July 23, 2010

First try on a Ret Build in Cataclysm

Time to have my first look at the talents and how a possible future build could be like.
As we all know the talents is problaly gonna be juggled around mindless many times more before we have an idea of a final result for cataclysm. But anyway im gonna give it a shot. This is with the Build #12604 from the Beta.

My idea is always to try to boost my dps as much as possible. After all I'm in the raid to do damage as prio. 1.
Next I look at talents that might come in handy for myself during a fight, and last I look at raid support. Yeah, I know it may sound a bit selfish. But im there to compete for my spot against other dps classes. Classes which dont have a hybrid role.
And tell me when you have been taken to a raid because you was able to hybrid it a bit, and not because you was doing good dps ?

Here is the build I came up with. (7/3/31) - Link

I will now try to explain why I have picked the talents I have.

Retribution Tree

Tier 1

In the First Tier I have not taken eye for en eye, as that is a PVP talent. The rest is pure dps upgrades, so ofc they are in the specc.

Tier 2

Imp. Judgement and Conviction, more dps. Yes plz. The last one is the runspeed increase. Even though it aint a direct dmg increase, it helps on damage as well. By being able to move faster you will have less downtime when you need to move from one spot to another to do dps, so in the end it is an dps increase. Further more you will be able to use a pure dps enchant on your boots, rather than a speed increase one.

Tier 3

Sanction of battle = more dps. I want our aoe damage talent, Divine storm, actually dont see a dps specc without it. I have also choosen to take SoC, I love that seal in AoE situations. Or situations where burst is more important in a short period of time. Lastly I have also taken Communion to help my dear raid friends with some mana.

Tier 4

As Holy Power is gonna be our new resource to do more dps, I have taken Divine Purpose. Art of war = instant exorcism, and as I have taken Sanction of battle in Tier 3, it will hopefully be a powerfull instant to use. Lastly Rebuke is in my specc as well. Finally paladins get a interrupt, which I find usefull in many ways. Have missed that since I got from my warrior to my paladin, now its here and hell yeah im gonna use it.

Tier 5

Sanc. Wrath, more use of our damage booster Avenging Wrath, is a dps increase. Swift retribution is a buff to your raid. And thats ofc a nice thing, afterall its the raid and not you alone that lay down bosses. I have not taken Selfless Healer as I dont intend to heal others very often, and also not taken repentance. As I close to never use that, this may however change if Cataclysm brings CC back into the game as they have sayd. But lets see if thats gonna be real or not.

Tier 6

Inquiry of Faith, is a pure dmg increase. I have not taken Acts of Sacrifice as I rarely use BoF in raids and Salv is ok as it is today for me.

Tier 7

Zealotry, sounds like a ability like Wings to get some more pew pew for a short amount of time. And as it is our top tier talent, im gonna roll with it. Unless it fails bigtime when I get into Cataclysm.


Tier 1

Seals of the pure, a pure dps increase for our seals. Ofc I want that one.


Tier 1

Judgements of the pure, sounds good to me. I get a 9% haste increase in melee, whenever I use judgements. I have also taken sanctified Light to buff the Holy shock damage. I have no idea if thats ever gonna be used in our "rotation", but nevertheless it gives me more dps increase if I'm at range for the target. A friend to my rocket blaster.

Tier 2

I have choosen to use my last 2 points in Healing Light, to boost the damage of holy shock even more. I dont see any use for em dps wise anywhere else.

This was my first look at a specc to be used in cataclysm, as there will come more changes to the talents, I will re-wise and have another look. How does all this look to you, my fellow Retardins.... :) ?

July 22, 2010

New blizzard trailer

Yeah I know it aint about wow, but starcraft. Im not a huge fan of RTS games, so im not sure im even gonna play this game. But this video is freaking awesome-sauce. I wish it was a movie or something instead. Hell I may even play the game just to see all the scenes. Ohh, well enjoy to the full'est....

July 21, 2010

MMO-Champion in new hands

You had to be a bit blue-eyed to not see this coming at some point.
MMO-champion have been the lead wow news site in a long time. And by far the most reliable and best source to go to, if you ask me.
I love the site, its one of those places you can visit more than once a day to get the daily shot of news. Always completly fresh from the press.

The Buyer of the site is Curse Gaming. Another big player on the MMO/Wow market. They have the largest addon base on the net. And i believe also the most used and well known of its kind.

They also provide a addon downloader client, which in my opinion is pretty damn good. Im not a premium member on the site, so I dont have all the functions they have. But I love it anyway. I dont see why I should buy something, when what I can get for free fits my needs fine.

I only had a few, what now, when I read about the take over.

Would the news still be served from Boubouille ? Yes, they are. He as well have moved over to Curse to continue to be head man on MMO-Champion.

What about changes to the page ? There will ofc be a design update, to problaly get the site in a more curse like feel. But he says that the core design of the page will remain untouched.

Premium ? Yeah, ofc there will be some premium. Curse are a business that make money. But he promises that, whats free now, will be free when premium comes. Its the ekstra's that are gonna come, that will cost.
If it stays at that its okay with me.

He also mentions that he will get some upgrade tools to post news and such. Which will give him more time to post news, and dont use time on techsupport. Which is a win for us, more news to feed our hunger.

So all in all, I dont think there is anything to worry about. Besides what he gonna use the money to, he have earned on the sale. 80 million unique page views a month aint cheap.....
Congrats, Boubouille well done. I'm looking forward to see more news from you in the future.
Links to the two sites, MMO-Champion and Curse-Gaming.

July 9, 2010

Disable RealID

Have you done your deed today, and disabled RealID on your account. If not you should make yourself heard and do it.
It seems like Blizzard wont let us be our avatar anymore, they dont want us to be able to escape into the world we all love. So now its the time to stand out and make yourself heard.

Most of us aint interested in leaving the game we love, but we can disable the feature from our account and in that way let blizzard know that we dont like it.

Go to your battlenet account and set on parental control, wait for the email you get in your inbox and follow the link. On the page make sure there is no mark in "Enable RealID".
Save the page and you have done it.

As a side bonus you dont have all the RealID clutter in your UI anymore as well.

Spread the word, as the more we are doing it. The more impact it will have.

July 8, 2010

New Retribution Talent at the top of the talent tree

Yes, the title says the most.

Just annonced.

Divine Storm @LVL10 for Retribution
Divine Storm is a big deal because Retribution paladins get it at level 10. You'll get a new bottom o' the tree talent

Its like christmas cant wait to get more buttons to faceroll....

July 7, 2010

Warlock Destruction Guide

Just found this excellent guide for beginner locks in the destro department.

This guide is written by fizboz over on the page "The warlocks Den", direct link to the guide. All credit goes to him and the page.

Very good source of information.