August 20, 2009

Progress and gear upgrades

A few updates.

I was thrown into a Ulduar 10 man hardmode run, they had just owned Vejax hardmode. And was going for a Razorscale kill to get the achivement, Iron dwarf, medium rare. But as we thought they would just die when they got the breath, and not had to be nuke down to low health first, we failed on it. As it was getting late, we just took her down.

We proceeded to Ignis, to get the speed kill achivement. Stokin´the furnace. That one we nailed first try, no problem there.

I also visited the Coloseum last night, 25 man. My first visit in there. The first boss we took down first try, pretty much a walkover. Next boss we had one wipe, next was a kill. I had a good deal of problems seeing anything in that encounter. Way to much shit, spell and all. Turned spell settings down to be able to see more clear.... :)
As this was wednesday, there was a new boss in the arena. The 3rd boss in there, Faction Champions. Its a load of the opposite faction mobs. We had 1 warrior, DK, shaman, 2xDruids, rogue, Shadow Priest, hunter and a paladin. (I think that was what we had.)
The fight is a PvP fight, with that I mean there is no tanking. Pure nukeage and crowd control, interrupts and the like. Its pretty chaos, untill you find a way to nuke em down, one at a time. I think we had 3 goes and down it went.
We started with the shaman, went to the resto druid, and then more or less took the dps classes down one at a time. I think 3rd last we took the paladin down, as that was the last healer.

I have had gotten me some very nice upgrades, im only trinkets, back and feets away from epic now. So my damage have gone up as well. I pump out around 3K in HC's now. And 4K in 25 man pug's. This picture here from recount is from the Ignis speedkill. As you can see I took it to 4K on him in a 10 man. Which im pretty pleased with.

I have used 1xAledar's Battlestar and 1xIronforge Smasher. As I have had no luck with getting a second battlestar to drop. Today the Peacekeeper blade dropped. And as we didnt have any tank who needed it, I took it. And as far as I can see so far its actually a dps increase above the Smasher. Im looking forward to test it some more.

Thats it for now. Have fun untill we talk again.

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