September 29, 2009

Aion... and ohh yeah more achivements done.

I dont know if the title tells you anything. But it actually do between the lines. Im back from vacation, back into wow.... and well got some more achivements down. 5-6 in Ulduar 10 hardmodes and a few more. I have not tryed Onyxia yet, but what matters the most. I was raiding last night, and most of the time I was bored. I had my mind set somewhere else, a place where I had used most of the day already. A place where I logged out minutes before raid time, because I had signed for the nights raid. Not because I wanted.

Yeah, you problaly have guessed it already. That place was a game called, Aion. I found out when I was in France that the game had released. So when I got back home, I went online bought it and started to download it. First time I logged into the game, and selected a server. I was meet with a queue screen on 2 hours and 40 minutes. Long time since I have seen one of those. Despite seeing that a few times since as well, I am eager to get into the queue, to be able to join my characters in the world.

I was very sceptic in the start, another MMO, another one in the thrash after a week. But this dosent seem to be one of them, I have not had this feeling since I started on wow 5 years ago. I feel drawn to the game, I feel drawn to the story, the places. I feel drawn to the nice fighting system. I really enjoy playing the game. I have not played long, and ofc the endgame question is lurky somewhere in the future. But to be honest, I dont care atm. I just use all my energy to enjoy the trip I have become a part of. The journey into the unknown, into the well made world of Aion.

So far I have only explorer the class warrior, which you get to choose a path on, on level 10. I have choosen the Templar way. Or in wow terms the tank way. I have made it to level 11 so far.
Im planning to atleast try the Ranger class before moving on, to see which I will make the long journey with to start with. I have ofc been reading alot on the interweb about it, and it seems like at around level 15, the real fun begins. With grouping to kill elite's and bosses in open area's. Yeap you read right, no instance. Open world with great mobs you need a group to conquer, Im really looking forward to that. Seems very appealing to me, and a good change from the wow instances.

As you may can feel. Im very excited about Aion now. If I will in the future, time will tell. But I think I may have a game I will and want to play in the future.

If any wonder im playing Elyos on the Castor server. Impadin is my templars name... :) The ranger will problaly be named Neldon. (My first wow char ever was named Neldon, a dwarf hunter... hehe )

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