August 5, 2009

WoWathon a new phenomenon

WoWathon, what the hell is that. Some one running a marathon, while playing wow. Or just some mindless youngsters, using all there time playing. Well, yeah in some way. But its a good cause.
Its 3 players, 2 characters which need to get there ass to level 80. They have embedded video on there page, so you can follow em when they play. Why do I write about that, problaly many do this. Yeah, maybe. But these guys have set up a donation on there page as well, a donation which goes to the program, Childs Play!. Childs play is a organisation which grant money to children laying in the hospital.
Ok, 3 guys playing wow should that be able to get any money in. Yeap, atm there are at 5,520$. There goal is 10,000$ for now.

What a great idea, I /salute you. Good idea, and great work. Keep ideas like this rolling.

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