November 11, 2008

New game rituals

I have a thing when I get a new wow expansion. Even though I have seen the cinematic like a million times already, and I never play with music on ingame. I always soak it all up, to get in the right mood.
I start with installing the game, while looking at some book I get with the expansion. Then when the installation is complete, I let it all roll. I never skip any logo's, cinematics whatever, to get is started. It's all part of my journey into a new game. I get my headphones on, so no outside noice can distract me and then I dive into the game. I make sure to get the ingame music on as well. To get all the small sounds and music clips, from the various zones and such. I dont know why, but I guess its in some way a tribute to the developers and such, to get the full blown impression on a new game. The full package, and then after a while, when the music gets boring and such. I replace it with my own.....

But the first time, it has to be all or nothing I guess.... ;)

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