December 28, 2008

Who's chopper is it ? Its Impadin's...

Yeap, finally after nummerous mining rounds in the basin. Melting, more mining and AH grinding. I finally manage to scrabe togheter 12,5K gold, 12 titansteel bars, 40 bolts and 2 arctic fur's. What does that give you ? I will let the picture talk... :)

Is/was it worth it ? Hell yeah, only got it last night, but I have already had loads of fun with it. Be able to go to some start zone, grab a buddy and go for a ride, is just priceless.

Had some fun with a guy, Kimen, who also is a proud owner of a bike in dalaran as well.
But the best was starting my new ride and take a ride through Dragonblight with my great friend grandad. Both on each our bikes ofc... ;)

It is well worth the money if you ask me. Easy rider ftw... lol.
Had a quick run into an old school instance last night. Blackwing Lair. Havent been in there for ages. Wasent even attuned to it, but seems like ubrs can be soloed easy now at 80. We took all but Nefarion down in there, we had a try on him. But as none had the Onyxia cloaks, we died more or less on the first burn. Time was close to 03.00 so we called it a night.

If I dont get the time to write more before new years eve. I wish you all a happy new year and hope to see you around next year as well.

Have fun and good luck in wow and in the real world.

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