October 20, 2008

Retro fun with Ragnaros

What have I been up to lately ? Well, it seems like the patch have hit harder than expected. We have been trying in our guild to maintain a normal raid cyclus. But it has so far showed to be impossible. As we cant zone into the raid zones. Seems like the servers aint making an instance for us, it just sit on the loading screen for a good while, no bar moving. And then it returns to game, with a error message. So atm is pretty sucky for us... :)

Been looking abit more on the achivement system with my warrior. And I must say I like it, there are alot of fun things to get in there. Saturday we didnt have much to do, so we gathered around 10 ppl and went into AQ20 to get the achivement, we more or less ran through it. Was so easy. After that run, we decide to move on, so we headed to MC, mostly just for the fun of it. But as we more or less ran through the bosses in there as well. We decided to go all the way, so after a few switch in and out on alts, to the the runes out of the way. We headed to Ragnas hideout. I just love the way he comes out, kills the poor majodomo and starts smacking.. :) We took him down well before the first fire spawn. Death easy, but got a few unlocks and some retro fun. I frapsed the Ragna encounter, will try to make a little video for the fun of it.. :)

What about you, what are you using your time on ?

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