September 14, 2009

Meeting a God

My guild had a new addition today. We have that from time to time, as we are a casual guild, in that way that we allow IRL to have priority over ingame time. Also when you are of the rank raider. Ohh, well back on track.
A new member, but this one, was for me a little different. His name is Joesentme. That name is for me not just another character, problaly not the only one who feels that on my realm Trollbane.
Lets get a bit back in time, Vanilla wow. I had dinged 60, 1 month ago or so. And I started to figure out there was something beyond, 5 man instances. And the great UBRS.
There was places like Onyxia and Molten Core. Places where only the best of the best could enter. They needed to make an army to conquer big monsters, which in return gave em very good items. (Epic)
I started to notice people like those dwell in Ironforge, before they again would venture into the unknown. One of em was a priest named, Joesentme.
As time passed and I slowly started to raid, they was still in the top of the server. Killing even harder monsters, in even harder instances. My drive was to become like them once. They where like gods.
Time passed and the big event “Opening of the AQ gates” was upon us. I had read on the official forum, that the top guilds of the server was working togheter on an truly epic quest chain to open, the gates for the rest of the server. Ofcourse Joesentme, had a big role in it all. Offcourse he had, he was like god. He was also the person to collect the, one of each realm title, The scarab lord. And the permanent mount from AQ. Lets just say that didn’t make him less of a god to me.
Time have passed since then, I have become a lot closer to my former gods. (Thanks to myself and blizzards approach to endgame.) But they have still been ahead.

Today when I logged online, I saw a message in guild chat.

[Guild]Joesentme : How about the registration ? (I cant rmb the excact phrase, but that have nothing to do with the point… :) )

I had to look one more time, Joesentme. Writing in my guild chat. That had to be a mistake. I was like WTF !!??!!!!
It shows he have joined our guild yesterday, he would like to steam off some. And thought that our guild had the right approach to IRL and wow for him.
I have now figured out that his name is Chris, and he have kids and a wife. Just like me. He aint a god. Just a regular guy like me.

Welcome to the guild, Chris.

(Don’t tell him, but im not sure I can help not being a little fanboy. Even though he is in my guild now…. :) )

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