April 21, 2009

Ulduar Tactics

A bit of progress and tactic news. Taken down 4 bosses in Ulduar 25 man now. Levitant, Razorscale, De-constructor and Kologarn. (Kologarn amazing fight btw.)

Quiet a nice progress for us as a guild, as we are a casual guild, with no hardcore tendencies. So all in all a great first week. Our Razorscale and De-constructor kills, even netted us the following achivements.

As we aint as hardcore as alot of the guilds, which has more or less cleared the place. Or atleast have a player base, which may be abit up the ladder in gear and the like. Our tactics we use, may be a bit different from some of the ones on the net. They are tweaked to fit into our style and gear level.
One of the raid leaders from my guild and a awesome tank and friend, Mordeth. Has put up a blog, where he write the tactics up. Its a great read, I can highly recommend you to tjeck it out.
It will also to be found on the right side of my blog, just under usefull reading.

I will soon start recording our kills in there, hopefully already from next week. And I will add links to the videos on that blog as well. (he just dont know it yet.. :))
They will ofcourse also be found with links from this side.
So you can read and see how we do it.

Good luck in Ulduar all. Let the retribution dps shine in glory.

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  1. grats on the kills mang!
    hope you guys have fun progressing.


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