December 23, 2008

Christmas is near... ho ho...

Last day before christmas, and problaly some days with a bit less wow and a bit more family. Which im looking forward to.

I have been doing some raids with my new guild, Epiphany. And I must admit im very positive over it. I started the week with a 10 man naxx. We got 2 wings and 2/3 of the next on the first night. Very smooth run, very good pace and and cozy and friendly attitude all around.
Next up was a 25 Naxx, we started up with a clear of spider wing, easy mode. Went onto Military wing. Got the first bosses down no pain at all. Then we had 4 horse man up, there was a little talk about gonna go take some of the more easy bosses. But we decided to head for the riders. An what a good call. We took em down first try, was really easy. All did good, and it ended in a really good kill. So that got me my Military wing cleared in 25 as well.
Amaggeddon dropped, but didnt have any dkp, so it went to a Death Knight from the guild. I will get mine at some point.. hehe
We then ended the night, with a patchwerk kill. Last night we picked it up again. Clearing Abonation wing, and then went on to construct. All went smooth with I think first kills all the way, untill we came to Thaddius. There was alot of people that didnt knew the fight. So we needed a few try's untill people got the hang on the buffs/debuffs. Ended the night with a kill, after 3-4 try's. So full clear of all the wings in Naxx 25 with my new guild the first week.
Even got a new pair of legs from thaddius. As I didnt have any dkp, and no one bidded dkp on em, dont ask me why. They came up for a roll. I rolled fast, 100. lol. I dont know if more would have rolled, but none did. So got em for a cheap dkp price.

It was these babies : Riveted Abomination Leggings, I was in need of more hit so they where very welcome.

Which get me the following stats atm (unbuffed):

Attack Power : 2929
Crit : 32,83%
Hit : 294

As im the only Retribution paladin in the guild I cant really compare to any raid dps wise. But im laying on 3K-3,5K dps in 25 man naxx atm. I normally lay on around 2,2K in heroics.
So this guild may very well be the christmas present I have been looking for... ;)

Will end this post with a picture of my char as of now, and wish you all a merry christmas. (Will try to take the time to make another post before the new year.)

Merry christmas.

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