July 21, 2010

MMO-Champion in new hands

You had to be a bit blue-eyed to not see this coming at some point.
MMO-champion have been the lead wow news site in a long time. And by far the most reliable and best source to go to, if you ask me.
I love the site, its one of those places you can visit more than once a day to get the daily shot of news. Always completly fresh from the press.

The Buyer of the site is Curse Gaming. Another big player on the MMO/Wow market. They have the largest addon base on the net. And i believe also the most used and well known of its kind.

They also provide a addon downloader client, which in my opinion is pretty damn good. Im not a premium member on the site, so I dont have all the functions they have. But I love it anyway. I dont see why I should buy something, when what I can get for free fits my needs fine.

I only had a few, what now, when I read about the take over.

Would the news still be served from Boubouille ? Yes, they are. He as well have moved over to Curse to continue to be head man on MMO-Champion.

What about changes to the page ? There will ofc be a design update, to problaly get the site in a more curse like feel. But he says that the core design of the page will remain untouched.

Premium ? Yeah, ofc there will be some premium. Curse are a business that make money. But he promises that, whats free now, will be free when premium comes. Its the ekstra's that are gonna come, that will cost.
If it stays at that its okay with me.

He also mentions that he will get some upgrade tools to post news and such. Which will give him more time to post news, and dont use time on techsupport. Which is a win for us, more news to feed our hunger.

So all in all, I dont think there is anything to worry about. Besides what he gonna use the money to, he have earned on the sale. 80 million unique page views a month aint cheap.....
Congrats, Boubouille well done. I'm looking forward to see more news from you in the future.
Links to the two sites, MMO-Champion and Curse-Gaming.

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