October 4, 2008

39 days to go.

If the date blizzard have come out with then, there is today 39 days untill we will be heading into Northrend. As my guild is planning, and calculating on how the raid setup will look in Wrath, we could see that we would loose some healers to dps. Ending in our healing pool, being a bit to small.
As my start point for wrath was that I wanted to heal again, but changed my mind later on. Reason was that I wanted to heal on my paladin, as my big hope was that it wouldnt be a 1-2 button spam bot no more. You had to get a bit more thinking into it. But unfortnaly it didnt turn out the way I hoped. So I took my hopes down for healing and changed my mind to go Ret paladin.
But as said above our healing pool aint big enough, so to compensate for that I thought about what to do. Did I have any healing viable classes up there, besides my 2 paladins. Not quiet, I had a lvl 40 priest, or she was that 2 days ago. I got myself a new mission, get her to 70 before wrath hits the servers. And venture into Northrend with her.
So here I am on a race against 70, before the expansion hits the servers. Im not 45, so thats 25 more level's in 39 days. Should be manageable, or atleast I hope so.
Wish me luck, I will keep you updated on her travel the last 25 levels.

Time to hit the bed for me now, got a long day full of a big family party. And a big officer meeting in my guild tomorrow night. Sleep well....

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