November 18, 2008

First days of the expansion

What have I been up to since launch ?
Alot and then less than I use to. I started launch day to take my warrior Psysica to Howling Fjord in Northrend. I thought that the place would be a bit less crowded than Tundra. And it was ok from the beginning. As I now have played fully through both start zones, I must admit that Tundra is alot easyer to come by. But had loads of fun in the Fjord. I had taken the two days after launch off from work to get some xp under his skin. So played my way through the Fjord. The Fjord is like an old Scandinavien country. The inhabitants reminds me alot about Vikings. And so does the houses and such. Could be something taken out of a old nordic mythology. I came across, alot of different quest's, from normal kill that, get that quests. To a quest where I had to arm a big gun, shooting at houses and imcoming dragons. In Tundra I had a quest, where I was dressed like a Golem Harvester, like the one from old Westfall. Had to inflatrate a Iron dwarf digsite, and recover some relics. Lore and story lines is something that we see alot more of in this expansion. One person I have seen a few times, is Ymiron. Apperently King of the Titans, as far as I can understand. Seen him a few times now, one time in some kind of vision in a cave. A cave located at the mentioned digsite.
I must say that the quest's chains in general are really well made, you get alot more story in em. And alot of em have, instanced endings and scripted story line. Just to name a few, a line in Coldarra where you in the end stand face to face with Malygos himself. Ends with giving you a quest, for the end boss in The Nexus, The Nexus is one of the first instances in Northrend.
In Tundra, you also follow a questline to find a lost soldier. And in the search and in your effort to help him, you come across The Lich King himself, confronting the soldier you have to find. Turns out he is a Death Knight.
Seems like alot of the story will continue and cross over each other, the more you come into Northrend. Its a real pleasure to be a part of.

After completing Howling Fjord, I took my warrior to Tundra, to not miss out on anything. He is almost done with Tundra and around 2 bars from 74 already. He's been running a few instances as well. Utgard Keep and The Nexus.

Yesterday, I got a need to get my paladin into Northrend as well. And what a good call.... hehe...
Been having a blast on him, he finished Tundra last night, and moved onto Dragonblight, wanted to see a new area. And even though I only took a few quest there, was getting a bit late. Im convinced thats it going to be even better there. The Landscape was looking really amazing. And as I grouped with a druid, waiting for a named monster to spawn for a kill. I see a lvl 74 Elite, Gigantium or something was his name. After we have got our kill for the quest, we decide to give him a go. Druid taking and me dps'ing, with the occasional instant heal on him, we get him down. He was a bit tougher than the others elites I have come across so far. Cool, way to end the evening... hehe.
My paladin is now halfway to 73. And must admit, I dont feel any real urge to get back to my warrior for the moment.

On a sidenote, as you may already know a new guild formed for this expansion, cant remeber the name. Nihilum and SK gaming, have togheter formed a new super guild. I think we can say that this is the best players atleast from Europe there is, maybe even in the world. It took em 68 hours from release to finish all of the current content... :)

Aeden a Druid in my guild, first from my guild to hit 80. Was pugging Naxx last night, and they managed to get 4 bosses down in there. So seems like Naxx is gonna be cleared pretty easy. But lets see, even though im afraid the game is gonna be even more casual friendly in the future, My guild is certain we will get some real challenges, I hope they are right.

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