October 8, 2008

What do you look forward too ?

Im over eager to get the new expansion between my hands, to say the least. I have had a peek inside the beta, and I must say that what I saw looked amazing. To go a bit back, the best places and instances in wow to me was in Vanilla Wow. I just love the old zones, they brought a great feel of middel age into it all. And so did the instances, one of my all time favorite instances is still today Blackrock Deepths. And amazing place, where you could with a good grp spend hours and hours of playtime, with cool bosses and different pack compositions and the like.
Then TBC came, and I must admit even though I have used countless hours in it. It just didnt have the feel of middelage to it. It was imo way to spacy, im alot more into middelage style. Though I must admit, that the instance Black Tempel, has an epic feel to it, just like the old ones. It reminds me alot about Blackwing Lair.

Now Northrend awaits, and what I have seen so far thye have taken the style of it all, back towards Vanilla wow. Which ofc brings even more joy to me. Just the start where you arrive with the ship from Stormwind harbour, is amazing. And it really feels like you are traveling out as a seasoned adventure, rdy to battle against foes in a new and unfriendly world. Amazing, good job blizz.
And then they have added some more lightning and shadow effect to it all, which really get the graphic up a notch. One thing I really noticed was your own shadow. Looks amazing. Small things I know, but things that makes wow the great game it is today.

Well, back to the topic. What do I look forward to ? Hmm, well I look forward to seeing and explorer all of the new zones. Im looking forward to the new instances, and ofc the endgame start in Naxxramas. Which im sure gonna be an epic ride. And ofc I look forward to see how its gonna shape up in my guild, how we gonna cope with all the new stuff. And how our start is gonna be in WOTLK. All in all, I look forward to get my hands dirty, my nights long, and my characters reach 80 in Northrend.... Let it come.....

What about you, what do you look forward to ?

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