August 25, 2009

Test of the new build and glyph selection

If you have read my previously post, you would see I have been tweaking a bit on specc and glyphs. Did it work. Yes it did.
I was 2nd dps overall last night in Ulduar. Doing Yoggy, razor and ignis. We even got the speedkill on Ignis 25 man. So dps not just for me, but overall was good.

First time I have been melee dps on Yogg, hell even first time I get him down. But the portal phase, where you get in, hear is kick ass voice and bam monsters and brain like you mean it. Is one of the coolest thing I have been active in this game so far. Really took me by suprise. Damn that was neat.

As all first kills should give a nice screenshot of me infront of the downed baddie... :)

Yeah, I know she is kick ass to look at. Hot mama, I bet she is even so hot as Jong, would date her if she was horde...

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  1. Your dk does look pretty sick. Girl night elf dk have the "dark elf" aura like sylvana windrunner.


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