August 7, 2009

Deathknight leveling as blood

To get a little insight in what im currently doing online, I bring you some DeathKnight things. As yes, I am playing a Deathknight ingame atm. It started out as a side project, as I didnt have much time online and just wanted some new to play for short periods of time.

But damn I like it, I have always been a sucker for melee classes. But this one have some nice tweaks and then the combat system seems rather complex. Atleast compared to a paladin. So I have been leveling a Deathknight, and last night I brought her into the last level. Around 1400K xp and its home. I bring my level 80 count up to 4 characters.
This is going to be my main from now on, so I will fully focus on gearing her up to be able to perfom in endgame. Which lucky for me has become so much easyer in 3.2.

As my server is rather busy at the endgame, there arent much activity in the leveling up content. So I have leveled it up as Blood. A bit less damage then unholy, but I can solo most group quest's and higher level mobs without any help. Which have helped me alot.
I just want to give you the pointers I have used during my level up. Where have I put those glory points in the talent tree. Here is a break down.

First off, I have actually put some talents into unholy, to get my disease duration up and to get some faster movement during leveling.

First 17 points goes to unholy

Next up I have gone to blood to get more damage and survibility and ofc to get HeartStrike.

Here is the next 41 points

Lastly I have chosen to get some from the frost tree. To again get more damage and a bit more survibility.

Here is how its gonna look at Level 79

It may look a bit spread out, but it has really worked very well for me. No downtime at all, solo most quest and mobs. And a pretty good damage to get mobs down fast. The different instance runs I have been in, I have been able to keep up in most cases. Even with the unholy deathknights.

Reason why I just pointed out the talents to 79, is because I dont see it as an endgame build. If you want to finish off your questing at 80, put the last point in Annihilation and continue like you have done leveling. But as I want to get right into getting gear upgrades from instances and later raids. Im gonna go for a more damage build with less survibility. My plan i Dualwield Frost, as that seems to be a good choice here in 3.2.

I will get back with my level 80 build, when I have it figured all out. Untill then, keep strong and give em all purepain.

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