October 16, 2008

A new world of wonders

A few days since I have been writing something here. Well in all honesty it has been some very hectic days. Wednesday we had the great new patch 3.0.2, Echoes of doom. I say great as I really like alot of all the new changes we get. Its like getting a new game, get's you to start more or less all over again. Learning new rotations, learning new classes to fight, etc. We get some new additions to the game, barbershops, a new harbor in SW. And loads of other things.

There though is a backside of the medal, atm it seems like they are having a shit load of problems keeping the servers stable and online. There seems to be alot of problems atm, but im sure blizz is doing all they can to overcome this.
My view on it is, that blizz have been pushed to hard behind from activision to get it out. And i have a small suspicion that they havent been all rdy for the first time, ever I think. And that said, new things are good, but I still better like to see a more done project and then wait a bit more. Thats atleast how I see it.

Back to some of the new things.

I think this is a great new addition, I like the whole idea. I like to have things to seek, and this just gives a whole new and big area to explore. Nice job blizz. Thats something I really look forward to get to work with.

Nice new feature, it can give a little more spike into your char. If you are a bit bored about your look. You can change color as well, for RP reasons or just for looks.... :)

There has also come a new button at your minimap. A calender function, where you can follow with all the ingame stuff happening. BG weekends, holiday time, fishing contest, and so on. As far as I know you can also use it to plan things in guild and such, but havent tryed it yet. So will come back with more info as soon as I have more to tell.

Inscription and glyphs.
A new proffesion has also seen the light. Which is a very nice new thing as well. Its combined with glyphs, which is a whole new thing as well. You have gotten a new tab in your spell book, named glyph. Its a gem like thing, that you can place in a major or minor slot. What they do is they change your spells. Could be longer duration on fear, less mana for spells. And so on. Where you can now, lead your character towards more specific things.
I have taken it up on my priest, and have got it to around 190 now. Im out of herbs, you use those to get the mats for inscription. And atm a stack of herbs go for 80g or so on AH, so im waiting a bit. No, rush and loose to much money.
Will get back with more on this one as well, when I have used more time on it.

So as you can see alot of new things that are implemented, so only was predictable there would be some errors with it, but lets get the servers back up... :) (Trollbane is atm down.)

My priest.
My dear lady is now leveled to 62, and I enjoy her alot. After this patch, we have gotten some very nice new talents. Especially improved shadowform. It now lowers spell knockback, so your mindflay is uber now. I use it without any shield now, and it rarely loose time on it, its awesome. I can chain pull 2 mobs at a time now, and keep em coming and more or less dont run oom or health. Its really cool. Also my dmg is gone up, I now do 2K+ MindBlast crits.

What is my goals now, there is so many things I wanna do. But I must try to hold focus and not be mislead... :)

1. Get priest to 70
2. Get Inscription to max 350. (or is it 355?)
3. Get a few gear parts for easyer leveling.
4. Get a look at archivements.

And then all of the other stuff... hehe... What are you up for atm, looking at blogs, while your server is down ?? :)

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