March 30, 2009

Poshspices sexchange

Yeah, you heard it right, the new tabloid headline. Poshspice have had an sex change. The newest within plastic surgery.


Yeah, ok back to reality. Or online reality. I'm a sucker for big shoulders, it has been referede to as the "big-ass" shoulder syndrom. I just like the males models better, because the shoulders and gear in general looks better on em. There for a few nights back, I took the creditcard out of my wallet and changed the sex on my priest, poshspice.

What else, ohh yeah. I turned 80 with it. Yes sir. Took 5,5 levels in 5 days. I was hooked on the leveling process and took it all out. Became 80 in a bit over 8 days, played time on it. Pretty good time if you ask me.
Fun part is, that my achivement sheet, dosent count my first "Badge of heroism". But have a full cleared naxx 25, with some achivements along the way inside as well. Game balance or ?
Also got my first naxx 25 loot last night, a pair of off set shoulders.

I have decided to go Disc with it, actually that has been the idea all along. How is it like ? Its actually pretty fun. And a bit different. I feel I have alot of tools and most important different spells to use. It dosent feel like a 1-2 button spam build. And I had windows of fun, in the well known content last night actually.

I will point one of em out, the best of em. 4 horsemen. A short trip back in time. My first encounter with em, was short after Wrath came out. My paladin was holy and rdy to rock. I was assigned to heal in the back. And damn I sucked. I caused nummerous wipes, because I stacked both debufs back there. I couldnt manage. Failure with a big F.
Back to last night. We entered the room, and it came on Vent. "another healer" and posh to the back, healing the tanks there. Ohh, shit. Here we go again. I was back as paladin healer, crying in the corner. SLAM!!!!, shape up. Just focus. You know the fight now, just do your thing. But im poorly geared and ..... Shut up, focus. You can do it.
Just think of spice, think of her beauty. Make her proud. And off we went. I keept my shields up, when it broke. Penence, flash heal. Move out of the voidzone, look at the stacks. Time to move, shield tank, Prayer of mending when moving. Flash, penence. Are the stacks fine. I keept the focus, used all I have learned in the short 2 days as Disc healer. And my tank survived. The raid succeeded and down they all went. Success and a great fight.

I really enjoyed myself in the new role, and through the night me and a paladin healer, Neamek. Keept the MT up in most fights, just the 2 of us. Which was fun. Im surely gonna play some more on this one, to gear it up. And have it come along on future raids, maybe even Ulduar at some point.

Sidenote, im thinking of letting impadin go holy, for a little while and do some pvp with him. Maybe even some Arena. So if you need a 2vs2 partner and you play on Trollbane EU. Maybe drop me a mail.

Ohh, well time for me to head back to the work. And maybe some more disc healing tonight.

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