September 17, 2009

Retribution smashed Koloran

I was a trip into Vault of Archavon today. Just a pug visit, to see if I would be lucky to get a bit of loot. We dont have VoA on the raidplanner as a guild event. Sometimes we get a bunch togheter and fill the rest with randoms. But its different from week to week.
Back to the story, we buffed up and made us ready to face Koloran as the first competant. Here is how it went dps wise :

5448,8 dps, as the most done damage dealer.
I got fight to the end by the DeathKnight, but good use of cooldowns, I pulled ahead.

Im pretty pleased with that, considering my gear. Still wielding a good deal of Naxx items, Betrayer, 2xTier 7.5 and other items. But after some time being dps under the new rules of Retribution (Patch 3.2), im getting the hang of it. How to maintain my stacks up and so. Kologan is a pretty straight forward fight, I admit that. Only thing that should hold you away from full stacks from start to end, would be if you position yourself very badly and some fire comes. But if you do that, you know what to work on.
Only small advice I can give is, pop wings as soon as you get the 5 stacks on him. So you are able to use it again with a Heroism (If you get that in a pug) or when you get to use your hammer. (Sub 30%)
And than follow the priority system. CS > Seal > HS >conc > Exo.
And ofc have loads of fun when doing it, with a warface on.

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