August 28, 2009

Blogroll wipe, now is your time

Hmm, by some accident I have wiped out my blogroll. Which is a damn shame, as that was more or less my pointer on blogs I should read during my day.

Ohh, well. Was getting a bit messy, so maybe it was for the better to wipe it and start all over.
So now is your time to make a reply on this thread, and tell me why I should read your blog on a daily basis. There is no real limit on what it must be about. If I find it entertaining, fun or informative, im in.

So start the reply's. I will in the meanwhile start my hunt for the adresses for the blogs I must have on the blogroll.

August 27, 2009

Brand new weapon that may suck ?!?

We had another wednesday coming our way. And a new boss in the Coliseum to look at and faceroll. Like we have did with the others the last couple of weeks. This night it was the Twin Val'kyr's, or also known as Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane. I must admit I had not read anything about this boss, or seen any video. It was a whole new experience for me this boss. Our RL went through some tactics short, which I must admit I didnt understand alot of. But in they came, and we got em down 20% or so when we wiped. But enough to ppl got the hang of the fight, as we got em down in 2nd try, very easily.

Ohh, well that was not the highlight of the night. Or maybe it was. On the 2nd boss in there, Lord Jaraxxus, a weapon dropped. This is the piece, Lionhead Slasher.
Nice I thought, a good sub to my current offhand, Peacekeeper blade. Or atleast I thought. I know that you should go after a slow weapon, but it was a good deal higher in dps, so my initial thought was it would become an upgrade. But it didnt give me a huge upgrade in dps, it gave some or atleast so it seemed. But curious of others opinion, I asked the question on EJ forum's.

Here is the response.

You could probably switch to an unholy DW build for the time being since you have a nice offhand like that or even one of the other unholy DW builds that doesn't require a slow MH. It's a great weapon to have but you just have to decide on whether you'd like to switch up your spec to really use the weapon effectively.

Not only slow ulduar weapons would be an upgrade. That weapon is about as good as a slow blue reptuation weapon (like [Reaper of Dark Souls]) . If i remember correctly from my deduction a few posts back going from 2.6 speed to 1.5 speed is only worth it if the faster weapon has about 60 DPS more. That means that Lionhead Slasher is upgraded by anything from naxx and beyond with a speed of 2.6 and slower.

Something to think about. What I have done for now is get my dualspecc as a dual unholy build, to try it out. Atleast untill I get my hands on a new weapon again, a slow one.
Here is the build im trying out, Build. Lets see how it all turns out. I have only done a few Target dummy test's, the first was in my Frost DW build. Made 2669 DPS, afterwards I took the Unholy build for a spin. There I ended on 2710 DPS. It was a very short time, so the test aint very accurate, gonna have to test it in live raid action to see how it goes.

Any have any pointers here ?

August 25, 2009

Test of the new build and glyph selection

If you have read my previously post, you would see I have been tweaking a bit on specc and glyphs. Did it work. Yes it did.
I was 2nd dps overall last night in Ulduar. Doing Yoggy, razor and ignis. We even got the speedkill on Ignis 25 man. So dps not just for me, but overall was good.

First time I have been melee dps on Yogg, hell even first time I get him down. But the portal phase, where you get in, hear is kick ass voice and bam monsters and brain like you mean it. Is one of the coolest thing I have been active in this game so far. Really took me by suprise. Damn that was neat.

As all first kills should give a nice screenshot of me infront of the downed baddie... :)

Yeah, I know she is kick ass to look at. Hot mama, I bet she is even so hot as Jong, would date her if she was horde...

August 24, 2009

Deathknight specc, glyph and rotation.

I have been intense playing my deathknight for some time now. So its time to uncover my specc, glyph setting and rotation. Or not rotation as I dont use any, I prioritize my abilities.

Lets start with the specc, I roll as a Frost Deathknight. Dual wielding what I can come across. My specc look like this. Link

You are also able to see my glyph selection there.

Is this the specc im going to continue using ? Yes, it is. I have recently changed to using 2 points in Subversion in the blood tree. Had those in Blood-caked blade in the unholy tree. But its seems better to me, to use em the other way around. 2 reasons for that. I had an agro problem, mostly on thrash or low geared tanks, but it was a annoying issue. A bit less threat from my side works better for me. And the gain in Runic power, to spam more Frost strike suit my playstyle more.

About the glyphs, im gonna make a change to those as well. I will change the Major - Diseases to Howling Blast. And the Minor Blood tap one to Horn of Winter.
Why I will make these changes I will come to in the rotation section, just down under.

Rotation or lack off
Hmm, no rotation, you must be a moron. Nahh, I just dont like to be narrowed down to a set order. Im sure there could be one for Frost dual, but I dont like it. I like to be able to adjust in combat, especially as melee. It may take longer to master then, but its well worth it in the end I think.

Here is what I have been using up to now.
Diseases up > Obliterate > Frost strike > Bloodstrike
Thats the simply main abilities we have. I have then used Pestilence to keep the diseases up, and spread em out for more damage if there has been multiple mobs. When I get a Killing machine proc, togheter with a Rime proc. I fire off a Howling blast. (And look at the numbers on multiple targets.. :) )
Thats how I have been rolling for now. But I will change that a little bit.
I will use the Howling blast glyph, and use that to get icy touch on the target and the plague strike afterwards to get that on as well. And keep using that to re-apply diseases. Why the change ? I think that it will give more damage, as Pestilence is a zero dmg ability, but by using this 2 to re-apply I will get damage as well. Taking a zero damage ability out of use. It will be a bit more adjustment while playing as, I may fire off a howling blast when KM and Rime procs, so the diseases get out of sync, but it should be manageble.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Before my last 2 upgrades. T7.5 shoulders upgraded with Shoulderplates of the Eternal.
And Death-Inured Sabatons upgraded with Boots of the underdweller. I got a 4,7K dps on general Vejax.
Lets see if I can improve that, with my new gear and small changes to glyph, specc and ability use.

Im all ears for your experience with this.

August 20, 2009

Progress and gear upgrades

A few updates.

I was thrown into a Ulduar 10 man hardmode run, they had just owned Vejax hardmode. And was going for a Razorscale kill to get the achivement, Iron dwarf, medium rare. But as we thought they would just die when they got the breath, and not had to be nuke down to low health first, we failed on it. As it was getting late, we just took her down.

We proceeded to Ignis, to get the speed kill achivement. Stokin´the furnace. That one we nailed first try, no problem there.

I also visited the Coloseum last night, 25 man. My first visit in there. The first boss we took down first try, pretty much a walkover. Next boss we had one wipe, next was a kill. I had a good deal of problems seeing anything in that encounter. Way to much shit, spell and all. Turned spell settings down to be able to see more clear.... :)
As this was wednesday, there was a new boss in the arena. The 3rd boss in there, Faction Champions. Its a load of the opposite faction mobs. We had 1 warrior, DK, shaman, 2xDruids, rogue, Shadow Priest, hunter and a paladin. (I think that was what we had.)
The fight is a PvP fight, with that I mean there is no tanking. Pure nukeage and crowd control, interrupts and the like. Its pretty chaos, untill you find a way to nuke em down, one at a time. I think we had 3 goes and down it went.
We started with the shaman, went to the resto druid, and then more or less took the dps classes down one at a time. I think 3rd last we took the paladin down, as that was the last healer.

I have had gotten me some very nice upgrades, im only trinkets, back and feets away from epic now. So my damage have gone up as well. I pump out around 3K in HC's now. And 4K in 25 man pug's. This picture here from recount is from the Ignis speedkill. As you can see I took it to 4K on him in a 10 man. Which im pretty pleased with.

I have used 1xAledar's Battlestar and 1xIronforge Smasher. As I have had no luck with getting a second battlestar to drop. Today the Peacekeeper blade dropped. And as we didnt have any tank who needed it, I took it. And as far as I can see so far its actually a dps increase above the Smasher. Im looking forward to test it some more.

Thats it for now. Have fun untill we talk again.

August 12, 2009

Deathknight got 80 and beyond

Another week has passed and more play on the deathknight have been done. I have actually not logged onto my paladin to play, since last I wrote.
And I must admit that I enjoy playing the deathknight more and more. Paladin dps is pretty straight forward, its hard to do something wrong. Smash the buttons and do good. There is not much that divide the good from the not so good. Except gear and a few tricks, like timing cd's and the like.
As a deathknight it just feels alot more complex. Yes, ofcourse its all pretty new. But there is a bit more to focus on. Runes and rune power is already more to counter for, and on top of that I have the procs to watch. And lastly the rotation/prioritizing of abilities just seems more strict. I really seems like that this class, can seperate the good from the not so good. Which is a thing I like. Then you are able to judge if you can master a class or not.

I dinged 80, 5 days ago. And have already imo picked up some nice pieces. But ofc there is still a long way to go. I started to get very lucky and net me this new axe from ToC HC, Edge of Ruin. So I started out with a Unholy build. But after reading more up on the class, it dosent seem to be a very good choice, endgame wise.
So as my idea have been to go Dual Frost since, I read up on early things of PTR 3.2. Even though my intention was to stay 2H, untill I had gathered 2 good 1 handers. I took the bull by the horns last night and bought dualspecc. And made me a Dual frost build. To get some weapons, I visited the Ebon blade Quartermaster and bought me 2xReaper of Dark Souls.
I jumped right into it, in a HC VH run. And in all honesty it didnt go to well, 1,4K dps. I thought that cant be right, and it couldnt.
On my way on my griff back to a Nexus HC, just afterwards. I turned my head to the forums for a rotation/prio system of some sort. And just there I could see my prio had been all wrong. In the nexus run, I got it up to 2,3-2,5K dps. Not to shabby for a second run, in a new specc. With what I would call sub pair weapons to the one I used in Unholy. The unholy build got me around 2,5K dps as well.

So im pretty sure that the dual wield frost specc is a keeper. And the specc I will play under. As it's, as a sidebonus major fun to play. It feels like good old Vanilla wow fury warriors. And yes I loved those.

So to sum it all up. I went from 80, to get exalted with Ebon blade. Get t8.5 chest and the Conquest emblem hands. And after minimal testing to 2,5K dps in frost dual specc. In just around 5 days. I must admit im pretty satisfied with that.

My next goal is more gear, more knowledge and practice in dual frost. And a full member ship in the guild im currently initiate in. Its a guild called Raven, a pure danish guild.

Wish me luck... :) And see you out there on the DK dps'ing fields.

August 7, 2009

Deathknight leveling as blood

To get a little insight in what im currently doing online, I bring you some DeathKnight things. As yes, I am playing a Deathknight ingame atm. It started out as a side project, as I didnt have much time online and just wanted some new to play for short periods of time.

But damn I like it, I have always been a sucker for melee classes. But this one have some nice tweaks and then the combat system seems rather complex. Atleast compared to a paladin. So I have been leveling a Deathknight, and last night I brought her into the last level. Around 1400K xp and its home. I bring my level 80 count up to 4 characters.
This is going to be my main from now on, so I will fully focus on gearing her up to be able to perfom in endgame. Which lucky for me has become so much easyer in 3.2.

As my server is rather busy at the endgame, there arent much activity in the leveling up content. So I have leveled it up as Blood. A bit less damage then unholy, but I can solo most group quest's and higher level mobs without any help. Which have helped me alot.
I just want to give you the pointers I have used during my level up. Where have I put those glory points in the talent tree. Here is a break down.

First off, I have actually put some talents into unholy, to get my disease duration up and to get some faster movement during leveling.

First 17 points goes to unholy

Next up I have gone to blood to get more damage and survibility and ofc to get HeartStrike.

Here is the next 41 points

Lastly I have chosen to get some from the frost tree. To again get more damage and a bit more survibility.

Here is how its gonna look at Level 79

It may look a bit spread out, but it has really worked very well for me. No downtime at all, solo most quest and mobs. And a pretty good damage to get mobs down fast. The different instance runs I have been in, I have been able to keep up in most cases. Even with the unholy deathknights.

Reason why I just pointed out the talents to 79, is because I dont see it as an endgame build. If you want to finish off your questing at 80, put the last point in Annihilation and continue like you have done leveling. But as I want to get right into getting gear upgrades from instances and later raids. Im gonna go for a more damage build with less survibility. My plan i Dualwield Frost, as that seems to be a good choice here in 3.2.

I will get back with my level 80 build, when I have it figured all out. Untill then, keep strong and give em all purepain.

August 5, 2009

WoWathon a new phenomenon

WoWathon, what the hell is that. Some one running a marathon, while playing wow. Or just some mindless youngsters, using all there time playing. Well, yeah in some way. But its a good cause.
Its 3 players, 2 characters which need to get there ass to level 80. They have embedded video on there page, so you can follow em when they play. Why do I write about that, problaly many do this. Yeah, maybe. But these guys have set up a donation on there page as well, a donation which goes to the program, Childs Play!. Childs play is a organisation which grant money to children laying in the hospital.
Ok, 3 guys playing wow should that be able to get any money in. Yeap, atm there are at 5,520$. There goal is 10,000$ for now.

What a great idea, I /salute you. Good idea, and great work. Keep ideas like this rolling.