December 28, 2008

Who's chopper is it ? Its Impadin's...

Yeap, finally after nummerous mining rounds in the basin. Melting, more mining and AH grinding. I finally manage to scrabe togheter 12,5K gold, 12 titansteel bars, 40 bolts and 2 arctic fur's. What does that give you ? I will let the picture talk... :)

Is/was it worth it ? Hell yeah, only got it last night, but I have already had loads of fun with it. Be able to go to some start zone, grab a buddy and go for a ride, is just priceless.

Had some fun with a guy, Kimen, who also is a proud owner of a bike in dalaran as well.
But the best was starting my new ride and take a ride through Dragonblight with my great friend grandad. Both on each our bikes ofc... ;)

It is well worth the money if you ask me. Easy rider ftw... lol.
Had a quick run into an old school instance last night. Blackwing Lair. Havent been in there for ages. Wasent even attuned to it, but seems like ubrs can be soloed easy now at 80. We took all but Nefarion down in there, we had a try on him. But as none had the Onyxia cloaks, we died more or less on the first burn. Time was close to 03.00 so we called it a night.

If I dont get the time to write more before new years eve. I wish you all a happy new year and hope to see you around next year as well.

Have fun and good luck in wow and in the real world.

December 23, 2008

Christmas is near... ho ho...

Last day before christmas, and problaly some days with a bit less wow and a bit more family. Which im looking forward to.

I have been doing some raids with my new guild, Epiphany. And I must admit im very positive over it. I started the week with a 10 man naxx. We got 2 wings and 2/3 of the next on the first night. Very smooth run, very good pace and and cozy and friendly attitude all around.
Next up was a 25 Naxx, we started up with a clear of spider wing, easy mode. Went onto Military wing. Got the first bosses down no pain at all. Then we had 4 horse man up, there was a little talk about gonna go take some of the more easy bosses. But we decided to head for the riders. An what a good call. We took em down first try, was really easy. All did good, and it ended in a really good kill. So that got me my Military wing cleared in 25 as well.
Amaggeddon dropped, but didnt have any dkp, so it went to a Death Knight from the guild. I will get mine at some point.. hehe
We then ended the night, with a patchwerk kill. Last night we picked it up again. Clearing Abonation wing, and then went on to construct. All went smooth with I think first kills all the way, untill we came to Thaddius. There was alot of people that didnt knew the fight. So we needed a few try's untill people got the hang on the buffs/debuffs. Ended the night with a kill, after 3-4 try's. So full clear of all the wings in Naxx 25 with my new guild the first week.
Even got a new pair of legs from thaddius. As I didnt have any dkp, and no one bidded dkp on em, dont ask me why. They came up for a roll. I rolled fast, 100. lol. I dont know if more would have rolled, but none did. So got em for a cheap dkp price.

It was these babies : Riveted Abomination Leggings, I was in need of more hit so they where very welcome.

Which get me the following stats atm (unbuffed):

Attack Power : 2929
Crit : 32,83%
Hit : 294

As im the only Retribution paladin in the guild I cant really compare to any raid dps wise. But im laying on 3K-3,5K dps in 25 man naxx atm. I normally lay on around 2,2K in heroics.
So this guild may very well be the christmas present I have been looking for... ;)

Will end this post with a picture of my char as of now, and wish you all a merry christmas. (Will try to take the time to make another post before the new year.)

Merry christmas.

December 17, 2008

A few wise words

Was reading a post about guild finding, on World of Matticus, and in one of the responses these wise words came. They just say so much about it all.

Gear is cheap, good guild members and players are priceless.

December 16, 2008

Loken and healing as a paladin

I read a large amount of blogs and forums around the net, most ofc wow themed. Today there have been nummerous post, blogs about Loken. And how to defeat him from a paladin heal POW. It seems like all the fuzz comes from a post about paladins ofc complain about there lack of AOE healing. A thing im pretty tired to hear about, and no I dont think paladins have a problem. I think rather many have a learn to play moment they need to come over.

Back to Loken. He is the final boss in Halls of Lightning or just HoL. When he is encountered on hc, he is one of the hardest bosses ingame atm. Or atleast the boss in wrath that have had most kills on his list.

I will start with a little story. The day I hitted 80 on my paladin, I specced holy. I was in quest blues and greens. Some from guild needed a healer for HC HoL. I thought what the hell im in. We went in one shotted all bosses, but wiped one time on Loken before e went down. Where is the problem ? I will make a guess. I think its up to 2 things, a glyph and some practice with bacon.
To start with the glyph, Glyph of holy light is a must imo for every holy paladin. It makes our biggest heal, alot more effective and most important off all. It heals multiple targets.
Bacon is a practice spell, to get the most out of it. Figure out who to cast it on, and then spam the others, if they need it. Rmb it only returns actually healing to the bacon target.

My approah to the fight. I used bacon on the tank, I like it that way. And then I actually didnt heal him alot more that fight. Ppl ofc have to move at the right time. As my gear wasent up to heal it trough. But when the grp take dmg, spam holy light. That will heal all, and give alot of heal to the bacon target. And thats more or less a done deal then.

Not much to it.

December 15, 2008

Some rest in my soul

After I left my former guild, I have been using more time thinking about wow than ever before. How much emotions and such I have in the game, have scared me a bit. After alot of head crunching I decided to not come back to NCM. Even though alot of ppl would have liked me to come back, I had a feeling that alot didnt want me back. And after judging pro and cons. I decided to say goodbye to NCM.

As I have been on my server for quiet some time, I know quiet a few ppl. I have been following a project some of my other friends had started about a year ago. A guild called Epiphany. It is a guild which is more down to earth than NCM. They do have some serious raiding, but its all handled in a bit lower pace. Which is excactly what Im after. So after a few nights guildless, I decided to make an apply on there forum.

Tonight I got my invite and a new home, a fresh start. Im happy, relaxed. Really nice to have a home again, a home im sure im gonna enjoy, while I enjoy the game I love so much.
Just done a few HC's tonight with a few from the guild, HoL and VH. Im really looking forward to get into some raids with these new guys. To really see how it all is. First impression, is a good and friendly guild. People seems to be very down to earth.

Will fill you in with more, when I have more to write about. Time to relax some, get some raids in and just enjoy the content that awaits me.

December 12, 2008

Bucket got to full last night.

I have been a bit frustrated over my current position within my guild. I had been set some criteria up for what to do to become a raider once again. Gear up, so my gear was upto what we raided. Fair enough. I was then told that I needed to show some good results in a raid to be judged upon. Fair enough once again.
But as our system are right now, raiders get prio on spots. Meaning if there is more raiders than spots, the deal is closed. We then have a thread to write in, if we get left out, so we are certain to get a spot next raid. But that is for raiders only. I then ask how the hell should I be able to show anything for em.
I could ofc, be online everyday at raid time, and if im lucky get a spot 3 weeks ahead. But case is im not online all days, I do have a live and family outside wow as well.
The guild have turned into some kind of hardcore guild, where the top have it well and the rest can more or less go f... off.
I have been a member since they was in the build up phase for 25 man raids back in tbc. And all of a sudden I feel like they dont give a shit. I must admit this have been like a slap in the face.

Back to last night. When I logged on, I found out that another melee dps class has been promoted to raider. This guy is wearing blue items, have no raids with the guild to be judged upon. Newer member than me, I could go on. That was what got the bucket to flow over. So decided to whisper a few and then make a /gquit. I was so frustrated and angry at that point, that I could have screamed and wreaked something into oblivion. I decided to get a bit more calm before I wrote my goodbye post on the forum. This was what I wrote :
I have a shit load of things I want to say, but not sure how to say it all. Just gonna get some of my thoughts down as they are now.

Im disapointed, im angry and sad......

But im not gonna sit night after night, hoping to get a spot there most likely will never come. Im here because I wanna raid with the guild. But apperantly there is no room for me here anymore, it sure dosent feel that way. Guess thats what you get for being loyal since I joined back last year.

I got told that I had to fight to get my spot back. I had to gear up in HC's, get enchant etc sorted. But we was to heavy on melee dps. But funny enough I just saw another member being promoted earlyer today. And guess what he is also melee dps. I have gotten some of the best pieces able to get outside raids, gemmed, enchanted. He is freaking wearing blue quest items.
You can say what you want, but that just feels like getting a bucket full of piss down my back.

Once again tnx psy for you time, effort and loyalty to the guild....... Ncm is sure not the same place as I joined last year. Im lucky its just a game, but guess what the ppl behind the chars are real. Think about that from time to time.

(The sad part comes by leaving some good friends behind, you know who you are.)

Late last night or this morning my GM have replyed. That he is a bit sad about it all, and would like me to reconsider.

In all honesty I dont really have a clue what to do. I in some way already miss being a part of the guild. Actually miss is alot. I have made some very good friends, and I have had a blast being in it. But on the other hand I feel myself alienated towards it. I really dont feel like it is my old nice home anymore, that it has been for over a year. What to do....

December 10, 2008

Im a happy man for now

Im atm doing all I can to upgrade my gear to be viable for the guild in raids. Still a good long way to go gearwise, but more important alot more practice in Retribution dps.
But nevertheless I was determent to be online at raid invite time, just in case there should be a spot open. I must admit I didnt think there would be. But BAM!, you are invited to a group by Zappadpj.
We where aiming for a 25 man kill of Achavon. He was more or less a walkthrough the first time I encountered him, and so he was again. I was so lucky he dropped 2xRetribution chest pieces. So me and the other Ret in the raid, my good friend Gaweg looted one each.

The raid should then continue on the last wing the guild had up, Construct quarter. As im not a raidmember and we had some other community members with us as well. Some of us had to drop for raid members at this point. We was 4, two had to leave. I rolled second highest which got me a spot in Naxx as well.

My performance was utterly shit in there tbh. My focus was not that good, which resulted in a few very poor deaths. Something I normally dont do. But most important to me I got to raid in the specc. Which was awesome, my dps was down with the tanks, but gave me alot of insight in. What to do and what not to do. And now have something to build on.

So here is my personal progression list :
1. Get more regular raid time
2. Get judgement as my primary dmg output
3. Get into top 10 of dps
4. Get some more gear upgrades

The first says it all, that is my current goal. Number 2, is one of the first things I need to work on. As judgement is our primary dmg source, and my primary last night was melee swing. Not good.
Third and forth is a help to get 1 obtained.

But it was a great night, being back in a raid. Something I hope to get into again, as soon as possible on a more regular basis. On a sidenote I also looted the T7.5 shoulders. Which was an awesome upgrade on some blue quest one's I had. So I have flywing shoulders now... :)

December 8, 2008

Retribution, is my thing in Wrath.

After I have been juggling around as holy, I have found out that, its not my kind of style. So im back as retribution. Its alot more to my liking. Pretty decent dps, with a few tricks up theyre sleeve, which may be able to save the day.
Not quiet sure why, but I have not been a raiding member of my guild since I left my officer spot. Which is pretty sucky, tbh. I do really enjoy to raid, but as the guild is currently, that dosent look very promising.

So im in a bit of a mess atm, on what to do. Stay and try to fight my way back up. Leave and try to find another guild to raid in, starting all from scrath... Wish there was a simpel solution to it, but there problaly is'nt.

Well, a few good things. Ran HC Halls of Lightning last night, and yes the fine 2h axe dropped. So that was a great start, on my gearing up for raid. Had the Spiked titansteel helm made today, and will problaly have the boots made later tonight. Along with a pair of wrist, I have found. Which is awesome to start on, BS ones as well.

Im getting the meta gem for my head made as well. But desperatly need an item or two with sockets to make it work. Can get one on my belt, so one more is needed. Was thinking about trying to get a HC UK, to see if I could get the pants to drop for me in there. As they are damn nice, with 2 sockets in em.

Ohh, well lets see. I just hope my raiding would become more bright soon.