December 12, 2008

Bucket got to full last night.

I have been a bit frustrated over my current position within my guild. I had been set some criteria up for what to do to become a raider once again. Gear up, so my gear was upto what we raided. Fair enough. I was then told that I needed to show some good results in a raid to be judged upon. Fair enough once again.
But as our system are right now, raiders get prio on spots. Meaning if there is more raiders than spots, the deal is closed. We then have a thread to write in, if we get left out, so we are certain to get a spot next raid. But that is for raiders only. I then ask how the hell should I be able to show anything for em.
I could ofc, be online everyday at raid time, and if im lucky get a spot 3 weeks ahead. But case is im not online all days, I do have a live and family outside wow as well.
The guild have turned into some kind of hardcore guild, where the top have it well and the rest can more or less go f... off.
I have been a member since they was in the build up phase for 25 man raids back in tbc. And all of a sudden I feel like they dont give a shit. I must admit this have been like a slap in the face.

Back to last night. When I logged on, I found out that another melee dps class has been promoted to raider. This guy is wearing blue items, have no raids with the guild to be judged upon. Newer member than me, I could go on. That was what got the bucket to flow over. So decided to whisper a few and then make a /gquit. I was so frustrated and angry at that point, that I could have screamed and wreaked something into oblivion. I decided to get a bit more calm before I wrote my goodbye post on the forum. This was what I wrote :
I have a shit load of things I want to say, but not sure how to say it all. Just gonna get some of my thoughts down as they are now.

Im disapointed, im angry and sad......

But im not gonna sit night after night, hoping to get a spot there most likely will never come. Im here because I wanna raid with the guild. But apperantly there is no room for me here anymore, it sure dosent feel that way. Guess thats what you get for being loyal since I joined back last year.

I got told that I had to fight to get my spot back. I had to gear up in HC's, get enchant etc sorted. But we was to heavy on melee dps. But funny enough I just saw another member being promoted earlyer today. And guess what he is also melee dps. I have gotten some of the best pieces able to get outside raids, gemmed, enchanted. He is freaking wearing blue quest items.
You can say what you want, but that just feels like getting a bucket full of piss down my back.

Once again tnx psy for you time, effort and loyalty to the guild....... Ncm is sure not the same place as I joined last year. Im lucky its just a game, but guess what the ppl behind the chars are real. Think about that from time to time.

(The sad part comes by leaving some good friends behind, you know who you are.)

Late last night or this morning my GM have replyed. That he is a bit sad about it all, and would like me to reconsider.

In all honesty I dont really have a clue what to do. I in some way already miss being a part of the guild. Actually miss is alot. I have made some very good friends, and I have had a blast being in it. But on the other hand I feel myself alienated towards it. I really dont feel like it is my old nice home anymore, that it has been for over a year. What to do....


  1. There are little to no spots for "subs" if you are serious about raiding. Find another guild that has a spot for you imo. Or find a guild that does fit your specific raid times.

    If you can consistently be online at *some* time during the week, make that be the time you want to raid. Then being on whenever raids happen is easy!

  2. Yeah, that what my conclusion came to in the end. I have joined a new guild, a guild a bit more relaxed.
    Which im looking forward to raid with in a near future.


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