September 10, 2009

Whats up with all the axe's ?

Why is there so many Axe's in this game, when we look at the BiS from the different tiers. It may be super nice for the greenskins, but I am not one of those. Im a noble human, born to wield swords and huge ass maces. Im not the only one going with thoughts like this, Rexkicker is as well. Am I all wrong in this, or have I something valid ? Lets try to break em down a bit.

Tier 7
10 man - Death's Bite - Axe
25 man -Betrayer of humanity - Axe

Tier 8

25 man - Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion - Sword

Tier 9
10 man - Reckoning - Sword
25 man - Justicebringer - Axe

Tier 10
We havent got much info on this yet, but one thing we know is there is coming a new legendary. And guess what that is ?

So to round it all up, thats a 4/7 to axe's BiS in there tier. Bit of a shame, as there is only 1 race that racely benefit from it. 2 races benefit from maces and 1 from swords. But im not making the game, but would be nice to tip em in another way than the axe way.....

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