September 30, 2008

Retribution damage in Beta

As I have the pleasure of being part of the beta, even though I havent been able to play in there just as much as I wanted. I have been trying out different speccs. One of the speccs I have tryed out is Retribution paladin. A build that after I tryed it, left me with a feeling. That for the first time the paladin feelt like I thought it would have been 3,5 years ago, when I created my first paladin. It feels like a melee damage class, which can support others if needed. I have two lvl 70 paladins today. 1 holy, which I have been raiding with in old wow. But put to a hold in TBC. And one new one, Impadin, which will be my main in WOTLK as retribution.

As a few ppl in my guild had asked for a view on the dps we could bring out, I recorded some fraps footage in the beta of paladin retribution damage. This is not a video displaying big crits and lucky strikes. Its a video which shows the general dmg a retri can do. Im mostly decked in the starting greens, from the first zone in Northrend. And im lvl 70.

I will let the video speak for it self, for now - Retribution beta damage in general

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