November 6, 2008

2 Incidents = less wow

Where to start, hmmm.... Well, better start from the start of the incidents. About a week ago, my beloved graphic card, 8800 GTX, burned down on me. Cause unknown, dosent seem to be a cooling issue, as it was almost dust free and my cabinet is cooled in all ways possible. So guess it just had enough of wow or something... lol...
That got my machine pretty useless, as my mainboard dont have any onboard gpu of any kind. So had to dust of a very old graphic card I had hidden away in a dusty box on top of my closet. As I play on a rather large monitor 24", it cant cope with anything... hehe. So wow is pretty useless to play for me atm. So have had quiet some time off wow, lately. And I dont miss it.

Incident 2, IRL. A girl in my biggest sons kindergarten was in a terrible accident with a rope and a slide. She got herself caught with the rope around her neck, down the slope. She was not breathing when the supervisors found her. They got her to breath again, via CPR and then into a ambulance from the hospital. She is still in the hospital trying to recover. The rumor goes she is ok, with no brain dmg, but no facts are out just yet. (Will be briefed tonight..)

Those 2 incidents have got me thinking alot. And my conclusion is, im more and more logging into wow, because I need to. Not because I want to. And then the alarm clocks rang. So last night, I decided to step down from my officer/mentor position within my current guild. (non compos mentis). As we are so close to wrath, im sure im not gonna stop playing wow, but my time online will problaly be cut down by a huge amount. Atleast when all the fuss about all the new stuff is gone. Im not sure I will be able to maintain the activity level there is required in the guild to become a raiding member. 51% attendence over 4 weeks time. But we will see, as im sure I will raid when I meet the lvl 80 sign. But lets see if its gonna be possible in my current guild, I hope so. As I have so many good friends in this guild.

So its with excitement, joy and a little bit oif sadness im looking forward to next wednesday. I should have a new graphic card tomorrow, Asus 4870, with 512MB DDR5 ram. Nevertheless im gonna be at the local games pusher to pick up my pre ordered version of Wrath at midnight in a little week.

Have fun untill we meet again.

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