September 30, 2008

Recruitment video

As many might have it, my eager to push forward in content, is atm not as big as normal. All of the new things WOTLK will be offering and that your gear and effort in it, soon is gone. Makes me play a bit less atm, and instead using more time in Vegas and frapsing things ingame.
Normally when I listen to music and just travel around inside wow, I get ideas to make small movies. But this time I have a more specific task, and not many ideas... ;) I have set my mind into making a recruitment/advertising movie for my guild. So we can get the new ppl we want for WOTLK. As we intend to push more progressively in endgame content this time.
But as said im pretty empty for how I want it all to shape. My idea was to have the guild name in huge letters scrolling over the screen. So big so you only can read like 1-3 letters at a time. And then clip in between, clips of ingame footage, supported by some text. But what to have as text and in the actual footage is far away atm. Though I have some ideas, for the text atleast.

My idea for the text, was to ask questions like. Do you want to PUG your way through instances ? Do you like to be a part of a strong community ? Are you a skilled and mature player ? and so on.
And then in the end, something like "Then visit and apply. Become a part of non compos mentis". And then zoom out from the text that showcased the guild name, in close up.

This is just all ideas, and will problaly/hopefully come up with alot more. If you have any good ideas, dont be a stranger. Plz post em in the commentary field...

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