November 7, 2008

Paladin and some DK farming

I have been running a bit around on my paladin lately. I have used it to grind alot of the mats, which will help me level my DK a bit faster when he is done with the starting DK area. All turn-in quest's with none-BOP items. Some of the farming have been done in blasted lands. And with that being one of the Scourge attack places, I have had some nice grind phases with em. The place has been pretty deserted, so have had em for myself more or less. So got the full plate "Scourge" set now, and the mail pants as well. Like em better than the plate ones... :)

So now he imo looks really awesome, for an alt atleast... hehe.

Wrath is really closing in on us now. Just got myself a new Graphic card today. A Ati 4870, with 512MB DDR5 ram on it. So far it seems very nice, atleast it has no problems so far in wow. Running wow in 1920x1200, with all settings on max. Yet to try it out in a raid.

6 days to go, and we are rdy to travel into northrend or start our travel on a DK. What are you plan ? Are you prepared ? (Seems like I have heard that one before... hehe... )

Cya if not before then in Northrend.

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