March 24, 2009

PTR Build 9722

There is alot going on, on the nummerous builds we see on the PTR. Alot of em are test's which may or may not come into Live. Nevertheless lets have a look at the latest stuff.

I will look at the Retribution stuff in it, as we all know that is what is most important.

* Divine Storm now causes 110% of weapon damage to up to 4 enemies within 8 yards.
As I can get out of it, the heal mechanic off it is gone, and the damage have been upped with the ekstra 10%. The heal havent been ground breaking in PVE. So I welcome this change, as that is a straight up damage buff to us in PVE.

* Righteous Vengeance now also affects Crusader Strike.
Now see here is some eye candy. Crusader strike as it is now, a very low part of our damage. This will help on it. Very nice. This will problaly have us to rethink our rotation a bit. Even rethink libram as well. But as im aware of the only glyph for Crusader is the lower mana usage. So no glyph changing on this one.

* Judgements of the Wise now immediately grant you 25% of your base mana. (Up from 15%)
This is the first in 2 steps blizzard have made to up our mana regen, after they have taken away SA from us. Will seems to be a thing that will go into Live. As long as our mana is like it is today, then im happy. Needs to be run with in Live before I will make any judgement upon this one.

The next part, is a thing that not will come into Live in 3.1, maybe later. Its simply a test blizzard have thrown out, but not to go Live anytime soon. (Source)

* Crusader Strike is now An instant strike that causes 110% weapon damage. In addition, if you strike a player while they are casting, their magical damage and healing will be reduced by 50% for 6 sec.
Then lets move on to the glyph department. As here is a glyph, that problaly will be mandatory I think. Its a remake of the Glyph of Blood, as the old became worthless when they removed SA from us.

Glyph of Seal of Blood -- When your Seal of Blood, Seal of the Martyr, Judgement of Blood, or Judgement of the Martyr deals damage to you, you gain 11% of the damage done as mana.
Step 2 of blizzard way to give us our regen back. Im pretty sure blizzard have simply reworked our mana flow around these 2 changes. So this glyph will be mandatory. But lets see, when we get to run with the changes in Live.

Im not very sure how I will place my points atm. But been looking a bit on the talents. And could set em like this - Build
But im in no way sure how I will place em just yet.

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  1. I don't know if I plan on going Ret yet for my 2nd spec but this summary is useful.

    Btw, I nominated you for an award!


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