January 2, 2009

The professionals enter the wow universe

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

Some weeks back, I stumbled upon a video on the net. I was just randomly surfing around, and I must say it took me by surprise and storm. Its freaking awesome. I have been following the machinima wow related stuff for some years now. Made a few myself. I like video's in general, that being pvp, fun, world stuff, PVE or pure machinima. As long as the editing, visual style and the music is gathered in one nice melt. Baron soosdon is one of my all time favorites.
But back to the video above. Its in a class of its own. Its the first long video I have seen where personal created animation is used in the whole show. Its amazing to see the universe I love so much, being brought to live like this. I love it. Im gonna try to find time to get my 3dsmax polished off and back on the harddisc. And try to play around with it some. Its amazing. Did I say I think its amazing... ;)

Well, im out, gonna watch it one more time.

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