December 8, 2008

Retribution, is my thing in Wrath.

After I have been juggling around as holy, I have found out that, its not my kind of style. So im back as retribution. Its alot more to my liking. Pretty decent dps, with a few tricks up theyre sleeve, which may be able to save the day.
Not quiet sure why, but I have not been a raiding member of my guild since I left my officer spot. Which is pretty sucky, tbh. I do really enjoy to raid, but as the guild is currently, that dosent look very promising.

So im in a bit of a mess atm, on what to do. Stay and try to fight my way back up. Leave and try to find another guild to raid in, starting all from scrath... Wish there was a simpel solution to it, but there problaly is'nt.

Well, a few good things. Ran HC Halls of Lightning last night, and yes the fine 2h axe dropped. So that was a great start, on my gearing up for raid. Had the Spiked titansteel helm made today, and will problaly have the boots made later tonight. Along with a pair of wrist, I have found. Which is awesome to start on, BS ones as well.

Im getting the meta gem for my head made as well. But desperatly need an item or two with sockets to make it work. Can get one on my belt, so one more is needed. Was thinking about trying to get a HC UK, to see if I could get the pants to drop for me in there. As they are damn nice, with 2 sockets in em.

Ohh, well lets see. I just hope my raiding would become more bright soon.

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