April 19, 2009

Retribution Manual

I have started on my personal Retribution Manual. I will add information, when ever I feel I have gathered more info that is needed to play and gear your retribution paladin to max out your dps.

So far it contains stats, build, ability use and glyph choice.

I would love feedback on it so far, and more things you think there is missing in it.

You can find the link to the manual in the right side menu, at all times.
Here is a link as well - Retribution manual.


  1. nice. i'm still stuck in the 3.09 way of doing things. starting off with CS and gemming for HR still feels unnatural for me. like wearing my boxers backwards or something.

  2. I feel the same. I have done one thing which have helped me. Simply replaced the CS with my judgement key. Then as im used hammering my old judgement key, I fire off CS instead. Trick on your mind, works... :)


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