May 30, 2009

Assembly of Iron Video

Just finished my latest video from ulduar. Assembly of Iron, the video is a full lenght video of the fight on heroic (Normal mode). The fights tactics is explained in the video as well. Spiced up with some music, from "A state of Trance".

Hope you enjoy the video and you can use the information as well.

May 27, 2009

Avoidance tank gear list

This is a list I have been looking to make for myself on the first tank set I would like to gather. I have only so far looked at 25 man Ulduar loot, no hardmodes. But as im missing a few pieces, hands and neck. And I have some spot to think about which piece I would like the most. This is still a work in progress. I will come back to this as soon as I have had time to look on 10 man loot as well. And take a look at Rawr and play with some gear setup there.

Lets call this an indication of where im heading.

Loot from 25 man Ulduar. No hardmode loot.

Head : Conqueror's Aegis Faceguard / Helm of the Faceless
Neck :
Shoulders : Shoulderplates of the Deconstructor
Back: Cloak of the Makers
Chest : Conqueror's Aegis Breastplate
Bracers : Mimiron's Inferno Couplings
Hands :
Belt : Indestructible Plate Girdle
Legs : Saronite Plated Legguards / Conqueror's Aegis Legguards
Feet : Charred Saronite Greaves
Ring 1 : Platinum Band of the Aesir
Ring 2 : Fate's Clutch
Trinket 1 : Heart of Iron
Trinket 2 : The General's Heart
Libram : Libram of the Sacred Shield
Weapon : Titanguard
Shield : Northern Barrier

May 25, 2009

Dualspecc in general, worth it ?

Is Prot/Holy worthless ? Is the only option to have dps as one of the speccs ? Or is even that also just cosmetic, another way to use your money on ?
It has now been in the game for some time. And we have had some time to think of its uses. Do we use it ? Lets start by seeing in the different zones we can use it in.

When we look at raids, I have a hard time seeing some dualspeccs, come to use. I have been running myself with a Ret/Prot build. And I can surely see its use here. As there is many encounters that needs a different tank count. And having a extra dps, when you only need 2 of the maybe 3 tanks you have in your raid squad. Can mean a really big different on some encounters in the end. If not all, just make the farm runs more fast and smooth. Of course the paladin need to have good gear in both speccs, to be really worth it.

On progress im not sure, as its very unlikely that you have 2 sets of pro gear there, and most play there main specc best, and maybe need a little more training to be on the edge of your game in your offspec.

What about a prot/holy specc. I don’t think this is a viable specc. Why ? When do you have a tank to much and then need a extra healer. You normally have what you need. So an extra is very rarely needed. A healer can go dps if there is to many healers, same with a tank. I just don’t see the holy/prot dualspecc have its shiny moments.

Judgement, yes I believe its worth it. Unless its Prot/Holy.

Solo play
It can be usefull in raids, but its not mandatory if you ask me. I actually think it shines the most in solo play. Even more if you main specc is prot or holy. Who haven’t been frustrated by doing daily’s as holy. Did anyone say bore the mobs to death. Prot is better, but still no match for popping a Ret build, and nuke em down.

Judgement, very good and makes the daily play a lot more enjoyable for the holy and prot players.

Now im not a big 5 man instance player and im pugging even less. Could it have its use there. I sure think it could. To make it all a lot more easy when you need to get a group going. But what about loot then, may you as a dualspecc tank, roll on dps loot for you offspec ? You must make it clear from the start, and I guess it could give a lot of bad speech by some players. But as sayd, I don’t have the big experience in this. Im sure some of my readers have more on this topic.

What do you think, have the dualspecc shined for you ? Have you been using it a lot ?

May 19, 2009

Guide concept

When I look for guides for bosses on the net, I like to have em visulized. My preferred form is a video with voice over, which explains the tactics. That’s what fit my learning the best. They are the best for me, to get a general overview of a fight. What do they miss ? Mostly they miss the fight from all aspects, its normally only from one role in the raid. Healer, dps or tank. Which normally leave out questions for the other roles. Lastly they don’t have all the “boring” info with em. The specific debuffs and a full blown description on what they do. As that is better suited for a written guide. Which I normally look for after I have seen some video’s.

There I came up with a new project for me. I do make video’s, I do write guides and I do raids. So why not make a guide format. Firstly a written guide, the guide should be made in this format. First a general explanation of the fight, the overall picture.

Then have the guide divided into three sections, healing, dps and tank. In each section have an explanation on what you should specifically be aware of to max out your role. That should be supported by a video showing the key things to handle as that role.

Lastly a full video, which main purpose is to show the different things (phase’s) and the like in the fight. The fight in the overall picture if you may. Or maybe this should be in the start to give you the overview from the start.
Requirements, a whole lot of info about the fight. The best is for me to have played all parts in a fight. (Long live the paladin, which can make this possible. But where is the triple specc blizzard.) I also need video from all 3 roles. This will problaly be the hardest part. Will problaly have to team up with someone here to help support me. There is problaly a lot out there, that could help. But I have to see if I can get one from the guild. As I need to have video from one who use the same tactic as me. Or the whole guide will get a bit out of sync.
It will ofc not be first of some boss guide. As they will take a good deal of time to make. But hopefully some will find em usefull anyway. Im not in a hardcore guild, so our tactic’s will problaly be usefull for guilds which still is gearing up in Naxxramas. So when they are ready to take on ulduar, my guides have a change to be done…

What do you think ? Does it sound like a good idea, or is a written guide or video in its pure form better ? Am I the only one who wants both, and then why not make em be in the same place completing each other ?

May 18, 2009

New Paladin Ohh, shit button.....

Sometimes there comes a few interesting tips from the dear official forums. Sometimes they are very informative like this one.

But sometimes they form themselves in a bit more serious matter. Many paladins have been calling for another ohh shit button, besides bubble wall. They want a last stand kind of ability, to help in some of the bosses where they could be usefull. Especially in learning encounters, abilities like that is a pure win.

And then it was I came across this one.

So i'm asking, can Paladins expect a panic button like Last stand, Vampirir Blood, and Survival Instincts in the future?
Answer from Ghostcrawler :
We're not going to give paladins a warmed over version of Last Stand. We do recognize that they need another cooldown. Our plan is for something slightly different.


Whats that gonna be will be interesting to say. As I know play a paladin tank, I will not say that we are in any way screwed when it comes to tanking. We are infact very strong if you ask me. But ofc new utility to the table is never bad. So you wont be hearing me complaning.

P.S. Thorim is a huge sucker, but he will go down soon... ;) (And damn thats a fun fight being tank in the arena. Bring on some more adds.)

May 14, 2009

Change of specc and the life in Azeroth

I will start this blog, like many others before me have done. Im still here and loads have happend since last time.

Change of Specc
Yeah, after 1 year as melee dps, I missed to tank. I Tanked most of TBC, and actually really enjoyed it. I left the tank scene because I had a hard time keeping up gearwise (Timewise), with the guild I was in back then. Alot have changed since then, I have got myself a new home. Epiphany.
As this guild have a whole different view on the raiding scene, I can with alot less time used. Still be an asset to the guild when we raid 25 man. And im not talking about being carried with em.. :)
So after some talks with the officers and the tanks, I have changed main specc to Protection. So im still on my paladin, but back as tank. First time as a paladin tank though. And damn I enjoy it. I have already been main tanking some of the bosses in 25 man Ulduar, most in Naxx 25 and loads of thrash and adds. Amazing to be back. So Impadin is now impadin the tank, but ofc with Retribution as my offspec.

Ulduar and progress
We raid 3 nights a week in 25 man content. And all nights are being used in Ulduar. We are not going after any hardmode bosses yet, we are trying to see as many of the bosses in there go down first. And we are doing pretty good if you ask me. Got two new bosses down last reset. Freya and Hodir. Still missing to see Thorim, Mimiron, the general and Yogg go down. And ofc at some point see Algalon in action.
In 10 man our guild, have all but Yogg down. I myself still need to see mimiron, general and Yogg go down.
So all in all epiphany is doing pretty good, im very satisfied that we can come this far, with the attitude we have towards IRL > WoW.

Ulduar videos
I have so far made two video's of our Ulduar kills. Razorscale and Ignis. And more will come, thats a promise. For the lazy ones I will hotlink em right into this post for you.

All Paladin
As some of you know, which reads this blog from time to time. I also use my energy on a new blog I host togheter with a guild friend, mordèth. We are slowly adding new content on the page. We focus atm on boss guides, as we kill em in epiphany. If you havent yet, go tjeck out the blog. All Paladin

I will be back before you know it with more from Impadins travels and adventures in the wide world of warcraft.