May 14, 2009

Change of specc and the life in Azeroth

I will start this blog, like many others before me have done. Im still here and loads have happend since last time.

Change of Specc
Yeah, after 1 year as melee dps, I missed to tank. I Tanked most of TBC, and actually really enjoyed it. I left the tank scene because I had a hard time keeping up gearwise (Timewise), with the guild I was in back then. Alot have changed since then, I have got myself a new home. Epiphany.
As this guild have a whole different view on the raiding scene, I can with alot less time used. Still be an asset to the guild when we raid 25 man. And im not talking about being carried with em.. :)
So after some talks with the officers and the tanks, I have changed main specc to Protection. So im still on my paladin, but back as tank. First time as a paladin tank though. And damn I enjoy it. I have already been main tanking some of the bosses in 25 man Ulduar, most in Naxx 25 and loads of thrash and adds. Amazing to be back. So Impadin is now impadin the tank, but ofc with Retribution as my offspec.

Ulduar and progress
We raid 3 nights a week in 25 man content. And all nights are being used in Ulduar. We are not going after any hardmode bosses yet, we are trying to see as many of the bosses in there go down first. And we are doing pretty good if you ask me. Got two new bosses down last reset. Freya and Hodir. Still missing to see Thorim, Mimiron, the general and Yogg go down. And ofc at some point see Algalon in action.
In 10 man our guild, have all but Yogg down. I myself still need to see mimiron, general and Yogg go down.
So all in all epiphany is doing pretty good, im very satisfied that we can come this far, with the attitude we have towards IRL > WoW.

Ulduar videos
I have so far made two video's of our Ulduar kills. Razorscale and Ignis. And more will come, thats a promise. For the lazy ones I will hotlink em right into this post for you.

All Paladin
As some of you know, which reads this blog from time to time. I also use my energy on a new blog I host togheter with a guild friend, mordèth. We are slowly adding new content on the page. We focus atm on boss guides, as we kill em in epiphany. If you havent yet, go tjeck out the blog. All Paladin

I will be back before you know it with more from Impadins travels and adventures in the wide world of warcraft.


  1. oh snap my bad. i thought you closed this down and moved to All Paladin. glad to hear you're having fun and progressing.

  2. Was unsure if I would keep this on or not. So you doubt was ok... :)

    But I have choosen to stay All paladin as a serious site if you can say that. With guides and stuff like that. This will be the way it has been before hand. Every stuff, guides and observations... :)


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