April 23, 2009

Update your blogroll

In the last week, me and a fellow guild member have launched a project togheter. We both blog he about tanking, me about retribution. And a great deal of other things regarding our beloved class paladins.
The project is a new blog, with me and him as a blogging team. Why you might say. Its done to hightend the quality of my and his blog. To give the visitors more good content. The blog will be with focus on world of warcraft from a paladin perspective. As we play as retribution and protection, that is ofcourse of highest knowledge area. But there will be alot more than that. And who knows maybe there will come a holy paladin into the team as well, and blog about that aspect with indeepth knowledge.

There will also be guides on bosses, as we kill em in ulduar. Im very excited about this project, and it is there I will lay my time. Im not sure yet if im gonna keep this blog running as well or not. Time will tell. My energy in the near future will be on the new blog. I hope you will follow me there, and continue to enjoy what I write about. Ok, enough talk lets get a link. The new blog is named - All Paladin, looking forward to see you on the site.


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  1. have fun with the project! looking forward to it.


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