November 28, 2008

My first kills in 25 man Naxxramus

Hey there. I promised to come up with a few kill shots of me and my guild kills in Naxx 25 man.

We started up to deploy into the Arachnid quarter. First boss to encounter is a fellow named Anub'Rekhan. He has two phases. First phase is tank and spank, next phase is a bit more tricky. He will then do a debuff to all there is close to him. It ticks rather large numbers and it silence. We did like this in phase 2, that we took him for a run with the tank as kiter, and me as I was main healer. Stood at the other side of the room. And when the tank came in range, he got a few big heals and I then moved further away. To not get silenced. Worked like a charm, and got us this image.

Grand Widow Faerlina
After some loot distribution we went after the next one in line. Grand Widow Faerlina. She is a woman with 6 adds. There is 2 kinds of adds, Followers and Worshippers. The followers are off-tanked during the whole encounter, the worshippers in off-tanked as well. But these are to be used during the encounter. At some point the lady enrages, by mindcontrolling one of the worshippers you can debuff that enrage. I think it supposed to be a tank kill, if she is enraged to long. But as our shadow priest, which got interrupted quiet alot during his first MC, took ages to get her debuffed she was enraged for a long time. (Love you Redrah.. :) )But we had no problem healing through it. Think that part of the encounter is tuned, a bit to easy.
So down she went, here is the image.

This big spider is the last one on the Arachnid Quarter. A pretty easy fight as well. He has 2 abilities to counter. One is he random puts 2 ppl in nets along the wall. Which has to be released by dps'ing the web around em, and heal em as they take dmg when nettet. I was on healing duty on the nets, and it was almost only one FoL pr victim. Very little dmg.
The other to counter is when she, besides the tank, nets all ppl in nets. She will keep pounding on the tank at in the time you are nettet. So fill the tank up with hots just before, she does it and then fast heals on him when you are out. Pretty easy execution as well. Here is the shot.

That was the first Quarter done on Heroic. Just a quick sum up, it was nice to finally see some more content raidwise. But must say that these encounters wasent any wow factor worth and besides that, was they way to easy imo. It is a start instance, but these 3 could more or less be done by anyone. Just conquered the Plague quarter last night, alot more fun in there. So my hopes are even higher on the next 2 quarters. Will fill you in with more info on that quarter when time allows it.

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