August 12, 2009

Deathknight got 80 and beyond

Another week has passed and more play on the deathknight have been done. I have actually not logged onto my paladin to play, since last I wrote.
And I must admit that I enjoy playing the deathknight more and more. Paladin dps is pretty straight forward, its hard to do something wrong. Smash the buttons and do good. There is not much that divide the good from the not so good. Except gear and a few tricks, like timing cd's and the like.
As a deathknight it just feels alot more complex. Yes, ofcourse its all pretty new. But there is a bit more to focus on. Runes and rune power is already more to counter for, and on top of that I have the procs to watch. And lastly the rotation/prioritizing of abilities just seems more strict. I really seems like that this class, can seperate the good from the not so good. Which is a thing I like. Then you are able to judge if you can master a class or not.

I dinged 80, 5 days ago. And have already imo picked up some nice pieces. But ofc there is still a long way to go. I started to get very lucky and net me this new axe from ToC HC, Edge of Ruin. So I started out with a Unholy build. But after reading more up on the class, it dosent seem to be a very good choice, endgame wise.
So as my idea have been to go Dual Frost since, I read up on early things of PTR 3.2. Even though my intention was to stay 2H, untill I had gathered 2 good 1 handers. I took the bull by the horns last night and bought dualspecc. And made me a Dual frost build. To get some weapons, I visited the Ebon blade Quartermaster and bought me 2xReaper of Dark Souls.
I jumped right into it, in a HC VH run. And in all honesty it didnt go to well, 1,4K dps. I thought that cant be right, and it couldnt.
On my way on my griff back to a Nexus HC, just afterwards. I turned my head to the forums for a rotation/prio system of some sort. And just there I could see my prio had been all wrong. In the nexus run, I got it up to 2,3-2,5K dps. Not to shabby for a second run, in a new specc. With what I would call sub pair weapons to the one I used in Unholy. The unholy build got me around 2,5K dps as well.

So im pretty sure that the dual wield frost specc is a keeper. And the specc I will play under. As it's, as a sidebonus major fun to play. It feels like good old Vanilla wow fury warriors. And yes I loved those.

So to sum it all up. I went from 80, to get exalted with Ebon blade. Get t8.5 chest and the Conquest emblem hands. And after minimal testing to 2,5K dps in frost dual specc. In just around 5 days. I must admit im pretty satisfied with that.

My next goal is more gear, more knowledge and practice in dual frost. And a full member ship in the guild im currently initiate in. Its a guild called Raven, a pure danish guild.

Wish me luck... :) And see you out there on the DK dps'ing fields.

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