December 15, 2008

Some rest in my soul

After I left my former guild, I have been using more time thinking about wow than ever before. How much emotions and such I have in the game, have scared me a bit. After alot of head crunching I decided to not come back to NCM. Even though alot of ppl would have liked me to come back, I had a feeling that alot didnt want me back. And after judging pro and cons. I decided to say goodbye to NCM.

As I have been on my server for quiet some time, I know quiet a few ppl. I have been following a project some of my other friends had started about a year ago. A guild called Epiphany. It is a guild which is more down to earth than NCM. They do have some serious raiding, but its all handled in a bit lower pace. Which is excactly what Im after. So after a few nights guildless, I decided to make an apply on there forum.

Tonight I got my invite and a new home, a fresh start. Im happy, relaxed. Really nice to have a home again, a home im sure im gonna enjoy, while I enjoy the game I love so much.
Just done a few HC's tonight with a few from the guild, HoL and VH. Im really looking forward to get into some raids with these new guys. To really see how it all is. First impression, is a good and friendly guild. People seems to be very down to earth.

Will fill you in with more, when I have more to write about. Time to relax some, get some raids in and just enjoy the content that awaits me.

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