October 23, 2009

2 guys 40% dmg in Toc 10 man

Ran a Toc 10 normal pug last night, actually my first pug to that place. I remember it to be so much harder.

They where looking for one last dps, which I responded to. When I came into the group, it showed they had wiped on the Beast's already and was recovering from the ppl who left. So I was not thrilled by the look of it, but hey might as well give it a shot.

We took on the beast's, and it went well. A few deaths, but down they went. Same with the rest of the instance, no wipes.... Woot... Not a awfull pug.
Now to the fun part, when I looked at the damage meter after the run I saw that a fury warrior, Lunatick and me had made 40% of the overall damage during the run. Wtf... ! 2 ppl doing almost half the damage, of all the dps. What did the rest do ?

Well, one thing is sure, they got all the loot. As me and the warrior got, hold on to your hat. 1 piece of loot, I got the plate legs from Anub. Rest did go to the other dps. Ohh, well they sure needed it... hehe...

But nevermind that, it was a fun run. And one of the only times I have made Toc10 as dps, usually I have been tank in there. Nice change.

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