purposes of Blood).

“When all that is said and done, Ret’s PvE damage is still probably a little low. Buffing Divine Storm or allowing RV to benefit from Crusader Strike are two possible places to add more damage.

“Note that I made no promises. :) These are all just things we are discussing. The eventual solutions could end up different. ”

Nice to see that, they know there is some things to overcome before the patch goes live. Question is, can they make it ok before it goes live. And will the changes be enough, for us to still be competietive in damage output ?

March 14, 2009

Spiritual Attunement removed from trainers !?!

Just been sitting at my computer in like 5 minutes in a few days. And I see this one pop up ????

Spiritual Attunement: Removed from trainers. It is now available deep in the Protection tree for 2 ranks at 5/10%.

I fast go to to see if there is some Retribution change to compensate for the loss in mana for us. None to be found ??!!??

Please tell me this is a bad dream or I have misread, misunderstood or something along the way.

Edited : Been looking some more, and found this one of the US forum. From ghostcrawler ofc -
Spiritual Attunement is a great mechanic for a tanking paladin who needs the mana and gets it from taking damage.

For other paladins it just complicates balance. On Patchwerk you get no mana from it as Holy / Ret and on Sartharion it gives you just a ton of mana. So you're either bone dry on one fight or drowning in mana on another, totally depending on raid damage.

The best knob we have for tweaking Ret mana return is to up Judgements of the Wise from 15% to 20% or whatever it needs to be. (Holy has Illumination.)

Aha, but why the hell do we then have to take dmg from our dmg seal. Dosent make any sense. Why have a penalty like that if it aint there for something anymore ?!?
Seems to be like once more, blizzard are making changes before they think, about it in all aspects of the class. And guess what, Retribution is the one they dont think off. Surprise. Blizzard you have to do better than that.

March 10, 2009

Sartharion and his drakes no more !

Tonight was the planned night, where 10 brave souls should venture into The Sanctum and face Sartharion and 3 of his drakes. All in the same time ofc. It was time for another Sath3D try.

We have been in there 2 nights before, and it have been progress everytime. We have all adjusted small things that would make it all, succeed in one big kill. Should this night be the night, should we bring Nightfall into Epiphany, our guild.

I think this picture speaks for it self.

Yes, after a good hour of try's we brought Nightfall into Epiphany. And I must say what a ride. We had some good try's in the first hour. Got closer and closer, had more and more control over the whole fight. And all of a sudden, it just all clicked. People dodged the voids, slided in the gabs in the fire walls. Trucken our add tank, juggled the adds around like balls. Mordeth tamed the drakes, and took em in position. Atene and Mediel, our sath tank and healer. Out tanked and out healed what ever Sartharion got after em. And the rest of us, danced our way around the island. Throwing out all we had in us, to get all down in perfect order, one at a time. I tell you it was a sight for the gods.

Ventrilo :
XXxxxXX - Tenebron down....
XXxxxXX - Shadron down, all into portal....
XXxxxXX - Add down, all out...
XXxxxXX - Vesperon going low, now keep focus. All focus.
XXxxxXX - Vesperon down, all in portal. Get the add down. Keep people alive.
XXxxxXX - Focus all, we are there now.
XXxxxXX - Just steady dps on Sartharion and dodge the walls. Keep the control on the adds.
XXxxxXX - Yes, close now. Come on.... WHAT !!!!!! WE DID IT!!!! WOHHHHHH !!!??!!!!
XXxxxXX - Fuck im shacking, my hands are all sweety.... Damn, the adrenalin is pumping...

1 minuts later - Damn im still shacking... hehe

Damn it was cool. Long time since I have had the adrenalin pumping, hearing people screaming on Ventrilo. Cheering... Wow, it was so awesome. I still get goose spoons just by writing about it now.

This is why I play this game, for times like this. Make all the grinding, daily's farm runs, you name it. It just dosent matter. We did it, and we are proud.

It was an awesome night. A night we can all be proud off. Being a casual guild, loaded with family dads, wifes, adults and general people who have a lot of IRL stuff to think about. We proofed mostly to us self. That we can pull it off, if we focus, work togheter and play as a team. Nice, and tnx to all who participated.
Time for a few pictures now. I will cook up a guide towards it all, and post it with the week. When my work allows me to get the time... :)

A picture takend in the action, at the start on Tenebron.

A shoot of the crew we took em down with.

This was just one more epic moment in the night. We ofc got the drake. And Atene rolled 81. And he celebrate on Vent, ohh yeah.
It then come from Mordeth on Ventrilo - Now Frank, see this roll. (Atene = Frank.)
And boom 82..... lol... I tell you all was laughing on Vent... Epic roll.

Mordeth on his mount, over Dalaran. Grtz m8.

Here is a shoot of the fight from recount.

Just to end this one of. I will break down our setup for the night. I was actually quiet sceptic before we started. As we had no rogue or Hunter, so no "tranq" on the infernals. But we managed without. Here is the breakdown :

Mediel, feral druid - Sartharion tank
Mordeth, protection paladin - Drake tank
Trucken, protection warrior - Add tank
Atene, Disc priest - Sartharion healer
Aspiration, resto druid - Drake, add and raid tank.
Impadin, Retribution Paladin - Add tank in portals
Chibey, Shadow priest
Shamanta, Elemental shaman - Offhealer
Enviros, Elemental shaman
Prudence, arcane mage

Gonna hit the bed now, Later all. And once again grtz and tnx for all who participated.

March 5, 2009

Why should pure classes, have an advantage ??

Stumbled upon this post on the forums, by the dear Ghostcrawler.

Ghostcrawler :

Rogues, mages, warlocks and hunters should be doing the highest dps, if you assume all other things are equal. Other things are never equal. Gear, skill, group buffs and encounter (in PvE) all matter a lot. In PvP, highest damage matters a lot less than specific abilities that let you control or break control.

There will be fights where warriors are on top because the situations favor them. There will be fights where the shamans or priests are on top.

Arms and Fury warriors should be mixed in with Elemental and Enhancement shamans, Shadow priests, Retribution paladins, Feral and Balance druids, and 3 types of DKs. .........

Does this mean that hybrid classes not will be able to push the top dps ? Does this mean that because dualspecc comes, they have a legit reason to say. You have the option to be a tank or healer as well. So you cant be top dps ?
What about the people who did choose to play as retribution all the time, and have no intention to go any other specc. Is that just there loss ?

Leads me back to the "bring the player not the class". If that is there mantra now, will there then be no more dps tjecks ? As if you bring the player, a retribution paladin. But they are bound to make the 5% less damage. Then either you wont make it, or the raid bringing only pure dps classes, will never have a problem with the dps tjecks. How are they gonna balance those encounters ?

Cant figure out why, they dont make all dps make the same amount of damage. Then the player that only wanna play Retribution, have equal terms of performance than every one else doing dps.

I know people now will say, but I play a pure dps class. So I dont have the option to play a healer if I want or a tank. No, you dont. But you never had. I have always had the option to do so. That was one of the reasons I choosed the class in the first place. BUT I have never been able to do it at the same time. BUT why should I then be punished for it ? It brings me to think. Do people play there class because it at the time they rolled it, was the top dps class ? And not because they WANTED to play the class ?

I cant figure out the line in blizzards way to balance the game at the moment. It seems to me that they are between to cliffs. On one side they hold on to the old terms, hybrid dps/pure dps. And on the other side they have the new mantra "Bring the player not the class". And cant seem to dare take the big step and go all out on the new mantra. Am I the only one thinking this ?

March 4, 2009

Sath3D kill, almost. So close.

It became tuesday and we were once again ready to venture into the The Obsidian Sanctum, to try an beat Sartharion with his 3 drakes up.
After last weeks try's we were hungry for a kill, and had the believe we could make it.

We went in with the same composition 3 tanks - 2 healers - 5 dps. But a bit different class setup.
We had tanks, druid on Sartharion, warrior on adds and paladin on drakes. Healers, we keept the same combo as last time, holy priest and resto druid. On the dps we had some changes. Me as retribution, Survival hunter, Elemental shaman, Shadow priest and a arcane mage.

The first few try's was used to get back into the whole rytme again. And get the 2 new players into it all. The hunter and mage. But must say they didnt need much, to be right at top of the game like the rest of us. And this time we got close. We got closer and closer, got more and more control over the whole fight. We had Trucken our warrior tank, which keept improving with sublime control on the adds. Mordeth dodging walls and keeping the Drake in a tight leech. Mediel our druid tank, which togheter with Atene our holy priest. Keept alive and Sartharion on his spot.
Aspiration our druid healer, keept the raid, add tank and drake tank alive. With atene helping in if needed.
We keept progression and perfecting our try's and tasks.
Tenebron down, a short add killing break, then onto shadron. Shadron down, into the portal, shadrons add down. On Ventrilo, "Shit, ahhh crap.". A little mistake and we was wiping. We had several try's where we were so close, I could smell and taste the victory beer from the tavern in Dalaran.

After a few hours in there, our hunter had to go. So we replaced him with a 3rd healer. To get more try's and see if that was a better composition. We did have a few good try's with that combo as well. But I must admit, I like the other combo better. And I think the combo we started with, is what will bring us a kill in the end.

But the night ended in no 3D kill. We decided to take down Sarth2D and call it a night. Might as well get the upgrades if any before the reset. And they went down with no sweat at all. Incredible how easy that is with only 2 up, compared to 3D.

Even though we didnt got the kill we was after, it was THE best night of raiding I have had in Wrath so far. Several times, the voices on Vent and the adrenalin pumping in my body, was like being back in Vanilla wow getting those imba first kills on Ragnaros and the like. Great night. Thanks all who contributed to it.

We will be back next reset for more, and im confident that they will go down.

Im cooking up a guide to it all. Which I will release as soon as I have all details in place. A guide based on my own experience in there and how we managed to pull it off.

March 2, 2009


As we didnt have anything to kill after a Sartharion kill with 20 people last night. We decided to head into Sunwell to see it. Alot had never been there before, and I had only seen boss number 2 in there before.
It was really easy, most of the bosses we just nuked down. Even Muru we just timed Heroism and nuked him down... :)

But it was fun and cool to see the place. And as we stood at the entrance to Kil'jadens room I couldnt help it. So fired up fraps and in we went. Here is the result. I recommend to watch it in high quality, as that is avaible.

Music is Hammerfall - Renegade. Old school, was in a fancy mood last night when I edited it.