December 23, 2009

The year 09 in wow

I have no idea if any visit this blog anymore. Well, I dont blame you, I have not been writing here since a very little post, 28. October.

But its close to christmas, time of miracles. So here is a post more... :)
Its close to the end of the year, and as many of the regular blog readers know already there is a meme out there. Dealing with the year and how its been. I have tagged myself, as its get around the different topics to take up, when a year is ending.

1. What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before?
I have for the first time, been on the edge of the content. I have downed close to every single boss in the game, before the next tier have been released. Which I must admit have been awesome. Ofc it has something to do with blizzards way of making the content, a bit easyer than before. Only thing I have yet to see drop down is Algalon. Rest have been takend down before a new instance have been released. I hope that I can continue like that in ICC and Cataclysm.
2. What was your favorite new place that you visited?
ICC is looking very promising and I predict that it will be my favorite place in the whole expansion. But as it is not out yet, all of it. I will place it on a current 2nd place.
My favorite place have to be Ulduar. The instance reminds me of instances like Black Tempel. Big places lots of bosses, great looks and very different bosses. I love it, and still like to come back and clear it. And Yogg, that is so far the best encounter in this expansion, if you ask me. I like the chaos, all the stuff happening and best of it all, when you enter the portals. One word, amazing.
3. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
Raid content in a bit more streamlined manner. I still think that ToC was nothing than a filler raid instance. Trying to fill a cap, which was way to big. More in a more timelined manner, thats about it. I really like the quests, the zones, the raid instances (minus TOC) and what else the expansion have had to offer.
4. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
There have been many heights in this expansion for me, but there is one that stands out. Togheter with my guild Epiphany, when we took down Sath3D 10 man. (Pre 3.1 ofc.) We used 3-4 nights of pure wiping before we had perfected our strategy, and it finally went down. I even get goose-spoons just typing this. That was my Ragnaros moment of WOTLK. Tnx blizzard and my fellow players that took it down with me. That was a true team effort.
5. What was your biggest failure?
My biggest failure is actually very recently. A few weeks back I decided to follow alot of the ppl I have played with since end of Vanilla wow to a new server. Burning Blade.
I blindly followed em, before seeing how the server was. What a mistake. The server is pverpopulated with Cz/Sk players. As I like to pug quiet a few raids during a reset, I rely a bit on the ppl on the server. Problem is with this server that these cz/sk ppl, make cz/sk only raids. And thats about it, for pug raids on the server. Pretty sucky to say it the least.
On top of that alot of the ppl, I moved to play with, have not be online much or at all.
So im left with my main on a server I dont wanna be on, and left a good guild behind in the process.
6. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
I must admit I have been really excited about my main class, Paladin. It have been an amazing expansion for the class. We are a very solid dps class now, and we are one of the best tanks as well. (Thats my 2 speccs.) And it seems that holy paladins are doing very well as well. So all in all and very good expansion for us. And as I love the class very much and have done that since I started playing 5 years ago, that has been a blast for me.
Recently the LFG system, have got me up in the sky. I must say I think it work great, it work great for me when I tank. And work also amazing for my alts, dps'ers mostly to gear up in. I have done nummerous runs so far, and have had 1-3 bad runs. And I think im on the other side of 50+ runs about now. So damn good work there blizzard.
7. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Server transfer, even though I have only done it once, that was 1 to many.... :)
8. What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?
I follow loads of blogs, but I have 2 which have a very special place in my heart. The one should not be a surprise to ppl who have read this blog before. Its ofc Jong's Ret paladin blog. And the other is a blog which never have bad content, a protection paladin, Mister Rhidach.
I dont listen to podcast's, but I have actually been following a videocast on youtube since it came out. And thats the one made by Lore from, he is a bit weird but I like what he have to say nevertheless.
9. Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009.
"The grass is not greener on the other side", value what you have. Even though it may look greener on the other side, dont count on it. Have some kind of information to make your decision about.

And remember World Of Warcraft is a GAME, a game should be entertaining and fun. And you should have fun playing it, its not a job. But a game. Remember that.

October 28, 2009

Why oh why ???

Lay on Hands can no
longer be cast on yourself.

Short quote from the newly released Patch notes on the PTR. I love this spell, I use it for so many things. And it is one of our only buttons we can choose the use of, when we want. A key we can use when we self think it is the best. Welcome to one less button to push..... sigh...

I dont want to say more. Besides im sad, a sad sad panda..... /Cry

October 23, 2009

2 guys 40% dmg in Toc 10 man

Ran a Toc 10 normal pug last night, actually my first pug to that place. I remember it to be so much harder.

They where looking for one last dps, which I responded to. When I came into the group, it showed they had wiped on the Beast's already and was recovering from the ppl who left. So I was not thrilled by the look of it, but hey might as well give it a shot.

We took on the beast's, and it went well. A few deaths, but down they went. Same with the rest of the instance, no wipes.... Woot... Not a awfull pug.
Now to the fun part, when I looked at the damage meter after the run I saw that a fury warrior, Lunatick and me had made 40% of the overall damage during the run. Wtf... ! 2 ppl doing almost half the damage, of all the dps. What did the rest do ?

Well, one thing is sure, they got all the loot. As me and the warrior got, hold on to your hat. 1 piece of loot, I got the plate legs from Anub. Rest did go to the other dps. Ohh, well they sure needed it... hehe...

But nevermind that, it was a fun run. And one of the only times I have made Toc10 as dps, usually I have been tank in there. Nice change.

September 29, 2009

Aion... and ohh yeah more achivements done.

I dont know if the title tells you anything. But it actually do between the lines. Im back from vacation, back into wow.... and well got some more achivements down. 5-6 in Ulduar 10 hardmodes and a few more. I have not tryed Onyxia yet, but what matters the most. I was raiding last night, and most of the time I was bored. I had my mind set somewhere else, a place where I had used most of the day already. A place where I logged out minutes before raid time, because I had signed for the nights raid. Not because I wanted.

Yeah, you problaly have guessed it already. That place was a game called, Aion. I found out when I was in France that the game had released. So when I got back home, I went online bought it and started to download it. First time I logged into the game, and selected a server. I was meet with a queue screen on 2 hours and 40 minutes. Long time since I have seen one of those. Despite seeing that a few times since as well, I am eager to get into the queue, to be able to join my characters in the world.

I was very sceptic in the start, another MMO, another one in the thrash after a week. But this dosent seem to be one of them, I have not had this feeling since I started on wow 5 years ago. I feel drawn to the game, I feel drawn to the story, the places. I feel drawn to the nice fighting system. I really enjoy playing the game. I have not played long, and ofc the endgame question is lurky somewhere in the future. But to be honest, I dont care atm. I just use all my energy to enjoy the trip I have become a part of. The journey into the unknown, into the well made world of Aion.

So far I have only explorer the class warrior, which you get to choose a path on, on level 10. I have choosen the Templar way. Or in wow terms the tank way. I have made it to level 11 so far.
Im planning to atleast try the Ranger class before moving on, to see which I will make the long journey with to start with. I have ofc been reading alot on the interweb about it, and it seems like at around level 15, the real fun begins. With grouping to kill elite's and bosses in open area's. Yeap you read right, no instance. Open world with great mobs you need a group to conquer, Im really looking forward to that. Seems very appealing to me, and a good change from the wow instances.

As you may can feel. Im very excited about Aion now. If I will in the future, time will tell. But I think I may have a game I will and want to play in the future.

If any wonder im playing Elyos on the Castor server. Impadin is my templars name... :) The ranger will problaly be named Neldon. (My first wow char ever was named Neldon, a dwarf hunter... hehe )

September 20, 2009


Its time for me to get on a plane and head to paris, and hang out with mickey and his gang. Yeap, im going on a trip to disneyland with my family.
Will be gone in a weeks time, so when I get back I will have a damn hectic time getting the brewfest achivement done... hehe....
Ohh, well. Im really looking forward to some time off work and all. See you when I get back.

September 17, 2009

Retribution smashed Koloran

I was a trip into Vault of Archavon today. Just a pug visit, to see if I would be lucky to get a bit of loot. We dont have VoA on the raidplanner as a guild event. Sometimes we get a bunch togheter and fill the rest with randoms. But its different from week to week.
Back to the story, we buffed up and made us ready to face Koloran as the first competant. Here is how it went dps wise :

5448,8 dps, as the most done damage dealer.
I got fight to the end by the DeathKnight, but good use of cooldowns, I pulled ahead.

Im pretty pleased with that, considering my gear. Still wielding a good deal of Naxx items, Betrayer, 2xTier 7.5 and other items. But after some time being dps under the new rules of Retribution (Patch 3.2), im getting the hang of it. How to maintain my stacks up and so. Kologan is a pretty straight forward fight, I admit that. Only thing that should hold you away from full stacks from start to end, would be if you position yourself very badly and some fire comes. But if you do that, you know what to work on.
Only small advice I can give is, pop wings as soon as you get the 5 stacks on him. So you are able to use it again with a Heroism (If you get that in a pug) or when you get to use your hammer. (Sub 30%)
And than follow the priority system. CS > Seal > HS >conc > Exo.
And ofc have loads of fun when doing it, with a warface on.

September 15, 2009

Pandaren Monk

A new pet will see the light in 3.2.2. No one knows where it will drop yet, but its damn cool and cute.

Let me bring one of those to my collection.

September 14, 2009

Meeting a God

My guild had a new addition today. We have that from time to time, as we are a casual guild, in that way that we allow IRL to have priority over ingame time. Also when you are of the rank raider. Ohh, well back on track.
A new member, but this one, was for me a little different. His name is Joesentme. That name is for me not just another character, problaly not the only one who feels that on my realm Trollbane.
Lets get a bit back in time, Vanilla wow. I had dinged 60, 1 month ago or so. And I started to figure out there was something beyond, 5 man instances. And the great UBRS.
There was places like Onyxia and Molten Core. Places where only the best of the best could enter. They needed to make an army to conquer big monsters, which in return gave em very good items. (Epic)
I started to notice people like those dwell in Ironforge, before they again would venture into the unknown. One of em was a priest named, Joesentme.
As time passed and I slowly started to raid, they was still in the top of the server. Killing even harder monsters, in even harder instances. My drive was to become like them once. They where like gods.
Time passed and the big event “Opening of the AQ gates” was upon us. I had read on the official forum, that the top guilds of the server was working togheter on an truly epic quest chain to open, the gates for the rest of the server. Ofcourse Joesentme, had a big role in it all. Offcourse he had, he was like god. He was also the person to collect the, one of each realm title, The scarab lord. And the permanent mount from AQ. Lets just say that didn’t make him less of a god to me.
Time have passed since then, I have become a lot closer to my former gods. (Thanks to myself and blizzards approach to endgame.) But they have still been ahead.

Today when I logged online, I saw a message in guild chat.

[Guild]Joesentme : How about the registration ? (I cant rmb the excact phrase, but that have nothing to do with the point… :) )

I had to look one more time, Joesentme. Writing in my guild chat. That had to be a mistake. I was like WTF !!??!!!!
It shows he have joined our guild yesterday, he would like to steam off some. And thought that our guild had the right approach to IRL and wow for him.
I have now figured out that his name is Chris, and he have kids and a wife. Just like me. He aint a god. Just a regular guy like me.

Welcome to the guild, Chris.

(Don’t tell him, but im not sure I can help not being a little fanboy. Even though he is in my guild now…. :) )

September 11, 2009

Return as tank, 3 bosses down in heroic

Last night I had my first serious look at ToC10, and my very first time in ToC as tank. Yeap, I got myself in a group as tank. Its not my main specc, but I problaly still have better tank gear than my retribution gear. (Working on it… )
But used the day to get me some knowledge of the fights as tank and feelt ready for the task. I was with a group where the majority had been in Heroic 10 man last week. And a good deal of em have been the core of one of our 10 man ulduar hardmode groups. So I knew that I had to bring my game, to not let em down.
We offcourse started the night with clearing 10 man normal mode, which was a good introduction for me. We didn’t have much hassle on those. So lets not use more time on that. Lets focus on the real fun part, 10 man heroic. As that was exactly what it was, it was damn fun.

Beast’s of Northrend
Starting the night with the Beast’s of Northrend. I must admit that I did not get a A+ on that one. I was to slow to tank switch in the start. Due to a few things. As all know communication between the tanks is important, and we didn’t have it in the start me and my fellow tank Acöma. But with the help of macro, Ventrilo and me getting into the tank role again we got it covered.

Lets look at the fight a bit more in deepth. I will try to point out the crucial tasks and what I did. On the first beast the switch after 3 stacks of impale, is crucial. Get it right and the fight is home as tank. We had a few unlucky combo’s on the healers, with a “snowbold” and fire at the same time. But tank switch, crucial. The impale is a lot stronger in heroic, so that have to work good.

Next up is the two Jormungars, take one each and tank your heart out. Its important to max your tps, I used wings in the start. As the timer is sharp, and you need to burn em down quickly.
Acöma died just before they went underground the first time, but I managed to pick em both up when they came back up. One of em died fast and then we just burnt the last one down.

The last beast…. Well, if you come to him with Jormungars death, you have a win. I cant see how you can fail here, if you just move out when he charges.

Now the fun really began. This one needed max dps when portals and volcanos erupted. They have buffed the time between mistresses spawn out of the portals. So it needed full focus, from the dps to burn em down as quick as possible. Use all the dps you have when they spawn.
I was add tank, so I had to control the mistresses and pick up elementals when there came a volcano. Not an easy task, but damn challenging. I loved it.

As add tank, make sure when there is about to pop a portal. To have all your abilities off cooldown. As you really need to threat to the max. As the melee dps’ing the portals have to go all out. So there agro towards the mistress is high. Believe I had our dear warrior, Caird, die to that account a few times. Sorry, Caird.
I ran to the portal, and waited for the mistress to spawn. (Have health bars shown over the mobs heads, V on the keyboard. As you see the healthbar before the mob itself.) Target it and do a full rotation twice, but start with a taunt. She then jumps a player, use that time to run to the boss. (As you then max out the dps which hits multiple targets, mistress and boss at the same time.) Fire off a shield when she is at range. As there is still players building agro on her. When she came close I fired of another taunt, and used my rotation till she was down.
Next up was the volcanos. Your dps should be able to burn down the volcano, before more than 3 adds spawn. They come one at a time, you can follow the ball in the air before it lands. Be at the spot when it lands, and fire off a few abilities. Then the next one come, rinse repeat. Do that with all 3. Now try to move out of the way of your raid members. They will one by one charge one of your members. Just let it do it. It will charge em, stand and do some aoe. And then return to you. (If your initial agro was high enough.) If you see it run in another direction, use taunt. After some tries, you will see how they work. And nail em down.
You have your part covered, rest is up to the dps to burn the different things down and healers to keep you alive. But its key you keep mistress from melee and elementals from ranged. Or you will pretty sure have some death dps. Don’t blame em for too high dps, as that is needed on this fight. Blame yourself for to low threat and get back on the horse.

Faction Champions
Well, I think this is highly dependant on which setup you get. We got one where, we started with the resto druid, and then worked onto the enchanment shaman. I will not go into this, more than use all your cc. And nuke your heart out. And ofc all in dps specc and gear.
All I can say here is, it seems like this fights difficulty is very random… ;)
Last week the group got both a resto druid and a resto shaman. They did more than 1,5 million dps on one of em, but he was healed for 1,8 million. Go, go pew pew.

We got these 3, 10 man heroic bosses down last night. And have 25 try’s left. That could have been better, but we got one more boss down than last week. And after our last try of the night, 1 single Twin try. Im sure that will go down as well. Question is how many attempts we will have left for Anub. I guess around 15, but lets see.
But I liked it, the coloseum is a walkover on normal, but I really think it shines on heroic. And the number of attempts, is a cool twist to it all. Good work blizzard.

September 10, 2009

Two Jormungars and Orbit-uary

Trial of the Crusader 25 man normal
Last night was a new reset and a new night for some raiding with me and epiphany. We started out with ToTC 25 normal, The beast are a walkover so not much to come for there.
Then the two Jormungars entered, we started on dps'ing the grownded one as we always do. And then after the first switch dps the other down, when that is grownded. Last night we had a lucky punch, without going for it. We killed em very close to each other, which nettet us another achivement.

Pretty nice. Considering we wasent even aiming for it.

Next up was Jaxx, I dont know why but it always seems like people are not keeping an eye of there surroundings. There is always a good deal of people dying here. But we got it down, even though we was hardly any melee left. Think we was 3 melee up when the fight was over.

Next up Faction Champions, 1 wipe. We took the wrong one to start with, next go they where down. Not much to say to em, its an all out nuke fest. Where everyone cc a bit randomly through out the fight.

Twins was up next, we also took those down 1st try. Not hardly a challenge, if people just pick the right colors... :)

Then it was time for the last boss in the instance, I had not seen that fight before. So was thrilled with the entrance of LichKing, and his devastation of the Arena. Actually a pretty nice fight, good positioning and awareness + target switchning. Even though I failed to reach the ice in time, when the spikes was after me... :(
We was 2 guys down, me and Tittertot, at the end. But down he was, another 1st try. So I got myself another achivement there.

Was pretty nice to see us already run through this instance so fast.We used around 1 hour time to clear it on, in 25 man normal. Not to bad. As we had good time left on the timer, it was decided that we should head to Ulduar to see at some more hardmodes there.

Last week, we got Levi down with 2 towers. This week the aim was to go all the way, 4 towers.
I was once again passenger in a Demolisher, so my main task was to pile Pyrite for my driver. Shoot down more Pyrite and be ready with a speed boost, if we was targetted. Fun task, where you need to time your refill of pyrite, and be aware if there is any in close range or you need to seek more in the sky. And ofcourse also see if he is targeting you next. (I also used the rockets on Levi as much as I could, when I had the other things under control.)
My driver was once again Neamek, a paladin from my guild. And I must say our teamwork, went very well. We was stacking pyrite like there was no tomorrow, and we had a good grip of being in range of more pyrite when needed.
We had many try's on this bastard, getting closer and closer. In the end he had to see himself conquered. So another blink on the screen came up, for all of us.

Very well done all. Many was not thinking to highly of this fight. But I actually liked it, much more than a normal clear of him. It was fun, had alot to control and a good challenge. I actually think Blizzard have made a nice hardmode here, which also is very different than normal mode.

We continued to XT to see if we could get him down once again in hardmode. Getting into hardmode was no biggy. But we failed him anyway. It seemed like there was alot of people not paying enough attention, when they had gravity or lightbomb. Which lead to us not taking him down once more, but ended the night with no more kills. A bit disapointing.

But I guess looking back at the night, it overall was a good night. Im looking forward to tonight, where the scene, is coloseum 10 man normal/heroic. Im set to be going in as off-tank/dps, so gonna be my first time tanking in there. But I have watched all the tankspot video's and read up on it, so im confident it will turn out positive. Gonna be good fun.

Whats up with all the axe's ?

Why is there so many Axe's in this game, when we look at the BiS from the different tiers. It may be super nice for the greenskins, but I am not one of those. Im a noble human, born to wield swords and huge ass maces. Im not the only one going with thoughts like this, Rexkicker is as well. Am I all wrong in this, or have I something valid ? Lets try to break em down a bit.

Tier 7
10 man - Death's Bite - Axe
25 man -Betrayer of humanity - Axe

Tier 8

25 man - Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion - Sword

Tier 9
10 man - Reckoning - Sword
25 man - Justicebringer - Axe

Tier 10
We havent got much info on this yet, but one thing we know is there is coming a new legendary. And guess what that is ?

So to round it all up, thats a 4/7 to axe's BiS in there tier. Bit of a shame, as there is only 1 race that racely benefit from it. 2 races benefit from maces and 1 from swords. But im not making the game, but would be nice to tip em in another way than the axe way.....

September 9, 2009

My latest creation...

Gotta love that phrase, made well known by Mimiron in Ulduar. But this time it aint him who is speaking out, its me Impadin. And my latest creation, Jeeves. (Well, also made a Wormhole device, but Jeeves just is an awesome sight.)

Here is a small video I made, just for him. (Ok, and a few other tinker items.) Gotta love Enginering. And you can look how cool I look, with my new hair. Im sure Jong would be proud of me.

And btw the last post I wrote was post count = 100. Yah, me. I will do my best to keep em coming.

Edit - Not quiet sure whats happening with this post, cant get the comment part to be active.

September 7, 2009

Ulduar Heroic Hardmodes, take 1

Ulduar heroic hardmodes
Last night we finally ventured into ulduar 25, with the purpose of doing hardmodes. It was meant to have been done last wednesday, but we used that instead to do ToTC25 normal and get some try's on 25 Heroic. But last night was the night to get into hardmodes in ulduar 25. We started soft with doing Flame Levitant with 2 towers up. Hodir and Freya's towers was the ones to keep up. I was riding as side kick on a demolisher, but not as one to be thrown. Only if one of the 4 assigned died, I was ready as backup. First try we got it to around 30% or so. Alot had never seen this besides on normal mode, including myself, so that was a bit of a "get a feel for the fight" try.
Next try we got into the vehicels and got ready for another try, same setup as last run. I keept loading my driver with Pyronite, so he could keep his fire'ing going. After the first breakdown one of the melee guys died. So I prepared to be launched as the 4th man, worked like a charm. One more lockdown and he was already at around 25% or so. The kill was in the bag, down with two towers on second try. I now wish we had taken one or 2 more. I guess thats next time around.
Giving me my first 25 man hardmode achivement in Ulduar.

Next target XT hardmode
Next one we had in mind for the night was XT hardmode. Its a pretty simple hardmode actually. When you get the first heart phase, you forget about adds, and just full nuke the heart down. When the heart is down, he enters hardmode. He gains full health again, he will not spawn more adds, so finish off the ones you should have up. The gravity bombs, now leaves a void zone where it blow up. Not much more hassle. Lightbombs, do more damage and when detonated, they leave a spark. That spark need to be nuked down by ranged dps. Thats more or less it, there is more damage takend from tantrums and boss as well.
As a melee dps, its not much different, just nuke and move out when getting lightbomb or gravity bomb. Simple. Atleast for us.. :)
I think we had 3 or 4 try's and we had that in the bag as well. I ended as 5th on the damage meter, think it was around 5,5K dps. I have some way to get really fire deadly again. But Impadin, the ret havok machine is back. Nicely execution.

Iron council, in a diverse order
Now it got more exciting, as this fight changes a good deal when you start to shuffle the takedown order. Our goal was to take steelbreaker down as the last, thats the real hardmode for this encounter. When you do it like this, steelbreaker kills your tank every 25 seconds with a deadly blow. So you have to tank rotate and res tanks to get him down. We took Molgeim down as the first boss, by doing that Brundir gets a little ekstra trick up his sleave. He randomly gives a raid member a debuff, which deals damage to you and the ones around you. So you have to move out, heal it through and get back into the fight. It seemed like quiet a few of our members had a problem here. And I think I know why, DBM marked the person with the debuff, but your screen didnt flash or anything. So you had to watch closely if you got the debuff or not. I simply think that as long as people dont hear the sound and there screen flash red, they think all is ok. (I didnt see it fast at the first debuff I got either, but with a bit of attention it was easy to spot and move out. And we also got through that phase a few times. But the last phase smashed our tanks big time. We had a bit of bad luck with a tank switch and "Big smash ability from Steelbreaker", so two tanks died almost instantly.
Unfortnaly we didnt got more than 3-4 try's before the O-Team decided to do it semi hardmode. Thats where you kill Molgeim as the last instead. So the order was Steelbreaker - Brundir - Molgeim. Change is that Molgeim in his last and 3rd phase, now also open a portal from time to time. Out of the portal spawns little elementals, which sets a target. If they reach there target they explode and deals, AOE damage. Lets just say we did chrash and burn on the first try. Second try we used a frost mage to slow down the mobs spawning from portals, and it was a take down.
By doing it this way, we dont get any hardmode loot. We just get the disc which start the quest chain for Algalon. But another kill was in the bag.

Last hour of the night
We then cleared Kologarn and the cat lady, and moved on to Hodir for more hardmode time. And we have a long way to get that down. Most of the people in the raid, did not make the dps needed to fry this bastard in hardmode. So after some try's we called it a night. But it was a nice taste of what we have in the future to conquer. Im excited and hopefully alot of the other epiphany members is as well.
Im atleast looking forward to more runs in ulduar in the coming weeks.

September 4, 2009

Whats cooking ?!?

Yeah, whats cooking in here ? Way to much work and way to little wow to be honest. But fear not I have off course played some since I have been writing in here last. So what have I been up to.

Mage and AV
Thats the 1 thing I have been splitting my time on lately. I have a mage which was 74, halfway to 75. When I decided to try a bit of Pvp. He is ofc frost for leveling purpose, but damn I love it in PvP as well. Kiting the melee mindless around 2+ levels higher than me, just chewing there health down is so much fun.
But damn the xp gain in Alterac Valley is good. You get 20K XP, from Galv and Drek kills. You get 20K XP for each tower you burn down. And you get some from just kills and I think you get some bonus as well along the way. Not quiet sure where they come from. Yeap, a quick calculations, bring it to 100K XP, for a win with all towers down in AV. And that happens alot in my Battlegroup for alliance. So it more or less 100K XP in like 10 minutes time or less. Now thats not a bad leveling curve. Did I mention im halfway to 77 now... ;)

Paladin comeback
Next competitor for my time has been my paladin. Yeap, you heard it right my paladin. I missed him, so have been playing some daily heroics on him. Done VoA with the new boss, got t8.5 legs for my Retribution gear and close to getting the head piece as well. And I like it... :)
I have had loads of fun on him once again, maybe the DK break have worked ? I have been both dps'ing and tanking with him. And have been loads of fun both of em.
Maybe I will make Jong happy and make a retribution comeback ? Time will tell.

Faction change
I have long been wanting to play some horde again. I like the horde side, even though I have played alliance for the last years. But I havent had the time or energy to make a new horde char and play. Faction change have made that possible. Im cooking on some plans to faction change my leveling mage to the undead side. Undead mages are cool. We are actually discussing which server we could transfer a char to in the guild forum. Just for kicks, but to have the change to play on horde side for the fun of it with friends.
Any of you thinking the same ? You have a good idea for a server ?

Damn, that got a bit longer than expected. Need to get back to work... :S But lets see if I can bring some more wow to my machine in the weekend to come.

August 28, 2009

Blogroll wipe, now is your time

Hmm, by some accident I have wiped out my blogroll. Which is a damn shame, as that was more or less my pointer on blogs I should read during my day.

Ohh, well. Was getting a bit messy, so maybe it was for the better to wipe it and start all over.
So now is your time to make a reply on this thread, and tell me why I should read your blog on a daily basis. There is no real limit on what it must be about. If I find it entertaining, fun or informative, im in.

So start the reply's. I will in the meanwhile start my hunt for the adresses for the blogs I must have on the blogroll.

August 27, 2009

Brand new weapon that may suck ?!?

We had another wednesday coming our way. And a new boss in the Coliseum to look at and faceroll. Like we have did with the others the last couple of weeks. This night it was the Twin Val'kyr's, or also known as Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane. I must admit I had not read anything about this boss, or seen any video. It was a whole new experience for me this boss. Our RL went through some tactics short, which I must admit I didnt understand alot of. But in they came, and we got em down 20% or so when we wiped. But enough to ppl got the hang of the fight, as we got em down in 2nd try, very easily.

Ohh, well that was not the highlight of the night. Or maybe it was. On the 2nd boss in there, Lord Jaraxxus, a weapon dropped. This is the piece, Lionhead Slasher.
Nice I thought, a good sub to my current offhand, Peacekeeper blade. Or atleast I thought. I know that you should go after a slow weapon, but it was a good deal higher in dps, so my initial thought was it would become an upgrade. But it didnt give me a huge upgrade in dps, it gave some or atleast so it seemed. But curious of others opinion, I asked the question on EJ forum's.

Here is the response.

You could probably switch to an unholy DW build for the time being since you have a nice offhand like that or even one of the other unholy DW builds that doesn't require a slow MH. It's a great weapon to have but you just have to decide on whether you'd like to switch up your spec to really use the weapon effectively.

Not only slow ulduar weapons would be an upgrade. That weapon is about as good as a slow blue reptuation weapon (like [Reaper of Dark Souls]) . If i remember correctly from my deduction a few posts back going from 2.6 speed to 1.5 speed is only worth it if the faster weapon has about 60 DPS more. That means that Lionhead Slasher is upgraded by anything from naxx and beyond with a speed of 2.6 and slower.

Something to think about. What I have done for now is get my dualspecc as a dual unholy build, to try it out. Atleast untill I get my hands on a new weapon again, a slow one.
Here is the build im trying out, Build. Lets see how it all turns out. I have only done a few Target dummy test's, the first was in my Frost DW build. Made 2669 DPS, afterwards I took the Unholy build for a spin. There I ended on 2710 DPS. It was a very short time, so the test aint very accurate, gonna have to test it in live raid action to see how it goes.

Any have any pointers here ?

August 25, 2009

Test of the new build and glyph selection

If you have read my previously post, you would see I have been tweaking a bit on specc and glyphs. Did it work. Yes it did.
I was 2nd dps overall last night in Ulduar. Doing Yoggy, razor and ignis. We even got the speedkill on Ignis 25 man. So dps not just for me, but overall was good.

First time I have been melee dps on Yogg, hell even first time I get him down. But the portal phase, where you get in, hear is kick ass voice and bam monsters and brain like you mean it. Is one of the coolest thing I have been active in this game so far. Really took me by suprise. Damn that was neat.

As all first kills should give a nice screenshot of me infront of the downed baddie... :)

Yeah, I know she is kick ass to look at. Hot mama, I bet she is even so hot as Jong, would date her if she was horde...

August 24, 2009

Deathknight specc, glyph and rotation.

I have been intense playing my deathknight for some time now. So its time to uncover my specc, glyph setting and rotation. Or not rotation as I dont use any, I prioritize my abilities.

Lets start with the specc, I roll as a Frost Deathknight. Dual wielding what I can come across. My specc look like this. Link

You are also able to see my glyph selection there.

Is this the specc im going to continue using ? Yes, it is. I have recently changed to using 2 points in Subversion in the blood tree. Had those in Blood-caked blade in the unholy tree. But its seems better to me, to use em the other way around. 2 reasons for that. I had an agro problem, mostly on thrash or low geared tanks, but it was a annoying issue. A bit less threat from my side works better for me. And the gain in Runic power, to spam more Frost strike suit my playstyle more.

About the glyphs, im gonna make a change to those as well. I will change the Major - Diseases to Howling Blast. And the Minor Blood tap one to Horn of Winter.
Why I will make these changes I will come to in the rotation section, just down under.

Rotation or lack off
Hmm, no rotation, you must be a moron. Nahh, I just dont like to be narrowed down to a set order. Im sure there could be one for Frost dual, but I dont like it. I like to be able to adjust in combat, especially as melee. It may take longer to master then, but its well worth it in the end I think.

Here is what I have been using up to now.
Diseases up > Obliterate > Frost strike > Bloodstrike
Thats the simply main abilities we have. I have then used Pestilence to keep the diseases up, and spread em out for more damage if there has been multiple mobs. When I get a Killing machine proc, togheter with a Rime proc. I fire off a Howling blast. (And look at the numbers on multiple targets.. :) )
Thats how I have been rolling for now. But I will change that a little bit.
I will use the Howling blast glyph, and use that to get icy touch on the target and the plague strike afterwards to get that on as well. And keep using that to re-apply diseases. Why the change ? I think that it will give more damage, as Pestilence is a zero dmg ability, but by using this 2 to re-apply I will get damage as well. Taking a zero damage ability out of use. It will be a bit more adjustment while playing as, I may fire off a howling blast when KM and Rime procs, so the diseases get out of sync, but it should be manageble.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Before my last 2 upgrades. T7.5 shoulders upgraded with Shoulderplates of the Eternal.
And Death-Inured Sabatons upgraded with Boots of the underdweller. I got a 4,7K dps on general Vejax.
Lets see if I can improve that, with my new gear and small changes to glyph, specc and ability use.

Im all ears for your experience with this.

August 20, 2009

Progress and gear upgrades

A few updates.

I was thrown into a Ulduar 10 man hardmode run, they had just owned Vejax hardmode. And was going for a Razorscale kill to get the achivement, Iron dwarf, medium rare. But as we thought they would just die when they got the breath, and not had to be nuke down to low health first, we failed on it. As it was getting late, we just took her down.

We proceeded to Ignis, to get the speed kill achivement. Stokin´the furnace. That one we nailed first try, no problem there.

I also visited the Coloseum last night, 25 man. My first visit in there. The first boss we took down first try, pretty much a walkover. Next boss we had one wipe, next was a kill. I had a good deal of problems seeing anything in that encounter. Way to much shit, spell and all. Turned spell settings down to be able to see more clear.... :)
As this was wednesday, there was a new boss in the arena. The 3rd boss in there, Faction Champions. Its a load of the opposite faction mobs. We had 1 warrior, DK, shaman, 2xDruids, rogue, Shadow Priest, hunter and a paladin. (I think that was what we had.)
The fight is a PvP fight, with that I mean there is no tanking. Pure nukeage and crowd control, interrupts and the like. Its pretty chaos, untill you find a way to nuke em down, one at a time. I think we had 3 goes and down it went.
We started with the shaman, went to the resto druid, and then more or less took the dps classes down one at a time. I think 3rd last we took the paladin down, as that was the last healer.

I have had gotten me some very nice upgrades, im only trinkets, back and feets away from epic now. So my damage have gone up as well. I pump out around 3K in HC's now. And 4K in 25 man pug's. This picture here from recount is from the Ignis speedkill. As you can see I took it to 4K on him in a 10 man. Which im pretty pleased with.

I have used 1xAledar's Battlestar and 1xIronforge Smasher. As I have had no luck with getting a second battlestar to drop. Today the Peacekeeper blade dropped. And as we didnt have any tank who needed it, I took it. And as far as I can see so far its actually a dps increase above the Smasher. Im looking forward to test it some more.

Thats it for now. Have fun untill we talk again.

August 12, 2009

Deathknight got 80 and beyond

Another week has passed and more play on the deathknight have been done. I have actually not logged onto my paladin to play, since last I wrote.
And I must admit that I enjoy playing the deathknight more and more. Paladin dps is pretty straight forward, its hard to do something wrong. Smash the buttons and do good. There is not much that divide the good from the not so good. Except gear and a few tricks, like timing cd's and the like.
As a deathknight it just feels alot more complex. Yes, ofcourse its all pretty new. But there is a bit more to focus on. Runes and rune power is already more to counter for, and on top of that I have the procs to watch. And lastly the rotation/prioritizing of abilities just seems more strict. I really seems like that this class, can seperate the good from the not so good. Which is a thing I like. Then you are able to judge if you can master a class or not.

I dinged 80, 5 days ago. And have already imo picked up some nice pieces. But ofc there is still a long way to go. I started to get very lucky and net me this new axe from ToC HC, Edge of Ruin. So I started out with a Unholy build. But after reading more up on the class, it dosent seem to be a very good choice, endgame wise.
So as my idea have been to go Dual Frost since, I read up on early things of PTR 3.2. Even though my intention was to stay 2H, untill I had gathered 2 good 1 handers. I took the bull by the horns last night and bought dualspecc. And made me a Dual frost build. To get some weapons, I visited the Ebon blade Quartermaster and bought me 2xReaper of Dark Souls.
I jumped right into it, in a HC VH run. And in all honesty it didnt go to well, 1,4K dps. I thought that cant be right, and it couldnt.
On my way on my griff back to a Nexus HC, just afterwards. I turned my head to the forums for a rotation/prio system of some sort. And just there I could see my prio had been all wrong. In the nexus run, I got it up to 2,3-2,5K dps. Not to shabby for a second run, in a new specc. With what I would call sub pair weapons to the one I used in Unholy. The unholy build got me around 2,5K dps as well.

So im pretty sure that the dual wield frost specc is a keeper. And the specc I will play under. As it's, as a sidebonus major fun to play. It feels like good old Vanilla wow fury warriors. And yes I loved those.

So to sum it all up. I went from 80, to get exalted with Ebon blade. Get t8.5 chest and the Conquest emblem hands. And after minimal testing to 2,5K dps in frost dual specc. In just around 5 days. I must admit im pretty satisfied with that.

My next goal is more gear, more knowledge and practice in dual frost. And a full member ship in the guild im currently initiate in. Its a guild called Raven, a pure danish guild.

Wish me luck... :) And see you out there on the DK dps'ing fields.

August 7, 2009

Deathknight leveling as blood

To get a little insight in what im currently doing online, I bring you some DeathKnight things. As yes, I am playing a Deathknight ingame atm. It started out as a side project, as I didnt have much time online and just wanted some new to play for short periods of time.

But damn I like it, I have always been a sucker for melee classes. But this one have some nice tweaks and then the combat system seems rather complex. Atleast compared to a paladin. So I have been leveling a Deathknight, and last night I brought her into the last level. Around 1400K xp and its home. I bring my level 80 count up to 4 characters.
This is going to be my main from now on, so I will fully focus on gearing her up to be able to perfom in endgame. Which lucky for me has become so much easyer in 3.2.

As my server is rather busy at the endgame, there arent much activity in the leveling up content. So I have leveled it up as Blood. A bit less damage then unholy, but I can solo most group quest's and higher level mobs without any help. Which have helped me alot.
I just want to give you the pointers I have used during my level up. Where have I put those glory points in the talent tree. Here is a break down.

First off, I have actually put some talents into unholy, to get my disease duration up and to get some faster movement during leveling.

First 17 points goes to unholy

Next up I have gone to blood to get more damage and survibility and ofc to get HeartStrike.

Here is the next 41 points

Lastly I have chosen to get some from the frost tree. To again get more damage and a bit more survibility.

Here is how its gonna look at Level 79

It may look a bit spread out, but it has really worked very well for me. No downtime at all, solo most quest and mobs. And a pretty good damage to get mobs down fast. The different instance runs I have been in, I have been able to keep up in most cases. Even with the unholy deathknights.

Reason why I just pointed out the talents to 79, is because I dont see it as an endgame build. If you want to finish off your questing at 80, put the last point in Annihilation and continue like you have done leveling. But as I want to get right into getting gear upgrades from instances and later raids. Im gonna go for a more damage build with less survibility. My plan i Dualwield Frost, as that seems to be a good choice here in 3.2.

I will get back with my level 80 build, when I have it figured all out. Untill then, keep strong and give em all purepain.

August 5, 2009

WoWathon a new phenomenon

WoWathon, what the hell is that. Some one running a marathon, while playing wow. Or just some mindless youngsters, using all there time playing. Well, yeah in some way. But its a good cause.
Its 3 players, 2 characters which need to get there ass to level 80. They have embedded video on there page, so you can follow em when they play. Why do I write about that, problaly many do this. Yeah, maybe. But these guys have set up a donation on there page as well, a donation which goes to the program, Childs Play!. Childs play is a organisation which grant money to children laying in the hospital.
Ok, 3 guys playing wow should that be able to get any money in. Yeap, atm there are at 5,520$. There goal is 10,000$ for now.

What a great idea, I /salute you. Good idea, and great work. Keep ideas like this rolling.

July 8, 2009

Josh RIP

Who cares if MJ have passed away ? Today I have read that my alltime favourit blog writer have bitten the dust. IRL workload from a promotion, has made him pull the plug. Grtz with the promotion, m8.

You will be missed in the blogging community.

Josh RIP.

You have made me laugh nummerous times, I was always looking forward if I saw my blogroll was updated with a new post from you.

I will link to one of the post, that made me laugh like hell. Pure master piece. I realise how old the post actually is, but still all fresh in my memory. How to impress chicks.

I will rmb you with honor, and bring out my battle cry, when ever I dps on my paladin. "Long Life, Josh. The lightbringer of purple dresses." (Will miss you m8, take care.)

June 12, 2009

Mood of the day

Wow is going is walk, as it have since Wrath. Nothing major excited to report. Changes are mehh, and the game is a more or less boring route towards loot and new loot.

But im ok with that.. :) Atleast for now.

This is my mood of the day.....

June 8, 2009

In memory Retribution - Trailer

As some of you know im a big fan of machinima movies using the wow universe. Necka from Millenium, have a new one cooking. A new one, which seems to blow us away ones more. I will let the trailer speak for it self. Enjoy.

General Vejax next in line

What a great morning to wake up. Sun is shining, and got my head loaded with not one but 2 first kills last night.
This aint any world first kills, like ensidia is pulling on with Algalon. But it sure is, nice to get some first kills anyway. My guild and I, have had a bit of a set back the last few weeks. First night is all good, alot of sign ups. And then the next 2 days, lacking sign up's, as the "farm" bosses is down. Well, this is how it swings for most I guess, and ofc the weather is a factor to count as well. You all know how silly boys get when the girls start to drop the clothes in the sun.

Back on topic. Last night, our 2nd raid night this reset. We had a good signup, I was a little late, but got an invite as soon as I logged on. Bringing the grp to 25 man. They had takend the thrash pre Thorim and was rdy to pull when I arrived. And on we went, we took the hug approach this time around. My first time on that tactic. I was assigned to the arena to take care of all the "small" adds. My partner in crime, was one of our prot warriors, Acoma. He was to handle the big guys. The arena went amazingly well, we had no problem holding the hordes of mobs to us, and the dps did and amazing job killing, like there was no tomorrow.
The Gaunlet was a bit shacky, they wiped the first 2 try's. We didnt have any mage in the party, so they did not have any sheep. Which we have used the other nights we have been here. Suddenly Prudence, one of our mages logged on, he replaced a hunter and onwards we went again. 3rd try of the night. Arena was cake as it had been the try's before as well. Gauntlet was working, 1 mini boss down, 2nd mini boss down.

All of a sudden Thorim was entering the arena. Me, acoma and Trucken was switching between him. And the dps got a hang of ligtning and such fast. And boom!, down he went. Not a perfect kill, but over half the raid alive. A new kill was added to the chart.

Our next goal was Mimiron. I had only seen the fight once on 10 man, with no kill. But that was a long time ago. We got through the thrash pretty fast, with no wipes. And got onboard the train. A few casualties on the way out of the train, and ofc some on the bombs. Frogger is just so populair in Blizz games.. ;)
Over half the raid, had never seen Mimiron before and maybe had no idea about the tactics as well. We had some talk on Vent, and then dicided to see how the fight looked for people to get a sense of it all.
First try we got the sucker to phase 4. Woot!!!! That was pretty amazing, it kind of made us believe in it all. We had I think 4-5 more try's. Where we had him to phase 3 a couple of times. The time was closing in on us. But we was determind to atleast make use of the time we had.
We got in buffed up, and started the fight again. For the first time in the night, we made it to phase 2, with no deaths. Phase 2 had, been the hardest phase for us to conquer so far. Phase 2 down, no deaths. Yeap, we had it in the bag. Phase 3 down, phase 4 coming. And with most of the raid alive, we finished him off in great style. One amazing kill to get on my paladin. It feelt really good.

Tonight, I hope we can get another raid togheter and have a look at General Vejax. My first time to see him ingame. I have high hopes. Bring it on.... :)

June 2, 2009

Guide mania

Over at my sister site, All Paladin. My fellow blogger Mordéth have been a busy man. Togheter with my guild, he have conqured some of the 10 man hardmodes the ulduar instance has to offer.

That have ended out in good nights and loot, but not least guides for you to read. These are ofc up on, All paladin, for all of you to soak in and enjoy. So far we have 12 guides to Ulduar up there.

The latest additions is the hardmode ones, here is a list of what Mordéth have putted up.

Flame Leviathan - 1 tower
XT-002 Deconstructor
Iron Council - Steelbreaker last
Freya - 2 adds up

Now I just need to get my ass togheter and start attending these hardmode runs. Have had my focus on getting my tank gear up to shape. But I believe im about to be there. Netting 2 8.5 pieces now, head and breast. 2 7.5 pieces. Gloves and shoulders. And rest Ulduar, naxx 25 or valor badge gear.

So should be rdy to put on my war face, and start getting endless streams off punches on me. Being showered in busses, have never been boring... ;)

May 30, 2009

Assembly of Iron Video

Just finished my latest video from ulduar. Assembly of Iron, the video is a full lenght video of the fight on heroic (Normal mode). The fights tactics is explained in the video as well. Spiced up with some music, from "A state of Trance".

Hope you enjoy the video and you can use the information as well.

May 27, 2009

Avoidance tank gear list

This is a list I have been looking to make for myself on the first tank set I would like to gather. I have only so far looked at 25 man Ulduar loot, no hardmodes. But as im missing a few pieces, hands and neck. And I have some spot to think about which piece I would like the most. This is still a work in progress. I will come back to this as soon as I have had time to look on 10 man loot as well. And take a look at Rawr and play with some gear setup there.

Lets call this an indication of where im heading.

Loot from 25 man Ulduar. No hardmode loot.

Head : Conqueror's Aegis Faceguard / Helm of the Faceless
Neck :
Shoulders : Shoulderplates of the Deconstructor
Back: Cloak of the Makers
Chest : Conqueror's Aegis Breastplate
Bracers : Mimiron's Inferno Couplings
Hands :
Belt : Indestructible Plate Girdle
Legs : Saronite Plated Legguards / Conqueror's Aegis Legguards
Feet : Charred Saronite Greaves
Ring 1 : Platinum Band of the Aesir
Ring 2 : Fate's Clutch
Trinket 1 : Heart of Iron
Trinket 2 : The General's Heart
Libram : Libram of the Sacred Shield
Weapon : Titanguard
Shield : Northern Barrier

May 25, 2009

Dualspecc in general, worth it ?

Is Prot/Holy worthless ? Is the only option to have dps as one of the speccs ? Or is even that also just cosmetic, another way to use your money on ?
It has now been in the game for some time. And we have had some time to think of its uses. Do we use it ? Lets start by seeing in the different zones we can use it in.

When we look at raids, I have a hard time seeing some dualspeccs, come to use. I have been running myself with a Ret/Prot build. And I can surely see its use here. As there is many encounters that needs a different tank count. And having a extra dps, when you only need 2 of the maybe 3 tanks you have in your raid squad. Can mean a really big different on some encounters in the end. If not all, just make the farm runs more fast and smooth. Of course the paladin need to have good gear in both speccs, to be really worth it.

On progress im not sure, as its very unlikely that you have 2 sets of pro gear there, and most play there main specc best, and maybe need a little more training to be on the edge of your game in your offspec.

What about a prot/holy specc. I don’t think this is a viable specc. Why ? When do you have a tank to much and then need a extra healer. You normally have what you need. So an extra is very rarely needed. A healer can go dps if there is to many healers, same with a tank. I just don’t see the holy/prot dualspecc have its shiny moments.

Judgement, yes I believe its worth it. Unless its Prot/Holy.

Solo play
It can be usefull in raids, but its not mandatory if you ask me. I actually think it shines the most in solo play. Even more if you main specc is prot or holy. Who haven’t been frustrated by doing daily’s as holy. Did anyone say bore the mobs to death. Prot is better, but still no match for popping a Ret build, and nuke em down.

Judgement, very good and makes the daily play a lot more enjoyable for the holy and prot players.

Now im not a big 5 man instance player and im pugging even less. Could it have its use there. I sure think it could. To make it all a lot more easy when you need to get a group going. But what about loot then, may you as a dualspecc tank, roll on dps loot for you offspec ? You must make it clear from the start, and I guess it could give a lot of bad speech by some players. But as sayd, I don’t have the big experience in this. Im sure some of my readers have more on this topic.

What do you think, have the dualspecc shined for you ? Have you been using it a lot ?

May 19, 2009

Guide concept

When I look for guides for bosses on the net, I like to have em visulized. My preferred form is a video with voice over, which explains the tactics. That’s what fit my learning the best. They are the best for me, to get a general overview of a fight. What do they miss ? Mostly they miss the fight from all aspects, its normally only from one role in the raid. Healer, dps or tank. Which normally leave out questions for the other roles. Lastly they don’t have all the “boring” info with em. The specific debuffs and a full blown description on what they do. As that is better suited for a written guide. Which I normally look for after I have seen some video’s.

There I came up with a new project for me. I do make video’s, I do write guides and I do raids. So why not make a guide format. Firstly a written guide, the guide should be made in this format. First a general explanation of the fight, the overall picture.

Then have the guide divided into three sections, healing, dps and tank. In each section have an explanation on what you should specifically be aware of to max out your role. That should be supported by a video showing the key things to handle as that role.

Lastly a full video, which main purpose is to show the different things (phase’s) and the like in the fight. The fight in the overall picture if you may. Or maybe this should be in the start to give you the overview from the start.
Requirements, a whole lot of info about the fight. The best is for me to have played all parts in a fight. (Long live the paladin, which can make this possible. But where is the triple specc blizzard.) I also need video from all 3 roles. This will problaly be the hardest part. Will problaly have to team up with someone here to help support me. There is problaly a lot out there, that could help. But I have to see if I can get one from the guild. As I need to have video from one who use the same tactic as me. Or the whole guide will get a bit out of sync.
It will ofc not be first of some boss guide. As they will take a good deal of time to make. But hopefully some will find em usefull anyway. Im not in a hardcore guild, so our tactic’s will problaly be usefull for guilds which still is gearing up in Naxxramas. So when they are ready to take on ulduar, my guides have a change to be done…

What do you think ? Does it sound like a good idea, or is a written guide or video in its pure form better ? Am I the only one who wants both, and then why not make em be in the same place completing each other ?

May 18, 2009

New Paladin Ohh, shit button.....

Sometimes there comes a few interesting tips from the dear official forums. Sometimes they are very informative like this one.

But sometimes they form themselves in a bit more serious matter. Many paladins have been calling for another ohh shit button, besides bubble wall. They want a last stand kind of ability, to help in some of the bosses where they could be usefull. Especially in learning encounters, abilities like that is a pure win.

And then it was I came across this one.

So i'm asking, can Paladins expect a panic button like Last stand, Vampirir Blood, and Survival Instincts in the future?
Answer from Ghostcrawler :
We're not going to give paladins a warmed over version of Last Stand. We do recognize that they need another cooldown. Our plan is for something slightly different.


Whats that gonna be will be interesting to say. As I know play a paladin tank, I will not say that we are in any way screwed when it comes to tanking. We are infact very strong if you ask me. But ofc new utility to the table is never bad. So you wont be hearing me complaning.

P.S. Thorim is a huge sucker, but he will go down soon... ;) (And damn thats a fun fight being tank in the arena. Bring on some more adds.)

May 14, 2009

Change of specc and the life in Azeroth

I will start this blog, like many others before me have done. Im still here and loads have happend since last time.

Change of Specc
Yeah, after 1 year as melee dps, I missed to tank. I Tanked most of TBC, and actually really enjoyed it. I left the tank scene because I had a hard time keeping up gearwise (Timewise), with the guild I was in back then. Alot have changed since then, I have got myself a new home. Epiphany.
As this guild have a whole different view on the raiding scene, I can with alot less time used. Still be an asset to the guild when we raid 25 man. And im not talking about being carried with em.. :)
So after some talks with the officers and the tanks, I have changed main specc to Protection. So im still on my paladin, but back as tank. First time as a paladin tank though. And damn I enjoy it. I have already been main tanking some of the bosses in 25 man Ulduar, most in Naxx 25 and loads of thrash and adds. Amazing to be back. So Impadin is now impadin the tank, but ofc with Retribution as my offspec.

Ulduar and progress
We raid 3 nights a week in 25 man content. And all nights are being used in Ulduar. We are not going after any hardmode bosses yet, we are trying to see as many of the bosses in there go down first. And we are doing pretty good if you ask me. Got two new bosses down last reset. Freya and Hodir. Still missing to see Thorim, Mimiron, the general and Yogg go down. And ofc at some point see Algalon in action.
In 10 man our guild, have all but Yogg down. I myself still need to see mimiron, general and Yogg go down.
So all in all epiphany is doing pretty good, im very satisfied that we can come this far, with the attitude we have towards IRL > WoW.

Ulduar videos
I have so far made two video's of our Ulduar kills. Razorscale and Ignis. And more will come, thats a promise. For the lazy ones I will hotlink em right into this post for you.

All Paladin
As some of you know, which reads this blog from time to time. I also use my energy on a new blog I host togheter with a guild friend, mordèth. We are slowly adding new content on the page. We focus atm on boss guides, as we kill em in epiphany. If you havent yet, go tjeck out the blog. All Paladin

I will be back before you know it with more from Impadins travels and adventures in the wide world of warcraft.

April 23, 2009

Update your blogroll

In the last week, me and a fellow guild member have launched a project togheter. We both blog he about tanking, me about retribution. And a great deal of other things regarding our beloved class paladins.
The project is a new blog, with me and him as a blogging team. Why you might say. Its done to hightend the quality of my and his blog. To give the visitors more good content. The blog will be with focus on world of warcraft from a paladin perspective. As we play as retribution and protection, that is ofcourse of highest knowledge area. But there will be alot more than that. And who knows maybe there will come a holy paladin into the team as well, and blog about that aspect with indeepth knowledge.

There will also be guides on bosses, as we kill em in ulduar. Im very excited about this project, and it is there I will lay my time. Im not sure yet if im gonna keep this blog running as well or not. Time will tell. My energy in the near future will be on the new blog. I hope you will follow me there, and continue to enjoy what I write about. Ok, enough talk lets get a link. The new blog is named - All Paladin, looking forward to see you on the site.


April 21, 2009

Ulduar Tactics

A bit of progress and tactic news. Taken down 4 bosses in Ulduar 25 man now. Levitant, Razorscale, De-constructor and Kologarn. (Kologarn amazing fight btw.)

Quiet a nice progress for us as a guild, as we are a casual guild, with no hardcore tendencies. So all in all a great first week. Our Razorscale and De-constructor kills, even netted us the following achivements.

As we aint as hardcore as alot of the guilds, which has more or less cleared the place. Or atleast have a player base, which may be abit up the ladder in gear and the like. Our tactics we use, may be a bit different from some of the ones on the net. They are tweaked to fit into our style and gear level.
One of the raid leaders from my guild and a awesome tank and friend, Mordeth. Has put up a blog, where he write the tactics up. Its a great read, I can highly recommend you to tjeck it out.
It will also to be found on the right side of my blog, just under usefull reading.

I will soon start recording our kills in there, hopefully already from next week. And I will add links to the videos on that blog as well. (he just dont know it yet.. :))
They will ofcourse also be found with links from this side.
So you can read and see how we do it.

Good luck in Ulduar all. Let the retribution dps shine in glory.

April 20, 2009

Belt of Ownage

I always fail to not search the interwebz for upgrades when new instances comes out. There is still alot of loot not seen and discovered in Ulduar. But there is one item which imo, shines through.

Belt of the Titans

How awesome is this, I will name it Red belt of battle version 2. You can use it to cover a meta gem, or you can pump it up with 3x16 STR gems. Yeap, 3 pieces. How awesome is that.
And then its crafted, so you dont have to wait ages to see it drop. And you see the warriors grab in front of your little child fingers.

Ofcourse it aint gonna be cheap.

10x Titansteel bars
8x Eternal shadows
25x Saronite bars
6x Runed orbs

Whats interesting here is the runed orbs. Its a drop in Ulduar from some of the bosses. And better yet, it can be bought from Emblems of Conquest in Dalaran. And they are BoE, so they will to be found on the Ah as well in due time. But prepare to pay alot for em.

The people which like me are surfing the net for gear upgrades, would maybe raise there hand now and say. There is a better one out there.

Belt of Colossal Rage it may be a bit better on paper, stat by stat. But when you think of the changes to get this over Titans, I vote the upper one. And will use my dkp on other upgrades.
Lastly Colossal rage have hit one it. And atm it seems we will fast be way over hit cap with the Ulduar gear. Another thing that in my book brings the Titans over this one.

Do you like the new upgraded Red belt of battle, I sure do... ;)

April 19, 2009

Retribution Manual

I have started on my personal Retribution Manual. I will add information, when ever I feel I have gathered more info that is needed to play and gear your retribution paladin to max out your dps.

So far it contains stats, build, ability use and glyph choice.

I would love feedback on it so far, and more things you think there is missing in it.

You can find the link to the manual in the right side menu, at all times.
Here is a link as well - Retribution manual.

April 17, 2009

Impressions on 3.1

In short : They have done it again !!

What have they done ? I have been playing whenever I have had the time to do it the last couple of days, since the patch launched. I have had the change to skim the surface on the Tournament in Icecrown. Which seems new and fresh and im sure that I will dig deep into it all when I have the time for it. The first impression for it all is good, and im sure there is a lot of fun to have there. And no one can say that you don’t look awesome with that lance.

But this is minor. Compared to what I have used the most time on. Ulduar. Its so much more than Naxxramas ever was in its remake. I want more. I cant wait to visit it again. Its alot harder than Naxxramas, and hopefully it will get even harder along the way. And its just so much more interesting. I didn’t do Naxxramas in Vanilla wow, so that was also a new instance for me. But this is so much more appealing. The jump in diffucelty seems good, it reminds me a lot of what we encountered in Tier 2 in TBC, The eye and Serpentshine. Seems like a good balance.

I have been in there as 25 man and 10 man. One night each so far. The first event on normal mode, is good fun. Its seem to be more like a gimmick fight already though. As the Flame Leviathan is so easy. I have only been passenger on a demolisher so far. So I have been the one, thrown up on the boss to kill the batteries. Its great fun, but no real challenge. And as we all know easy mode bosses, becomes dull fast. Vehcicles or not.

But then there is all the rest, 13 more bosses. Normal mode and hard mode and loads of challenges in achievements. I have had the pleasure of Razorscale in 25 man the first night. Nice fight, we had to watch and keep the wathchers stunned or there deadly chain lightning, was a real damage dealer. You have to keep in mind not to run to far away from the healer and you need to be rdy to fast switch to the dragon when it get drawn down by the harpoons. And then on top of it all there was a really tight enrage timer. We had our best try on 20% the first night. Well, within our reach. But the encounter is already nerfed (See 15-4-09 changes), less damage from thrash and the enrage timer have got 2 more minutes on it. That was a change which came after our night in there as 25 man. So don’t know how it is now, my guess is we will steamroll right over it. Shame, cant really see why they nerf em already. Way to fast imo. But guess that’s the new blizzard/activision policy.

Last night I ventured in there with a 10 man guild group. Levitant down first try, easy mode. Then we went to razorscale again. Now in his new nerfed mode. We took him down first try. A bit messy at the end, but had a new tank and 1 new healer, which had never seen the fight before. But 1st try he went down.

Then we took the decision to have a look at Ignis the furnace master. Hehe, that was fun. First up he have some pretty interesting thrash, finally some hard thrash again. You cant just gather em and Aoe em down. You need to play to kill em. Brilliant. Especially the Fire elementals, which makes the whirlwind. Took some casualties from us, great fun.
Ignis, hmmm. He is hard. I think we took 10 try’s on him. Getting him to 65% or so at the best try. We had a lot of problems with people dying. When he charged he made 20K hits on our plate weares. Which im not sure is intended. But nevertheless the fight seems very fun, and will be a challenge to master. Im looking forward to see more of him later on.

We decided to go pay XT-002 deconstructor a visit, to see what he was up to. It’s a 2 phase fight. Phase 1, is a tank and spank phase. With him putting different debuffs on players, which have to run out, as they make aoe damage to nearby players. Pretty straightforward. But you still have to pay attention to what happens. Then we have phase 2. He spawns 3 types of adds. Plummer, they need to be picked up by an OT. We did not use more energy on em, just Off tanked. Bombs, which need to be killed by ranged dps. They explode when killed and do aoe damage. Last but not least, we have the scrapbots. Small robots, which if they reach the boss heals him up. Further more, the boss goes into a stun mode and unveils his heart. (Yes, a robot with a heart. Would rather call it a powersource.) You can then dps the heart, and that damage will be taken by the boss when he comes out of stun mode. (Just be aware, if you kill the heart, he will reset and you now have the boss on hardmode. Great way to turn a fight around, good thinking blizz.)
He as Razor have a tight enrage timer, but dps’ing the heart during phase2, helps a lot on that one. After some getting used to the fight, we got him down. This is for me a brilliant fight, very well done and fun in all aspects.
I guess a lot of you are interested in knowing how the dps is, in a retribution point of view. My judgement to it, taking into consideration the small amount of playtime I have had on it yet. Is we are in a good shape, I would stretch it to say, we are in a even better state than pre. 3.1. In my 10 man run, my dps wa s around 3,8K-4K dps. That’s not a bad dps, considering 10 man and on thrash and bosses. I ended the night with a pretty good result. The kill try on the Constructor my recount showed 5,2K dps, and that’s in a 10 man. So I have good hopes for Retribution dps in the future.

That what a bit about what I have seen and experienced in Ulduar so far. When it comes to Retribution in general after 3.1. A lot have changed, a lot. Gearwise, statwise and what abilities to do when and why.
I will try to build a Ret manual for 3.1. Lookout for a link on the sidepanel to the left, anytime soon. It will be a post, that will be upgraded and build upon, when ever I have any usefull information to add to it.

Until then take care and have fun in Ulduar, I know I will…

April 14, 2009

3.1 Retribution specc

Its now official. 3.1 is near. So its time to get the specc sorted. So I dived into the mmo-champion calculator and this is what I came up with.

A 0/17/54 specc, more specific this 3.1 Ret specc

This specc ofc has all the talents that will raise my dmg, and then the rest is put into talents that would lower my downtime on stuns, silences and the like. Thats done with talents like Stoicism, Guardian's Favor and Toughness.

I was lurking on this talent, Aura Mastery. The wowhead dosent seem to be updated on this one. But in the patch notes it says - Aura Mastery: Now grants anyone affected by Concentration Aura immunity from Interrupt and Silence mechanics, and increases the effectiveness of all other auras by 100%. Lasts 10 seconds. 2-minute cooldown.

The interesting part is the bold part. Wonder if thats any good in a dps perspektive. If you stack it with other cooldowns ?

April 13, 2009


No, im not dead.

I have been sick for a long while, which have made my game time low and my time infront of the computer low... :)

I have been playing some Burnout - Paradise city, to blow up some steam. And im actually more and more looking forward to 3.1, with new WoW energi.

And then its my birthday today... :) 29 years.

Happy birthday me... hehe.... Have fun all.

March 30, 2009

Poshspices sexchange

Yeah, you heard it right, the new tabloid headline. Poshspice have had an sex change. The newest within plastic surgery.


Yeah, ok back to reality. Or online reality. I'm a sucker for big shoulders, it has been referede to as the "big-ass" shoulder syndrom. I just like the males models better, because the shoulders and gear in general looks better on em. There for a few nights back, I took the creditcard out of my wallet and changed the sex on my priest, poshspice.

What else, ohh yeah. I turned 80 with it. Yes sir. Took 5,5 levels in 5 days. I was hooked on the leveling process and took it all out. Became 80 in a bit over 8 days, played time on it. Pretty good time if you ask me.
Fun part is, that my achivement sheet, dosent count my first "Badge of heroism". But have a full cleared naxx 25, with some achivements along the way inside as well. Game balance or ?
Also got my first naxx 25 loot last night, a pair of off set shoulders.

I have decided to go Disc with it, actually that has been the idea all along. How is it like ? Its actually pretty fun. And a bit different. I feel I have alot of tools and most important different spells to use. It dosent feel like a 1-2 button spam build. And I had windows of fun, in the well known content last night actually.

I will point one of em out, the best of em. 4 horsemen. A short trip back in time. My first encounter with em, was short after Wrath came out. My paladin was holy and rdy to rock. I was assigned to heal in the back. And damn I sucked. I caused nummerous wipes, because I stacked both debufs back there. I couldnt manage. Failure with a big F.
Back to last night. We entered the room, and it came on Vent. "another healer" and posh to the back, healing the tanks there. Ohh, shit. Here we go again. I was back as paladin healer, crying in the corner. SLAM!!!!, shape up. Just focus. You know the fight now, just do your thing. But im poorly geared and ..... Shut up, focus. You can do it.
Just think of spice, think of her beauty. Make her proud. And off we went. I keept my shields up, when it broke. Penence, flash heal. Move out of the voidzone, look at the stacks. Time to move, shield tank, Prayer of mending when moving. Flash, penence. Are the stacks fine. I keept the focus, used all I have learned in the short 2 days as Disc healer. And my tank survived. The raid succeeded and down they all went. Success and a great fight.

I really enjoyed myself in the new role, and through the night me and a paladin healer, Neamek. Keept the MT up in most fights, just the 2 of us. Which was fun. Im surely gonna play some more on this one, to gear it up. And have it come along on future raids, maybe even Ulduar at some point.

Sidenote, im thinking of letting impadin go holy, for a little while and do some pvp with him. Maybe even some Arena. So if you need a 2vs2 partner and you play on Trollbane EU. Maybe drop me a mail.

Ohh, well time for me to head back to the work. And maybe some more disc healing tonight.

March 27, 2009

Badass warrior trailer

I have been playing a warrior for a long time. Not atm, but back in the old days. So still have a soft side for em. Im not sure, thats even needed to start a new warrior up. This video just make em so smack ass sexy and cool. Do enjoy, and let us have the full version soon.

A warrior movie trailer, which is bad ass....

The movie author is this guy from this blog. Red Eyes Movies