October 1, 2008

More ideas for the recruitment video

Sitting here at work, with much to do, but not a great desire to do em. My mind has been thinking about the video im working on. It was a post Ruffe, a healer from my guild, made on the guild forum.

Quote : "I like the idea, add some story to it, and keep it coming mate, can't wait to see the end result ^^"

It was the bolded that got my mind into work. What about I do some shoots, different kind of dps, a tank or 2, and 1 healer, where they travel in different ways towards an instance. And end up in front of the summon stone or entrance. One of em steps forward and start to count the ppl and classes avaible. And when it comes to healers, the camera pans over and zoom in on 1 healer. And all go, WTF??!!!?? only 1 healer, we are never gonna get anything down. Thats why we need you !!!!
(We are mainly in need of more healers... :) )

Or atleast something like that, a short story line, with a outcome like that. I like the idea, I got to think it more through and get home and start up on it. I think it could work.

I actually made some stuff last night, this is the outcome of it. Push to view.

Already have some improvements cooking in my mind. First of im not to impressed with the font, think I need to find another. Then when the big letters roll by. I want some color on em, and then a background, which is a fly by over one of the TBC zones. To add some flavour to it all. Seems to dull now.

Well, I have a good feeling for it all, just need more time. Dont have enough hours in the day atm, and even raid the next couple of nights. Which I have promised to specc back to prot, to help on a tempeary tank shortage. (School, work and such for our normal tanks.)

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