September 28, 2008

Where did this one come from ?

hehe, it has been ages since I have last been in here on blogger. I actually forgot I had this blog. Oh, well alot have been going on since I last wrote here.
Yes, you guessed correctly. I still play wow, and still doing it on a regular basis. Problaly more than I should. But the game just continue to be fun place to hang around. Even though I problaly use the game in a differen way now. I have got myself a whole bunch of people I know now. I still play on the same server and that ofc get you alot of ppl you know by now. I sometimes just log the game, sitting chatting with ppl, and not actually get any play done. You could call it some kind of advanced MSN... lol.
The game it self keeps evolving and change. Everytime blizzard introduces a new change, a crowd of people, you should think automatic goes in mourn mode. Shouting loud about, what a fucked up change that was to make. Guess that is something that goes with a big game like this. One of the main reasons I hang out less and less, on the official blizzard forums. Nothing else than people complaining. I use alot more time on wow blogs and more specific forums. Forums that funny enough is super great, but when they get to popular, they get worse and worse. As the people from the official sites, start to infect those... ;)

If you havent seen it yet, the next expansion is coming soon to the game. Its the second expansion, named - Wrath of the Lich King. A expansion, which will turn alot of things around ingame, things that may not all look good in the first glimpse. But changes which im sure, will be to the better as soon as they are set into play. I have a huge confidence in blizzard to pull it off once more. Making the game I love so much, even better to play. Im in the beta atm, so have seen alot of the new stuff already. But have been holding back, so I get the full rush when I'm sitting here at my pc, with the game package. The release date it scheduled to run 13th of november this year.

So yes, im very eager and very excited to see what all the new stuff brings to my game. What about you ?

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