November 27, 2008

Ding 80 and first impression as holy

I have been 80, since thuesday. I had decided a bit before I hitted 80 to go holy at 80. I wanted to try healing again, after doing TBC as tank/dps. And as we had a shortage of healers in the guild, it was not an hard choice.

First impression ? I started of with a jump right into an heroic instance. Drak'ter Keep. It was my first try as holy and my first time ever to use several of the new abilities. Beacon of Light and Sacred shield. I have heard alot of bad things about BoL, mostly from ppl around forums QQ like mad. But damn, what an awesome spell. It so rock in 5 mans. Cast it on the tank, and when the other grp members, take dmg heal em up. And in most cases there is no need to get back on the tank. As the Beacon will handle the healing on him. Awesome spell.
Sacred shield is hard to determen just how much it helps. As my FoL crits pretty often already, maybe a bit more when the buff is active on the target with sacred shield. But had a few incidents where the shield absorb was nice.

So I must say that was a real challenge and a great ride. For a long time I have had some real fun in a 5 man. Great.

I have since done The nexus and Halls of Lightning Heroic. Both very fun instances. WIth Halls as my favourite heroic so far. I want into wrath raiding last night, with a 25 man run. Will get a post and some pictures up later today. Untill then have fun.

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