August 28, 2009

Blogroll wipe, now is your time

Hmm, by some accident I have wiped out my blogroll. Which is a damn shame, as that was more or less my pointer on blogs I should read during my day.

Ohh, well. Was getting a bit messy, so maybe it was for the better to wipe it and start all over.
So now is your time to make a reply on this thread, and tell me why I should read your blog on a daily basis. There is no real limit on what it must be about. If I find it entertaining, fun or informative, im in.

So start the reply's. I will in the meanwhile start my hunt for the adresses for the blogs I must have on the blogroll.


  1. We'd love to be a part of your um, 'redesigned', blog roll. We've already got you guys on our resources page but it would be nice to have you come to visit from time to time as well! I'm not really the sort to toot my own horn (if I was I would never leave the house) so I can't say why you should read or visit every day but a quick summary of what we do at is as follows: is a group of current and former Wall Street professionals that lend their expertise and experience with high finance to the World of Warcraft economy. Hope to see you guys soon...
    -Jederus, Lead Typing Monkey, WoWenomics


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