November 28, 2008

Wow error

I have for about 2 weeks ago bought a new graphic card. If you read the blog regulary you would know. But it havent been a success, it have made my wow make some pretty weird errors. Between 5 minutes - 2 hours, my wow can all of a sudden go all black. I can still hear ingame sound, and my machine aint crashed. Windows still running fine. It has nothing to do with cooling, thats tested. Can be almost cold and still do it. Not my power supply, as I have run benchmark test, up to 4 times in a row, and no crash. Actually never had a chrash in a benchmark. Very strange.
So I thought today what the hell. Im gonna give good old Nvidia another change. So off to the local hardware pusher, and im now sitting writing on my machine with a brand new GTX260. (The second edition ofc, with more shaders.)

So wish me luck... ;)

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