March 10, 2009

Sartharion and his drakes no more !

Tonight was the planned night, where 10 brave souls should venture into The Sanctum and face Sartharion and 3 of his drakes. All in the same time ofc. It was time for another Sath3D try.

We have been in there 2 nights before, and it have been progress everytime. We have all adjusted small things that would make it all, succeed in one big kill. Should this night be the night, should we bring Nightfall into Epiphany, our guild.

I think this picture speaks for it self.

Yes, after a good hour of try's we brought Nightfall into Epiphany. And I must say what a ride. We had some good try's in the first hour. Got closer and closer, had more and more control over the whole fight. And all of a sudden, it just all clicked. People dodged the voids, slided in the gabs in the fire walls. Trucken our add tank, juggled the adds around like balls. Mordeth tamed the drakes, and took em in position. Atene and Mediel, our sath tank and healer. Out tanked and out healed what ever Sartharion got after em. And the rest of us, danced our way around the island. Throwing out all we had in us, to get all down in perfect order, one at a time. I tell you it was a sight for the gods.

Ventrilo :
XXxxxXX - Tenebron down....
XXxxxXX - Shadron down, all into portal....
XXxxxXX - Add down, all out...
XXxxxXX - Vesperon going low, now keep focus. All focus.
XXxxxXX - Vesperon down, all in portal. Get the add down. Keep people alive.
XXxxxXX - Focus all, we are there now.
XXxxxXX - Just steady dps on Sartharion and dodge the walls. Keep the control on the adds.
XXxxxXX - Yes, close now. Come on.... WHAT !!!!!! WE DID IT!!!! WOHHHHHH !!!??!!!!
XXxxxXX - Fuck im shacking, my hands are all sweety.... Damn, the adrenalin is pumping...

1 minuts later - Damn im still shacking... hehe

Damn it was cool. Long time since I have had the adrenalin pumping, hearing people screaming on Ventrilo. Cheering... Wow, it was so awesome. I still get goose spoons just by writing about it now.

This is why I play this game, for times like this. Make all the grinding, daily's farm runs, you name it. It just dosent matter. We did it, and we are proud.

It was an awesome night. A night we can all be proud off. Being a casual guild, loaded with family dads, wifes, adults and general people who have a lot of IRL stuff to think about. We proofed mostly to us self. That we can pull it off, if we focus, work togheter and play as a team. Nice, and tnx to all who participated.
Time for a few pictures now. I will cook up a guide towards it all, and post it with the week. When my work allows me to get the time... :)

A picture takend in the action, at the start on Tenebron.

A shoot of the crew we took em down with.

This was just one more epic moment in the night. We ofc got the drake. And Atene rolled 81. And he celebrate on Vent, ohh yeah.
It then come from Mordeth on Ventrilo - Now Frank, see this roll. (Atene = Frank.)
And boom 82..... lol... I tell you all was laughing on Vent... Epic roll.

Mordeth on his mount, over Dalaran. Grtz m8.

Here is a shoot of the fight from recount.

Just to end this one of. I will break down our setup for the night. I was actually quiet sceptic before we started. As we had no rogue or Hunter, so no "tranq" on the infernals. But we managed without. Here is the breakdown :

Mediel, feral druid - Sartharion tank
Mordeth, protection paladin - Drake tank
Trucken, protection warrior - Add tank
Atene, Disc priest - Sartharion healer
Aspiration, resto druid - Drake, add and raid tank.
Impadin, Retribution Paladin - Add tank in portals
Chibey, Shadow priest
Shamanta, Elemental shaman - Offhealer
Enviros, Elemental shaman
Prudence, arcane mage

Gonna hit the bed now, Later all. And once again grtz and tnx for all who participated.


  1. Grats Psy wel done, glad to see your doing great in the game

    fulkin - NCM

  2. grats! I really want to try 10 man OS 3d, it's even harder than the 25 man version, no?

  3. Supposed to be hardest encounter ingame, so yesh, but then again, having 25members to stay focused is harder :P


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